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You have entered a interesting (we hope it is) and friendly (and it is indeed) community. Everyone is welcome here. However, to prevent any misunderstanding and inconvenience in the future, please read the following FAQ.

Although AvaxHome is a multilingual blog, official languages spoken/written on this site are English and Russian.
You can create publications and write comments in other languages, but all the references, questions and requests to site’s administration team should be in English or Russian only.


We do not encourage illegal activity. References to a content protected by the copyright law, are given exclusively in the fact-finding purposes. If you liked the program, music or the book - buy it!

The following is forbidden at AvaxHome:

- To offend any user, moderator or administrator.
- Nazism, racism and terrorism in any form.
- Stealing links from other sites.
- Reprinting the materials from other sites without providing the name of the original publisher.
- Posting any kind of serial numbers or license keys in publications or comments. (Upload a text file containing such information to any server and just post the link here.)
- Publishing any kind of advertising or promotional materials in publications or comments.
- Use the multiple accounts for posting a news or writing the comments. All of these detected Clones will be banned immediate and all their news and comments will be deleted.
- Duplicate publications. Before creating a new publication, check with the search engine if it is not already available here. Search field is on the left side of each page, below the calendar. Use quotation marks (“) to search for phrases instead of single words for better results. Normally 2 or 3 words should work best, for example: "Frank Zappa", "SQL Server", "Visual Basic", "Foundations of Ajax", etc. If links in a found publication do no longer work (deleted files on servers), your new publication is also very welcome. "In such case, add (Repost) to the end of the title of your new publication. For search of books best result will be with using ISBN-10 of book without "-" and space.

If you're publishing freeware content you need to give the link to its homepage

Not only new visitors, even some long-time users!, still think that the few publications listed on our main pages are all AvaxHome offers. That is fully wrong! You can access to all publications by either using the calendar or the search engine (left side of each page).
Using categories: If you are mainly interested in special topics like music or books, you can directly jump to that category by using the corresponding links on the top. You will find special publications like the team projects in the music category you will never see on main pages and you will limit the shown publications to that category only.


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Publication How-To

All publications must contain at least one "FREE mirror":


Publications without FREE download links WILL BE REFUSED!!!

Must read to prevent future questions like "Why my publication does not show?"

You want to create a new publication? Great! But please do it in a perfect style. It makes no sense that you spend your time to create it and our moderators need to spend time to refuse it because of missing needed information. Your publication is presented under your name, so take the time to create a good looking publication you can be proud of. Carefully reading of the following guidelines makes you a profi publisher, so do not hesitate to read them more as one time.

To create a new publication, click the link Post news on the left side of each page (when it appears, if you are a new member).
The publication editor is really easy.

"News name" - it is name of your publication.
Black Uhuru - "Mystical Truth"
C.Branden, "Introduction to Protein Structure" (2nd edition)
41 Pictures by Bosch

The news name is shown on top of your publication. It should be easy to read. Do not use characters likes “_” and do not use CRYING like all capital characters.
“Handbook_of_Physics” - “Handbook of Physics”
“BEST SONGS OF REGGAE!!!!!” - “Best Songs of Reggae”

"News uri-name" - The topmost field is URI.
The URI is a unique string tied to your publication. It is part of the URL to call your publication. All users will see it on screen and in stored booksmarks. Make sure the URI you chose makes sense. For technical reasons you acn only use the characters “a” to “z”, “0” to 9”, “_” and “-“. Blanks (“ “) and capital letters (“A” to “Z”) are not allowed in URIs!


The next 2 large edit areas are the main part of your publication.

Please select the category which more conform to your publication. The Primary Category use for the formation of URL, Title and Path.

News promote is what will be published on Avaxhome’s index- and main pages. It is a short summary of your publication. Everyone browsing AvaxHome will see this part of your publication, so make sure it looks good and try to keep it short. It should contain a picture (cover of a book or music album, screenshot of a program or similar - fitting to your publication) and the main needed information as described below in full detail. Additional pictures only in rare cases if really needed.

Do not use eye catchers like coloured text or animated pictures if not agreed with moderators before using them.
Do not use multiple blank lines inside or at end of promoute.
Full descriptions, long quotes, download links, passwords etc. do belong to the second part (“News text”), NOT to promoute!

"News promote:" is a short announcement. After clicking “Details...” the user won’t see this announcement any more. If that user had already opened several publication before, he now has several pages with only download links which are hard to decide where these belongs to.
Therefore having created the announcement in "News promote", you should copy and paste it to the topmost part of "News text" field. Below it continue adding any details, links, passwords, etc.

A. Publication without picture will be deleted.
Use services as Amazon and Google to search for images. If you can’t find exact picture for the content being posted, insert suitable one making sense. For example, for obtaining quality covers of books use next link:
where XXX is ISBN-10 (without "-") of your book.

ALL pictures must be uploaded on AvaxHome.ws server during the new publication process. It's site politics. The only exception is for animated gifs (inside “News text”). All publications containing pictures stored on other image hosts will be blocked.
Minimum image size is 300 height x 400 width (if picture quality is good). In other case you can insert picture with small size.

Insert picture using Picture manager:
1. Click on "Insert image" icon
You will see a this window:

2. Select "Upload" button and use "Browse" button to select your picture.
3. Click "Send" button.
4. After a short moment of uploading your picture you will normally see a number in field "Image url or id" – this is the number AvaxHome has assigned to your picture. If upload did not work properly, just click “Send” button again until the picture number shows up.
5. You can add border to the picture by setting “Yes” instead of “N/A” in Border drop list. In the “Alter text” field you can write short description which will be shown when you hover your mouse cursor over the picture.
6. Press "Ok". Done!

Do not make picture as the link! Also do not add in the text of the link any picture! In this case your link will not work!

A new [img] tag has been added to your publication. Please check it. Inside the [img] tag you should see the picture number assigned by AvaxHome servers. If this did not work with your browser, insert the picture number yourself.
And one more thing. How should a picture look like? It has to to compel one’s attention, making the hand with a mouse clicking on "Read more" by itself. It should look beautiful!
The [img] tag automatically defines a centered picture. Don't put [center] tags around it. It makes no sense at all to center a centered picture.

[center][img]12345[/img][/center] - incorrect.
[img]12345[/img] - correct.

It also implements an empty line after the picture.

B. Please provide at least a short summary about the content of your publication. Would you consider buying a book you’ve never heard of before if on its cover is just written "The Excellent book!” or “Worth reading"? Or purchasing a music album, without even knowing what genre it is and what songs it contains? We think you wouldn’t.

For all downloads, please include the SIZE of the download (in Mb) in "News promote" part so it will show on the main page.
The reason for defining file size is very simple. Users should be able to recognize on first sight if a download is to large for them to handle. We have users from all over the world. Not every country has perfect infrastructure for telecommunication. While some users are lucky to do downloads on an ADSL2+ with 16 MBits, there are still users who use slow 56 Kbps modem. For such user it is impossible to download a game of 4.3 GB size. If this information is present on the index page, the 56 Kbps modem user can directly skip this publication. Why force him to click "Read more", wasting over lot of text and even have to start a download just to see that the file is to large for his download speed?

If you publish MUSIC then provide at least genre (WITHOUT typing "Genre:" in front of it!!), file type (MP3, FLAC, OGG, M4Aa, WAV etc.) and (if not a lossless format) bitrate (! If bitrate is variable then add either average bitrate or encoding parameters), size of download, year of release and a list of the tracks (as TEXT, not as picture!).
Besides, you can of course add further information like play times, artist biography, reviews of the album, and additional pictures.
To ensure quality, our moderators will refuse publishing music albums with 128 Kbps or less (like mp3”pro”) bitrates in most cases - share it only as addition to a posted album in higher quality. Only exceptions are historic recordings, rare recordings (like bootlegs) not available at better quality, or karaoke disks.
While browsing index pages, users should be able to quick recognize music albums fitting their needs - a constant style of giving informations helps much. Start with the genre of music. Most users have genres of music they enjoy and genres they hate. Why should a user who hates techno or rap click on "Details" and read a long description, perhaps still not telling what genre the album is? Do you really exspect that the user jumps to google or other search service just to find the information the publisher is too lazy to write? Next should be filetype (makes no sense to download a format the user’s player does not support) and bitrate (is quality good enough for the user’s ears?)



If content is BOOK then provide ISBN-10 (!) number without "-" (it is very desirable - usually Amazon link will do), number of pages, year of publishing, edition (if have and if it not 1st edition), book format (pdf, chm, etc), size of download.
Specify the book’s author (is a MUST). Please provide the full book name with all the punctuation marks to ease the work to search engine.
Don't publish books in html, doc, rtf format, please!
If possible, also provide information if the book is just a raw scan or an OCRed and proofreaded scan.


For VIDEO files provide at least file type (compression type), video resolution, video and audio bitrates, play length, and size of download andMINIMUM ONE SCREENSHOTfrom your video file (for this purposes you may use VirtualDub).
For DVD rips provide information about language(s), subtitles and a short desription. Additional info like actors and year of release are very welcome.
Do not publish adult content like XXX-rated, porn or exteme material!


For GRAPHIC stuff provide at least size of download, resolution (size of pictures), format of files (tiff, jpeg, gif, etc.).
Don’t write simple “HQ”!
Do not publish adult content like XXX-rated, porn or exteme material!


For MAGAZINES provide at least size of download, year and month of publishing, number of pages, format of files (tiff, jpeg, gif, etc.).



For SOFTWARE & GAMES provide at least minimal hardware equirements, OS, version number, size of download, a short description, homepage URL.
Do not post TRIAL/DEMO versions as they are easy to find. If a program requires a fix (crack, key generator, patch links or serial numbers) to make it work, also include these in the download archive.
Do not write serial numbers or registration codes inside your publication!
Check files for possible online threats (viruses, worms, Trojans and browser hijackers) before posting.


Publications consisting of only picture and download link, without any additional info will be deleted!

C. After editing publications (and BEFORE posting it) use preview! (click on "Preview" button at the bottom of the page)

The next field (News original uri) - you only have to insert here the URL to the original info (in case it was taken in another site).

You’re almost done. Have previewed the publication (did it, right?). Now the last step - it is necessary to place your publication in the catalogue. To do this you’ll have to choose the right publication category in a field "Display in categories".

1. For the book do not forget to note its language. You should check both the E-Books category, and the language (Russian, English, or Other).
2. You can locate publication in several categories. Example: Plugins for Photoshop - Soft and Graphics categories.

D. All publications with adult content is forbidden. Such publications posted on AvaxHome.ru will be deleted without warning.

E. It is strictly forbidden to publish any serials and keys to programs in the public view! In this case you will be banned. The correct way to do it is to create a text file with all that info, upload it on any file-exchange server and give us the link to download.

F. However some users include large lists of all their other publications inside each new publication. We even agreed to that first, but oversaw the bad side-effects. These lists are forbidden from now on. Include such list ONLY if it content links to the previous publications building up thematic cycle with current publication.

G. Edited publications. When you edit your post and press Save button it will be send on Pre-moderation.

H. The list of your publications is accessible under the link "My news".

I. Do not create publication only with request! AvaxHome is not forum!

L. All spammers will be banned immediately. All their comments and publications will be removed!
Name of other sites in comments - spam.
Name of other sites as part of links - spam.
Name of other sites as archive password - spam.
Problems and their solutions

Comments with "mirrors" will be deleted ONLY IF the publisher posts files at least on TWO DIFFERENT FILE HOSTS.
(example on rapidshare and deposite, or megaupload, uploding and deposite etc.)
Also comments with "mirrors" will be deleted IF files in comments had been hosted at the same file host that is used in the publication.

(example deposite at publication and deposite at comments)



Punishment: BAN + deleting all comments.

Q. - Why did my publication disappear from the site?

1). - All your links died and another publication was reposted in place of it.

2). - Your publication was a duplicate of another previously existing publication.

3). - A copyright violation complaint was received about your publication.

A.You can inform us about incorrect behavior of other users using provided email address. Please send us complaints concerning any bugs and errors of a site!
If you have any question/problems regarding your publications you can use PM addressing -=Pasha13=-, Bully, or torai.

B. If on the left side of the page near "Private Messages" you see a red number "(1) or (2) or (4) etc." it means that someone has send you an email or emails. Click the link "Private Messages" and you can read this mail. If you wish to send someone a mail, use the link "Send message" (see picture).

C. All your publications are moderated.

D. If your publication does not appear on the site after some time it is possible that it has been refused for some reason(s). Check the category "My news" and see whether it is there. Often you can find there why the publication is not activated. If no reason is given, then read this FAQ again from the beginning. Correct your publications and taking care of the hints given by moderator.


Make your publications look beautiful!

A. You may use the following password for your archives:


Also you may place this NFO file to your archives:
nfo.txt nfo.rar

B. Do not use too many colors at design of the publication.
Two-three colors - is quite enough (black for text, blue for URLs, red to highlight important info like passwords etc).
Inside the publication a publisher can follow all personal style he/she wants. If they think a publication should look like a parrot by using 4 or more colors, ok, it is their personal style. :-)
But not the part shown on the index pages. This part should look like AvaxHome, it shoud fit to AvaxHome look-and-feel and should contain the needed information in a common style and formatting so users browsing the index pages can easily recognize if a publication is of interest to them or not. As written above, we have a few publishers doing very nice publications themselves and in this case moderators agree also to some personal style on the index pages.
The quality of your publication should speeak for itself. If you really need bold red colored text just to draw attention to your publication, you should spent some time working on your ego or at least think about publishing better stuff users will gladly accept without need for such eyecatches. Besides, it is just unfair agaist all the other publishers keeping to the rules. If you publsih something outstanding, you can be sure the modertor will take care to either highlight your publication or even put it on top of others for a few hours.

Don't use CAPS in your post, it could look offensive!

C. Design URLs as it is accepted on the Internet.

[url=]www.avaxhome.ru[/url] or [url]www.avaxhome.ru[/url]:
www.avaxhome.ru - incorrect

Download - correct

D. Don’t use unnecessary tags (center, b, u, i):
Some changes are just to increase perfomance by taking care for the render engine or removing redundant information. If you for example have 6 lines of centered text, it is not needed to switch center on at start of each line and switch it off at end of each line. Just tell the page render that all lines should be centered. For example:

[center]My line of important information[/center]
[center]My line of important information[/center]
[center]My line of important information[/center]
[center]My line of important information[/center]
[center]My line of important information[/center]
[center]My line of important information[/center]

can be easier done in this style

[center]My line of important information
My line of important information
My line of important information
My line of important information
My line of important information
My line of important information[/center]

Well and so on.

At last, the Concluding Remarks:

Sites, as well as the countries, are not bad nor good by themself - both good, and bad they are done by people. AvaxHome is a collective resource at which it is a lot of authors. And if it is bad, it means only one – it is our fault, such are we. And if on contrary it is good – that is because we are talented and remarkable, and respect to us! What shall we choose?

     AvaxHome Team.

Latest updates:

2021-10-30 (Bully)
Some changes (no new rules!) in text about publishing music.
- Removing the nonsense of adding the word "Genre:" in front of Genre information
- Giving correct order of info data etc.

New Lossless rules

Added new rule about free mirrors, rapidshare.com, megaupload.com, filefactory.com


filefactory.com has been removed from the "free mirror" list

Some updates in the Rules for Lossless publications

"Why did my publication disappear from the site?"
Question/answer was added in the "Problems and their solutions" section.