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Cryptography: An Introduction (repost)
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Cryptography: An Introduction
McGraw Hill | English | 2002 / 2009 | ISBN: 0077099877 | 433 pages | PDF | 1,6 MB

Nigel Smart’s Cryptography provides the rigorous detail required for advanced cryptographic studies, yet approaches the subject matter in an accessible style in order to gently guide new students through difficult mathematical topics. Covering the latest developments in computer cryptography, including the Rijndael algorithm chosen for the new Advanced Encryption Standard, the OAEP padding system for RSA and modern stream ciphers, this book is a complete introduction to cryptography.

Cryptography incorporates practical examples and real-world case studies to examine strategies for security in various contexts. The author gives specific focus to implementation issues such as exponentiation in DSA and RSA, and to provably secure algorithms with and without random oracles.

The book is divided into five parts. Part 1 gives the mathematical background needed and could be skipped at first reading and referred back to when needed. Part 2 discusses symmetric key encryption algorithms and the key distribution problem that results from their use. Part 3 discusses public key algorithms for encryption and signatures. Part 4 discusses security issues including provable security. Part 5 discusses advanced protocols including commitments, oblivious transfer and secure multi-party computation.

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