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Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics, Second Edition: Computer Forensics Secrets & Solutions
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media | ISBN: 0071626778 | edition 2009 | PDF | 545 pages | 11,6 mb

Identify and investigate computer criminals of all stripes with help from this fully updated. real-world resource. Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics, Second Edition explains how to construct a high-tech forensic lab, collect prosecutable evidence, discover e-mail and system file clues, track wireless activity, and recover obscured documents. Learn how to re-create an attacker's footsteps, communicate with council, prepare court-ready reports, and work through legal and organizational challenges. Case studies straight from today's headlines cover IP theft, mortgage fraud, employee misconduct, securities fraud, embezzlement, organized crime, and consumer fraud cases.
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Kimberly Graves, "CEH Certified Ethical Hacker Study Guide"
Sybex | 2010 | ISBN: 0470525207 | 432 pages | PDF | 5,5 MB
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Hacking Exposed: Network Security Secrets & Solutions
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/OsborneMedia | ISBN: 0072127481 | edition 2000 | PDF | 736 pages | 13,1 mb

A lot of computer-security textbooks approach the subject from a defensive point of view. "Do this, and probably you'll survive a particular kind of attack," they say. In refreshing contrast, Hacking Exposed, Second Edition talks about security from an offensive angle. A Jane's-like catalog of the weaponry that black-hat hackers use is laid out in full. Readers see what programs are out there, get a rundown on what the programs can do, and benefit from detailed explanations of concepts (such as wardialing and rootkits) that most system administrators kind of understand, but perhaps not in detail. The book also walks through how to use the more powerful and popular hacker software, including L0phtCrack. This new edition has been updated extensively, largely with the results of "honeypot" exercises (in which attacks on sacrificial machines are monitored) and Windows 2000 public security trials. There's a lot of new stuff on e-mail worms, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and attacks that involve routing protocols.
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Blocking Spam and Spyware For Dummies
Publisher: For Dummies | ISBN: 0764575910 | edition 2005 | PDF | 384 pages | 14,4 mb

Fight back and save money with these expert tips
Find out what spam and spyware cost your company, and how to stop them
Whether yours is a one-person business or a multi-million dollar corporation, here's help giving spammers and spies the bum's rush. Two veterans of the spam wars help you analyze your situation, choose the right solutions, set up and maintain them, and even show the bean-counters why such defenses are essential.
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Joel Scambray, "Hacking Exposed Windows: Microsoft Windows Security Secrets and Solutions, 3 Ed"
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media | 2007 | 451 pages | ISBN: 007149426X | PDF | 5,1 MB
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Thomas Wilhelm, "Professional Penetration Testing: Creating and Operating a Formal Hacking Lab"
Syngress | 2009 | ISBN: 1597494259 | 528 pages | PDF | 7,1 MB
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ISECOM, "Hacking Exposed: Linux, 3 Ed"
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media | 2008 | ISBN: 0072262575 | 813 pages | PDF | 5,1 MB
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Rich Cannings, Himanshu Dwivedi, Zane Lackey, "Hacking Exposed Web 2.0: Web 2.0 Security Secrets and Solutions"
McGraw-Hill Osborne | 2008 | ISBN: 0071494618 | 258 pages | PDF | 4,9 MB
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Hacking Windows Vista: ExtremeTech+Hacking Windows XP - Extreme Tech
Publisher: Wiley | ISBN: 0470046872+0764577220 | edition 2007-2004 | CHM+PDF | 334-379 pages | 24 mb

Hacking Windows Vista: ExtremeTech
Vista is the most radical revamping of Windows since 1995. However, along with all the fantastic improvements, there are a couple of things that likely drive you up the wall. Don’t worry, though—just join forces with author Steve Sinchak and you’ll end up feeling as though Microsoft designed Vista just for you! He shows you how to tweak logon screen settings, build custom Sidebar gadgets, personalize Aero Glass with themes and visual styles, turn your PC into an HDTV media center, fine-tune your firewall, and more.
Hacking Windows XP - Extreme Tech
-Sinchak doesn't waste time tweaking Movie Maker or Instant Messenger-these hacks are heavy-duty, detailed instructions for squeezing every drop of power from Windows XP and maximizing speed, appearance, and security
-Not for the faint of heart! This book is written for users who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves, risk voiding their warranties, take total control of the task bar, uninstall programs that are supposedly permanent, and beef up boot speed
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Network Security Assessment: From Vulnerability to Patch
Publisher: Syngress Publishing | ISBN: 1597491012 | edition 2006 | PDF | 417 pages | 10,5 mb

This book will take readers from the discovery of vulnerabilities and the creation of the corresponding exploits, through a complete security assessment, all the way through deploying patches against these vulnerabilities to protect their networks. This book is unique in that it details both the management and technical skill and tools required to develop an effective vulnerability management system. Business case studies and real world vulnerabilities are used through the book. This book starts by introducing the reader to the concepts of a vulnerability management system. Readers will be provided detailed timelines of exploit development, vendors' time to patch, and corporate path installations. Next, the differences between security assessment s and penetration tests will be clearly explained along with best practices for conducting both.
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Security+ Study Guide and DVD Training System
Publisher: Syngress | ISBN: 1931836728 | edition 2002 | PDF | 854 pages | 11,3 mb

Why has CompTIA (the high-profile Computer Technology Industry Association behind the wildly popular A+ and Network+ certifications) targeted security for its latest credential? Thanks to soaring e-business initiatives and worldwide Internet connectivity, recent survey stats from the Computer Security Institute (CSI) show we need more network security specialists-fast! Boasting a one-of-a-kind integration of text, DVD-quality instructor-led training, and Web-based exam simulation and remediation, Security+ Study Guide & DVD Training System gives students 100% coverage of official CompTIA Security+ exam objectives plus realistic test prep. Security+ is sure to become an instant industry standard. Leading cert industry publications and Web portals forecast the rapid rise of security certifications in 2003, and CompTIA's growth curve of A+ and Network+ technicians suggests that Security+ certified engineers could easily number 100,000 by the end of next year
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Hack Proofing Your Identity
Publisher: Syngress Publishing | ISBN: 1931836515 | edition 2002 | PDF | 393 pages | 10,3 mb

Identity-theft is the fastest growing crime in America, affecting approximately 900,000 new victims each year. Protect your assets and personal information online with this comprehensive guide.
Hack Proofing Your Identity will provide readers with hands-on instruction for how to secure their personal information on multiple devices. It will include simple measures as well as advanced techniques gleaned from experts in the field who have years of experience with identity theft and fraud. This book will also provide readers with instruction for identifying cyber-crime and the different ways they can report it if it occurs.
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Das Anti-Hacker-Buch für Windows von Joel Scambray und Stuart McClure
Publisher: mitp Verlag | 2001 | ISBN: 3826608232 | PDF | 604 pages | 15,7 MB
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Penetration Tester's Open Source Toolkit
Publisher: Syngress | ISBN: 1597490210 | edition 2005 | PDF | 737 pages | 27,2 mb

Penetration testing a network requires a delicate balance of art and science. A penetration tester must be creative enough to think outside of the box to determine the best attack vector into his own network, and also be expert in using the literally hundreds of tools required to execute the plan. This book provides both the art and the science.
The authors of the book are expert penetration testers who have developed many of the leading pen testing tools; such as the Metasploit framework. The authors allow the reader "inside their heads" to unravel the mysteries of thins like identifying targets, enumerating hosts, application fingerprinting, cracking passwords, and attacking exposed vulnerabilities. Along the way, the authors provide an invaluable reference to the hundreds of tools included on the bootable-Linux CD for penetration testing.
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Complete Idiot's Guide to Protecting Yourself Online
Publisher: Alpha | ISBN: 0789720353 | edition 1999 | PDF | 368 pages | 11,7 mb

Do you like buying things on the Internet with your credit card? Think other people wouldn't like buying things with your credit card, too? Have you given out personal information to register for "contests" and "events?" Beware. Sometimes the wizard making the promises is only a little man sitting behind a curtain pulling levers and talking through microphones. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Protecting Yourself Online makes sure that you take the necessary steps and precautions when registering, ordering, or even just conversing on the Internet. Keep people out of your personal life by creating hacker-proof passwords, removing your name from databases, and eliminating a third party's ability to accumulate information about you--such as address, Social Security number, credit card numbers, and more.