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Microsoft Log Parser Toolkit: A complete toolkit for Microsoft's undocumented log analysis tool
Publisher: Syngress | ISBN: 1932266526 | edition 2005 | PDF | 465 pages | 83,8 mb

Do you want to find Brute Force Attacks against your Exchange Server? Would you like to know who is spamming you? Do you need to monitor the performance of your IIS Server? Are there intruders out there you would like to find? Would you like to build user logon reports from your Windows Server? Would you like to export your logs to XML? Would you like working scripts to automate all of these tasks and many more for you? If so, this book is for you... "Microsoft Log Parser Toolkit" is co-authored by Microsoft's Log Parser developer providing a complete reference to this SQL-Query driven log analysis tool. The book and accompanying Web site also provide dozens of customized, working scripts, queries, and templates for Windows Server, Snort IDS, Exchange Server, IIS, ISA Server, Snort and more.

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