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Physics: Principles and Problems (repost)
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Paul W. Zitzewitz, T. G. Elliott, Haase, Kathleen A. Harper, Herzog, Nelson, Friedrich Schiller, Zorn, "Physics: Principles and Problems"
McGraw-Hill/Glencoe | 2005 | ISSN: 0078458137 | PDF | 943 pages | 36 MB

"PHYSICS: Principles and Problems" offers integrated support, abundant opportunities for problem solving, and a variety of realistic applications. The program has a balance of good conceptual presentation with a strong problem-solving strand. All the program resources are organized in a way that meets the needs of students in a diverse classroom. Also included are high-interest special features that connect physics to everyday life: How it Works, Technology and Society, Future Technology, and Extreme Physics.

- Actively involves students through Launch Labs - inquiry-based labs at the beginning of each chapter.
- Addresses student needs with a consistent three-step Example Problem that includes helpful math hints that students can use as they work through problems.
- Coaches students with blue annotations in the Example Problems. Practice Problems provide immediate feedback so every student has the opportunity to master skills that apply to related physics concepts.
- Helps students see the direct connections between math and physics principles. Connecting Math to Physics offers additional math support for every student.
- Motivates students with Challenge Problems that are designed after the open-ended questions on the Advanced Placement Physics exam with more in-depth applications and problem solving.

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