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Current Surgical Therapy: Expert Consult
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John L. Cameron MD FACS FRCS(Eng)(hon) FRCSI(hon), "Current Surgical Therapy: Expert Consult"
Mosby | 2007 | ISBN: 1416034978 | 1432 pages | CHM | 76 MB

Access unparalleled advice on the selection and implementation of the latest treatments for surgical diseases! Joined by hundreds of other preeminent surgeons, distinguished editor John L. Cameron, MD discusses which approach to take and when...how to avoid or minimize complications for any surgical challenge...and what outcomes you can expect. Nearly 940 photographs, line drawings, and radiographs provide you with the visual perspectives that are so important in surgery. What's more, this Expert Consult title comes with access to the complete contents online, for convenient reference from any practice location. It's the book you'll depend upon most for quick, efficient review prior to surgery, as well as for certification or recertification preparation.

Clinically relevant content, organized by body area, explains you what to do in specific surgical situations.
Brief, focused chapters following a consistent format equip you to efficiently review procedures prior to surgery - and confidently prepare for certification and recertification.

Includes access to the complete contents of the book online-fully searchable-for rapid and convenient consultation from anyplace with an Internet connection.
Focuses entirely on contemporary surgical management to keep you abreast of new treatments.
Offers a new full-color insert of nearly 100 photographs providing a true-to-life visual perspective.
Includes many new contributors who present brand new insights, tips, and treatments based upon their vast first-hand experience to help you obtain optimal surgical outcomes.

Summary: Excellent book for all PGY levels!
Rating: 5

This book is great! It gives concise information on any topic, a great read at 0300 when preparing to present a case the next morning. Also has excellent figures and gives more than enough information for any level to prepare. Does not have basic science or other info necessary for PGY1 and PGY2 to use as a core surgery textbook but a must have for PGY2 and higher for its clinical relevance.

Summary: Excellent companion to srugical text book
Rating: 5

I'm not sure why anyone would consider this a substitute for a surgical text book. This book is meant to be a supplement to material one already knows. The point here is not an exhaustive coverage of general surgery. This is not meant to be a singular resource for residency. This is meant to refine one's decision making, which it does wonderfully. If you have a surgical text book, than this supplements it well by giving excellent discussions on key points in surgical care. If you don't have a surgical text book, you need one or else you will be quickly lost with this book. The online access allows one to download chapters from anywhere. The chapters are short and very dense, making it easy to read several in a busy day.

Summary: Excellent source for up to date surgical information
Rating: 5

I found this book invaluable not only as a fast, reliable reference for my daily practice but also an invaluable tool to prepare for my oral boards. I believe this book is the MAIN reason why i passed and i felt very well prepared after reading it cover to cover. It has very sensible and accepted management strategies for different aspects covered on the orals. It is the true "Safe answers for the Boards". Forget the other publication with that title which proves to be outdated and misleading. Higly recommended.

Summary: Excellent But !
Rating: 5

there are many great reviews here about this book, i totally agree with all what have been said, its a must if ur a surgeon , not recommended at all for undergraduates (greenfield is my number 1 for undergraduates as a reference textbook ), the book provides the real experience and the guidelines together (which a rigorous book like Schwartz lacks) , however my take on the book, is there is no coverage for organ transplant which is getting more and more popular every day, and ur chances of seeing a patient who had an organ transplant either for a problem related to his organ or a secondary problem are much higher, the vascular chapter is a bit confusing but overall a valuable book that bridges the gap between the knowledge and the experience

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