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Supramolecular Organization & Materials Design
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W. Jones, C. N. R. Rao, "Supramolecular Organization & Materials Design"
Cambridge University Press | 2001 | ISBN: 0521662400, 0521087813, 0511564988 | 336 pages | PDF | 14,7 MB

Supramolecular chemistry deals with the design, synthesis, and study of molecular structures held together by non-covalent interactions. Structures of this type are ubiquitous in nature and are frequently used as blueprints for the design of synthetic equivalents. This reference demonstrates the seminal importance of supramolecular chemistry and self-organization in the design and synthesis of novel organic materials, inorganic materials, and biomaterials. With contributions from leading workers in the field, the book shows how the bottom-up approach of supramolecular chemistry can be used not only to synthesize new materials, but to operate specific molecular devices as well.

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