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High Performance Heterogeneous Computing (Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing) By Jack Dongarra, Alexey L. Lastovetsky
Publisher: Wiley 2009 | 267 Pages | ISBN: 0470040394 | PDF | 2 MB

An analytical overview of the state of the art, open problems, and future trends in heterogeneous parallel and distributed computing
This book provides an overview of the ongoing academic research, development, and uses of heterogeneous parallel and distributed computing in the context of scientific computing. Presenting the state of the art in this challenging and rapidly evolving area, the book is organized in five distinct parts:
  • Heterogeneous Platforms: Taxonomy, Typical Uses, and Programming Issues
  • Performance Models of Heterogeneous Platforms and Design of Heterogeneous Algorithms
  • Performance: Implementation and Software
  • Applications
  • Future Trends

High Performance Heterogeneous Computing is a valuable reference for researchers and practitioners in the area of high performance heterogeneous computing. It also serves as an excellent supplemental text for graduate and postgraduate courses in related areas.


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