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John S. Seybold, «Introduction to RF Propagation»
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John S. Seybold, «Introduction to RF Propagation»
ISBN: 0471655961 | Publisher: Wiley-Interscience | 2021-09-20 | 352 Pages | 2.7 MB | PDF
Regulating Religion: The Courts and the Free Excercise Clause by Catharine Cookson
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Regulating Religion: The Courts and the Free Excercise Clause by Catharine Cookson
Publisher: Oxford University Press (September 3, 2021) | ISBN-10: 019512944X | PDF | 1,3 Mb | 284 pages

"...an authoritative and constructive study of the US Supreme Court's free exercise jurisprudence."--Choice"Cookson's conclusion is powerful . She has the courage to assert that current free exercise jurisprudence is not working and to present argue for a more effective alternative. This book offers a fascinating study in applied ethics for students of American constitutional law and for religious historians and ethicists in general." -- The Journal of the American Academy of Religion"Beautifully written and argued... it is rare to find a book on religion and the Constitution in the United States that brings such ideologically unencumbered care and intelligence to the issue. Cookson's reading of the major Supreme Court cases is fresh and smart."- The Journal of Religion"In this worthy book [Catherine Cookson] makes a compelling case for a casuistical approach to church-state jurisprudence having to do with free exercise cases."--H-NET
Educational Research: Why 'What works' doesn't work
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Paul Smeyers, Marc Depaepe, «Educational Research: Why 'What works' doesn't work»
Springer | ISBN 140205307X | 1 ed. (Nov 29, 2021) | PDF | 2 Mb | 195 pages

Education and educational research, according to the current fashion, are supposed to be concerned with ‘what works’, to the exclusion of all other considerations. All over the world, and particularly in the English-speaking countries, governments look for means of improving ‘student achievement’ as measured by standardized test scores. Although such improvements are often to be welcomed, they do not answer all significant questions about what constitutes good education. Also the research on which they are based is not the only legitimate way to do educational research. Social research, and therefore educational research, cannot ignore the distinctive nature of what it studies: a social activity where questions of meaning and value cannot be eliminated, and where interpretation and judgment play a crucial role.
Facing the Complexities of Women's Sexual Desire
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Vera S. Maass, «Facing the Complexities of Women's Sexual Desire»
Springer | ISBN 0387331689 | November 14, 2021 | PDF | 1 Mb | 228 pages

Whether they involve excess, a decrease, or complete absence, problems of sexual desire drive women to consult sex therapists, couples counselors, and other practitioners (to say nothing of self-help books and talk-show hosts). Facing the Complexities of Women’s Sexual Desire, by veteran sex therapist Vera Sonja Maass, is one of the few books to address these intimate phenomena in practical clinical detail.
Cyber Cities
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Cyber Cities
Princeton Architectural Press; 2 Edition (March 1, 2022) | ISBN: 1568980485 | 245 Pages | 15 MB PDF

From the moment William Gibson announced in his dystopian science-fiction account Neuromancer (1984) that the new informational network or computer matrix called cyberspace looks like Los Angeles seen from five thousand feet up in the air, there has been a predilection for drawing a parallel between the virtual space of computer networks and post-urban places of disorder and decay.
Let's Stop Beating Around the Bush
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Jim Hightower, «Let's Stop Beating Around the Bush»
Viking Adult | ISBN 0670033545 | 2004-07 | PDF | 1.2 Mb | 256 Pages

Author Jim Hightower is not, as the title of his recent book about the George W. Bush administration indicates, a fan of equivocation. “The Bushites are – let me put this politely as I can – NUTS!” he writes, “They're insane. They're zealots totally dedicated to implementing their plutocratic, autocratic, militaristic, and imperialistic vision of America.” The chapters in Hightower's book are prefaced by a series of reasons Bush fans may give for supporting the President followed by blistering and often highly entertaining refutations of those reasons.
Adapting Educational and Psychological Tests for Cross-Cultural Assessment by Ronald K. Hambleton
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Adapting Educational and Psychological Tests for Cross-Cultural Assessment by Ronald K. Hambleton (Editor), Peter F. Merenda (Editor), Charles D. Spielberger (Editor)
Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates (October 13, 2021) | ISBN-10: 0805830251 | PDF | 27,2 Mb | 392 pages

Adapting Educational and Psychological Tests for Cross-Cultural Assessment critically examines and advances new methods and practices for adapting tests for cross-cultural assessment and research. The International Test Commission (ITC) guidelines for test adaptation and conceptual and methodological issues in test adaptation are described in detail, and questions of ethics and concern for validity of test scores in cross-cultural contexts are carefully examined. Advances in test translation and adaptation methodology, including statistical identification of flawed test items, establishing equivalence of different language versions of a test, and methodologies for comparing tests in multiple languages, are reviewed and evaluated. The book also focuses on adapting ability, achievement, and personality tests for cross-cultural assessment in educational, industrial, and clinical settings.
Blogosphere: Best of Blogs by Peter Kuhns, Adrienne Crew
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Blogosphere: Best of Blogs by Peter Kuhns, Adrienne Crew
Publisher: Que; 1st edition (January 27, 2022) | ISBN-10: 0789735261 | CHM | 5,1 Mb | 336 pages

You probably have your favorite blogs to visit each day, but there are countless other blogs that you could never find on your own and that could potentially be added to the top of your favorites! Blogosphere: Best of Blogs is a collection of the blogs you've heard about and the ones still waiting to be discovered. Organized into sections based on interests and moods, you'll find a listing of the best blogs out there, along with the reasons why they've made the list. Complete with searching tips and strategies, Blogosphere will help you find the greatest voices in the blogging universe.
Philosophy of the Brain: The Brain Problem (Advances in Consciousness Research)
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Georg Northoff, «Philosophy of the Brain: The Brain Problem»
John Benjamins Publishing | ISBN 1588114163 | 2004-02 | PDF | Mb | 391 pages
Getting To Know Anxiety
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Getting To Know Anxiety
Master Resale Rights | English | PDF | 130 Kb | 15 Pages

Stop Letting Anxiety Rule Your Life And Take Back The Control You Desire Right Now!
Гэри Чепмэн, «Пять языков любви» (Психология семейных отношений)
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cover 5 yazikov liubvi

Гэри Чепмэн, «Пять языков любви» (Психология семейных отношений)
Год выпуска: 1992, 1995 | Язык: Русский | Размер :162 KB | Издатель: G. Chapman «The Five Love Languages» | Northfield Publishing, Chicago, 1995

“А вы с супругом нашли общий язык? Любовь можно проявлять по-разному. Доктор Гэри Чепмен утверждает, что существует пять языков любви: Слова поощрения; Время; Подарки; Помощь; Прикосновения.
Вы стараетесь показать супругу, что любите его, а он как будто ничего не замечает. Может быть, вы просто говорите на разных языках? Возможно, ваш муж хочет, чтобы вы ему посочувствовали, а вы вместо этого готовите вкусный ужин. Возможно, вашей жене хочется проводить с вами побольше времени, а роскошные букеты, которые вы преподносите каждый вечер, ей не нужны.
В конце книги вы найдете руководство по обсуждению, которое поможет вам лучше разобраться в прочитанном. Вы и заметить не успеете, как научитесь понимать язык другого, выражать ему любовь, и вскоре почувствуете, что и вас любят”.
Arts, Sciences, and Economics: A Historical Safari
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Tönu Puu, «Arts, Sciences, and Economics: A Historical Safari»
Springer | ISBN 3540344233 | 1 edition (August 18, 2021) | PDF | 4.7 Mb | 193 Pages
The Untouched Minutes (River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Prize Series) by Donald Morrill
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The Untouched Minutes (River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Prize Series) by Donald Morrill
Publisher: University of Nebraska Press (March 2004) | ISBN-10: 0803232381 | PDF | 1 Mb | 128 pages

Alternating between the first and the third person, Morrill explores an early-evening burglary that occurred at his home. He and his wife, lying in bed, were disturbed by an intruder. The burglar eventually takes off with their car and computer, leaving them unharmed, on their knees in the bathroom, listening to the sounds of neighborhood children playing outside. But their peace of mind is forever shattered, as Morrill reveals in this stream-of-consciousness review of his life, the burglary, and an assortment of other recent crimes and tragedies, most notably the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the brutal murder of two Dartmouth professors in their home.
Last Minute Term Papers (Last Minute) by Ron Fry
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Last Minute Term Papers (Last Minute) by Ron Fry
Publisher: Thomson Delmar Learning; 1 edition (July 15, 2022) | ISBN-10: 1564146057 | PDF | 1,4 Mb | 128 pages

The well-known author of our best-selling How to Study Program shows students of all ages how to write a winning paper when there's simply too little time to do it the "right" way. This is a book about the reality many students face.
Handbook of Personality Disorders: Theory and Practice by Jeffrey J. Magnavita
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Handbook of Personality Disorders: Theory and Practice by Jeffrey J. Magnavita (Editor)
Publisher: Wiley (December 29, 2021) | ISBN-10: 0471201162 | PDF | 2,8 Mb | 600 pages

This comprehensive reference, edited by one of the leading experts in the field, assimilates the newest and most effective treatment techniques for the personality disorders. Each chapter is written by leading scholars in the Cognitive-Behavior, Humanistic and Integrative theoretical models. In addition to a detailed case example in each chapter, additional case studies are integrated and used throughout.