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The Funkmasters - The Great James Brown Rhythm Sections 1960-1973
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The Funkmasters - The Great James Brown Rhythm Sections 1960-1973
For Guitar, Bass and Drums, Book & 2 CDs (Paperback)
Funk,Soul / Sheetmusic / Playalong | 2 CD ~ 120Min | MP3 192kBit/s | [ID3 Tags] | RS.COM | 200MB
Alfred Publishing Co. Inc. | 1997 | PDF | English | 144 pages | ISBN: 1576234436 / 9781576234433

In this unique rhythm section workbook, 23 James Brown classics have been transcribed, broken down into individual lessons, and meticulously recreated on two one-hour CDs. Featuring legendary grooves from the guitarists, bassists, and drummers who ignited the Godfather of Soul for over three decades (including Jabo Starks, Bernard Odum, Clyde Stubblefield, Bootsy Collins, Jimmy Nolen, Country Kellum, and more), this book will enlighten and challenge your soul.
South African Music: A Century of Traditions in Transformation
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South African Music: A Century of Traditions in Transformation
Publisher: ABC-CLIO | pages: 314 | 2004 | ISBN: 1576072762 | CHM | 11 mb

This book is shaped in large part by my personal experiences and intellectual interests in Africa and its music. Much of what I write about in subsequent chapters is performance I have directly experienced; very little pertaining to the music of South Africa is simply book knowledge. In the remainder of this book, I examine a range of musical styles drawn from contemporary South Africa in order to understand something of what it means to be a South African who makes and consumes music in that country. This includes discussion of black South African performance and the music of people of mixed racial (Coloured) heritage.
Major & Minor In Every Key - Volume 24
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Major & Minor In Every Key - Volume 24
- Learn To Improvise Jazz (Book & CD Set) - by Jamey Aebersold
FreeJazz / Sheetmusic / Playalong | EAC | CUE + LOG | FLAC Image = 510MB or 320kbps CBR MP3 [Tracks] = 271MB
300dpi Scans + LQ PDF Sheet | 100 pages | June, 2000 | 2 CD ~ 120MIN | 200MB RARs | RS.COM | 3% Rec. | Label: Jamey Aebersold | ISBN: 156224029

For all instrumentalists and vocalists. CDs contain 30 extended tracks of recorded background. Great primer for learning basic skills in major and minor keys. Advanced players will want to work on 'double-timing', playing 'outside' and 'side-slipping' in all keys at comfortable tempos. Special tracks have Jamey Aebersold playing various exercises and soloing on his saxophone with actual cuts from Volume 24 so you can hear and see how to use this set. All exercises and sax solos on the demo tracks are transcribed and written out in the book! Pick a different key each day/week/practice.
Beatles Basslines - TAB + Notation
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Beatles Basslines - TAB + Notation
Hal Leonard Corporation | October 1, 2021 | ISBN: 9780793570522 / 0793570522
English | 64 pages | LQ PDF | RS.COM | 4MB

This superb folio contains Paul McCartney's bass lines from ten of The Beatles greatest hits. In standard notation and bass guitar tab, with top line, lyrics, and chord symbols. Features useful playing hints and helpful technical information on the equipment actually used on the original recordings.

Songs include: Get Back ¥ Got to Get You into My Life ¥ I Want to Hold Your Hand ¥ Taxman ¥ The Ballad of John and Yoko ¥ We Can Work It Out ¥ and more.
Acoustic Communication
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Acoustic Communication
Publisher: Praeger | pages: 312 | 2000 | ISBN: 1567505368 | CHM | 15,7 mb

Since the first edition was published seventeen years ago dramatic social and technical changes have altered the world of acoustic communication. This book draws upon many traditional disciplines that deal with specific aspects of sound, and presents material within an interdisciplinary framework. It establishes a model for understanding all acoustic and aural experiences both in their traditional forms and as they have been radically altered in the 20th century. Digital technology has completely redefined the listening and consumption patterns of sound. We are now able to benefit from the march of technology via a companion CD-ROM, which accompanies this volume for the first time.
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Record Label Marketing, Second Edition
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Tom Hutchison, Paul Allen, Amy Macy "Record Label Marketing, Second Edition"
Focal Press | English | 2021-09-07 | ISBN: 0240812387 | 448 pages | PDF | 5,3 MB
Baroque Music Today: Music As Speech : Ways to a New Understanding of Music
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Baroque Music Today: Music As Speech : Ways to a New Understanding of Music
Publisher: Amadeus Pr | pages: 210 | 1995 | ISBN: 0931340918 | CHM | 12,1 mb

Love him or hate him, call him a pioneering genius or dusty and mannered, Nikolaus Harnoncourt deserves a lot of credit. Not only did he lead the period-instrument movement into its first major successes (both artistic and commercial) but his ideas about how to play Baroque- and Classical-era music (and why to play it that way) have had enormous influence even on conventional symphony orchestras and their conductors. This volume is a collection of essays and lectures Harnoncourt has given over the years laying out those very ideas. The title, Baroque Music Today, is something of a misnomer at this point: the latest essay in the book dates from 1980, and the second essay, "The Interpretation of Historical Music," is effectively the founding mission statement (from 1954) of Harnoncourt's period-instrument orchestra, the Concentus Musicus of Vienna. While the occasional observation seems dated or debatable, and certain points are repeated from chapter to chapter (the chapters were originally separate lectures), most of what Harnoncourt has to say remains both instructive and persuasive.
Medieval Music and the Art of Memory
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Medieval Music and the Art of Memory
Publisher: University of California Press | ISBN: 0520240286 | edition 2005 | PDF | 304 pages | 13,5 mb

This bold challenge to conventional notions about medieval music disputes the assumption of pure literacy and replaces it with a more complex picture of a world in which literacy and orality interacted. Asking such fundamental questions as how singers managed to memorize such an enormous amount of music and how music composed in the mind rather than in writing affected musical style, Anna Maria Busse Berger explores the impact of the art of memory on the composition and transmission of medieval music. Her fresh, innovative study shows that although writing allowed composers to work out pieces in the mind, it did not make memorization redundant but allowed for new ways to commit material to memory.
Dance and Music
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Dance and Music
Publisher: University Press of Florida | pages: 432 | 2001 | ISBN: 0813018870 | PDF | 13,5 mb

Currently the company pianist for the BallettMainz at the Mainz State Theater, Cavalli drew on 40-plus years' experience to write this one-of-a-kind manual. In straightforward, no-nonsense prose, she spells out ways for the teacher and the accompanist to make the rehearsal a success. She says, for example, that dance teachers must learn to count correctly and treat the accompanist with respect. Not surprisingly, Cavalli's real forte is explaining accompaniment. Beginning accompanists will especially benefit from her advice on selecting the proper music and defining their role in a dance company. By far the most thorough treatise on the subject in print, this work also discusses classroom etiquette, dance class structure, how teachers demonstrate, and steps and movements.
Lone Star Ice and Fire
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Lone Star Ice and Fire By L. E. Brady
Publisher: Coral Press 2004 | 416 Pages | ISBN: 0970829337 | PDF | 2 MB
Kansas - The Best Of
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Kansas - The Best Of
Hal Leonard | 1999 | ISBN: 0793589576 | PDF | 104 pages | 21 MB

A Cure for Gravity: A Musical Pilgrimage
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A Cure for Gravity: A Musical Pilgrimage
Publisher: Da Capo Press | pages: 288 | 2000 | ISBN: 0306810018 | PDF | 24,2 mb

Something more than a journeyman and less than a superstar, Joe Jackson has a reputation for being a reclusive and prickly character. But he refuses the low road with A Cure for Gravity, a resolutely non-lurid autobiography of a man who considers music to be a noble calling. It matters not that the author was once lumped in with England's insurgent first-generation punks and new-wavers; here Jackson insistently focuses on his development as a composer, player, and performer, approximately in that order. Born to modest means in a setting where a sickly, creative youngster such as Jackson was regarded with suspicion, if not contempt, the young Brit was trained in the classics and developed his keyboard skills, playing everything from cabaret to progressive rock before finally setting off on his own as a sharp-tongued, ska-influenced Angry Young Man.
The Recording Engineer's Handbook
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The Recording Engineer's Handbook (Artistpro)

Bobby Owsinski, "The Recording Engineer's Handbook (Artistpro)"
Course Technology PTR; 2nd edition (January 20, 2022) | English | 159863867X | 424 pages | PDF | 29.95 MB
Logic Pro 8 Power!
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Logic Pro 8 Power! By Kevin Anker, Orren Merton
Publisher: Course Technology PTR 2008 | 608 Pages | ISBN: 1598633694 | PDF | 11 MB
Total Rock Guitar: A Complete Guide to Learning Rock Guitar (with CD)
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Total Rock Guitar: A Complete Guide to Learning Rock Guitar (with CD) By Troy Stetina
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation 2001 | 96 Pages | ISBN: 0793587875 | PDF + MP3 | 106 MB

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