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Karate's Grappling Methods
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Karate's Grappling Methods
Publisher: Neth Publishing | pages: 172 | 2001 | ISBN: 0953893200 | PDF | 10,3 mb

Iain Abernethy is the real deal. And I continue to wonder where and how he got so smart. And I'm not talking about all his credentials, including an advanced black belt and so on. Those are surprisingly common these days. But Iain brings rare insight to his study of karate. A lot of folks have studied karate for a long time, and gotten very good indeed in the kickee-punchee aspect of the discipline. But most dojos have taught the kata, discussed a few improbable applications, prepared the student to dance through the kata for an examination, and failed utterly to explore the actual use of the kata in self defense. And that's the case even though Gichen Funakoshi taught that kata was the core of karate training, and Choki Motobu pointed out that all you needed to know about fighting was contained in Tekki Shodan kata.

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