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Posted By : Chairman | Date : 27 Feb 2022 15:34:49 | Comments : 0

Unisoftlab - Manual Shake Smoother
Unisoftlab | 2009 | 11 pages | CHM | 1.2 MB

Video editor Manual Shake Smoother is a semi-automated Windows application. It enables you to fix your video files. Its goal is to “fix manual errors manually”.
Many (if not most) of videos taken with telephoto lenses and without a tripod are spoiled so much that it is simply impossible to fix them with the fully automated software. Sometimes the object which should be stabilized is in the background, and some annoying objects in the foreground, such as moving cars, people or branches do not allow solving the problem automatically.
So, if you need to fix your valuable home video and you are patient enough to make at least two mouse clicks in each frame, this program is exactly what you need!

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