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On the Reliability of the Old Testament
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K. A. Kitchen, "On the Reliability of the Old Testament"
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company | 2006 | ISBN: 0802803962 | 662 pages | PDF | 105 MB

For more than two hundred years controversy has raged over the reliability of the Old Testament. Questions about the factuality of its colorful stories of heroes, villains, and kings, for example, have led many critics to see the entire Hebrew Bible as little more than pious fiction. In this fascinating new book, noted ancient historian K. A. Kitchen takes strong issue with today's "revisionist" critics and offers a firm foundation for the historicity of the biblical texts.

In a detailed, comprehensive, and entertaining manner, Kitchen draws on an unprecedented range of historical data from the ancient Near East — the Bible's own world — and uses it to soundly reassess both the biblical record and the critics who condemn it. Working back from the latest periods (for which hard evidence is readily available) to the remotest times, Kitchen systematically shows up the many failures of favored arguments against the Bible and marshals pertinent permanent evidence from antiquity's inscriptions and artifacts to demonstrate the basic honesty of the Old Testament writers.

Enhanced with numerous tables, figures, and maps, "On the Reliability of the Old Testament" is a must-read for anyone interested in the question of biblical truth.

Summary: Excellent Work Correlates Archaeology to Vindicate the Old Testament Rating: 5

Kitchen is the ultimate author for a work like this: one of the world's greatest and most respected Egyptologist and Middle-Eastern Scholars. Kitchen documents how reasonable it is to believe that the Old Testament faithfully records history and personages. He argues his case well, based upon outside sources, cultures at the era of the recorded events, and similarities with other nations in the region at the times of such events. He exposes the ridiculous double standards of the JEDP bunch and trashes the theory by small bite after bite. Eventually, the theory is just a memory. Although he does not delve into the miraculous nor the theological, he makes the case that the Old Testament is historically reliable, at least from Genesis 12 and onward. He views Genesis 1-11 as a story-summary and, although not denying that some of those events may have occurred in some way, he concludes that they are simplified stories of a very long and ancient past. His astute observations regarding the Book of Joshua and the gradual conquest of Canaan are particularly valuable. Although I do not agree with the author on all points (I am more conservative), I can understand why this is the premiere volume on the issue. I highly recommend it as a must read (or at least a must-reference) for pastors, theologians, and serious Bible students.


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