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Apache Server 2 Bible
Posted By : ostndr | Date : 28 Nov 2021 15:22 | Comments : 4

Apache Server 2 Bible
Author: Mohammed J. Kabir
Publisher: Wiley
PDF | 800 pages | 2,9mb | English language | ISBN 0764548212
Updated for the latest Apache release and packed with real-world examples, this all in one reference shows you step by step how to take full advantage of Apache Server and create a Web site that is fast, secure, and easy to maintain. More than 50 percent of all web servers are running on “free” Apache software. The software is very good, and this is exactly the type of book users will need after they have downloaded it and are starting to try to set up their servers. An advanced beginner can use this book and the Apache software to get a server up very quickly. CD-ROM not included.
Windows XP for Power Users Power Pack: John Willey & Sons
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Windows XP for Power Users Power Pack

504 pages | John Wiley & Sons (January 2004) | ISBN: 0764549987 | 6.9 MB
Securing SCADA Systems by Ronald L. Krutz
Posted By : Alexpal | Date : 28 Nov 2021 05:20 | Comments : 9

Securing SCADA Systems by Ronald L. Krutz
Publisher: Wiley (November 28, 2021) | ISBN: 0764597876 | PDF | 4,1 Mb | 218 pages

Bestselling author Ron Krutz once again demonstrates his ability to make difficult security topics approachable with this first in-depth look at SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems Krutz discusses the harsh reality that natural gas pipelines, nuclear plants, water systems, oil refineries, and other industrial facilities are vulnerable to a terrorist or disgruntled employee causing lethal accidents and millions of dollars of damage-and what can be done to prevent this from happening Examines SCADA system threats and vulnerabilities, the emergence of protocol standards, and how security controls can be applied to ensure the safety and security of our national infrastructure assets
Adaptive Wireless Transceivers by Lajos Hanzo
Posted By : Alexpal | Date : 28 Nov 2021 04:32 | Comments : 2

Adaptive Wireless Transceivers: Turbo-Coded, Turbo-Equalized and Space-Time Coded TDMA, CDMA, and OFDM Systems by Lajos Hanzo, C. H. Wong, M. S. Yee
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press (April 17, 2022) | ISBN: 0470846895 | PDF | 34,4 Mb | 752 pages

Adaptive Wireless Transceivers provides the reader with a broad overview of near-instantaneously adaptive transceivers in the context of TDMA, CDMA and OFDM systems. The adaptive transceivers examined employ powerful turbo codecs, turbo equalisers and space-time codecs, equipping the reader with a future-proof technological road map. It demonstrates that adaptive transceivers are capable of mitigating the channel quality fluctuations of the wireless channel as a lower-complexity alternative to space-time coding. By contrast, if the higher complexity of multiple transmitters and multiple receiver-assisted systems is deemed acceptable, the advantages of adaptability erode.
E-books on avionics
Posted By : Vah Vus | Date : 28 Nov 2021 01:40 | Comments : 4

Two compact e-books on avionics in one archive (1 Mb)

Patrick SCHUSTER, Future Avionics Perspective
AEEC Publication
PDF | 24 pages | 2002 | ISBN: N/A | 700 Kb

Avionics GLOSSARY: How To Speak Avionics-ese
2001, Rockwell-Collins, Inc.

PDF | 112 pages | ISBN: N/A | 400 Kb
Корнеев И.К., Машурцев В.А. «Информационные технологии в управлении.»
Posted By : vmik | Date : 28 Nov 2021 00:49 | Comments : 0

Корнеев И.К., Машурцев В.А. «Информационные технологии в управлении»
М.: ИНФРА-М | ISBN 5160003029 | 2001 | pdf | 158 с. | 5.3 MB

Рассмотрены основные понятия, функции и организация информационных технологий обеспечения управленческой деятельности, в частности документационное обеспечение управления, подготовка текстовых и табличных документов, работа с базами данных, распределенная обработка данных в локальных и глобальных информационно-вычислительных сетях. Изложение материала выполнено в виде развернутых ответов на наиболее распространенные вопросы в области информационных технологий в управлении и предназначено для менеджеров.
MySQL Enterprise Solutions: John Willey & Sons
Posted By : rissvann | Date : 28 Nov 2021 00:23 | Comments : 5

MySQL enterprise solutions

416 pages | Wiley (February 4, 2022) | ISBN: 0471269220 | 1.6 MB | PDF
E-book - NASA Space Shuttle Avionics
Posted By : Vah Vus | Date : 27 Nov 2021 23:36 | Comments : 4
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E-book : NASA Space Shuttle Avionics System
PDF | ISBN: N/A | NASA Headquarters Edition Index: 89-600316-CIP | 82 pp | 4.5 Mb

A comprehensive reference book - contains full desctiption of the avionics component of Space Shuttle

Microsoft Press - Deploying Secure 802.11 Wireless Networks with Microsoft Windows
Posted By : RapidV | Date : 27 Nov 2021 23:14 | Comments : 3

«Deploying Secure 802.11 Wireless Networks with Microsoft Windows»
Microsoft Press | 2004 Year | ISBN 0735619395 | CHM | 1,66 Mb

Deploying Secure 802.11 Wireless Networks with Microsoft Windows describes the combination of technologies in Windows that supports the strongest set of industry standards for secure wireless access that were available at the time of the writing of this book.
Data Strategy by Sid Adelman, Larissa Moss, Majid Abai
Posted By : Alexpal | Date : 27 Nov 2021 20:30 | Comments : 1

Data Strategy by Sid Adelman, Larissa Moss, Majid Abai
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional (June 15, 2022) | ISBN: 0321240995 | CHM | 1,2 Mb | 384 pages

The definitive best-practices guide to enterprise data-management strategy.
You can no longer manage enterprise data "piecemeal." To maximize the business value of your data assets, you must define a coherent, enterprise-wide data strategy that reflects all the ways you capture, store, manage, and use information.
Computational Web Intelligence: Intelligent Technology for Web Applications
Posted By : Sonora | Date : 27 Nov 2021 15:25 | Comments : 1

Computational Web Intelligence: Intelligent Technology for Web Applications
edited by Yan-Qing Zhang, A. Kandel, T. Y. Lin, Y. Y. Yao
World Scientific | ISBN: 9812388273 | 2004 | 559 pages | PDF | 27.4 MB

This review volume introduces the novel intelligent Web theory called computational Web intelligence (CWI) based on computational intelligence (CI) and Web technology (WT). It takes an in-depth look at hybrid Web intelligence (HWI), which is based on artificial biological and computational intelligence with Web technology and is used to build hybrid intelligent Web systems that serve wired and wireless users more efficiently. The basic principles of CWI and various e-applications of CWI and HWI are discussed. For completeness, six major CWI techniques — fuzzy Web intelligence, neural Web intelligence, evolutionary Web intelligence, granular Web intelligence, rough Web Intelligence and probabilistic Web intelligence — are described. With the huge potential for intelligent e-business applications of CWI and HWI, these techniques represent the future of intelligent Web applications.
Cisco AVVID and IP Telephony Design and Implementation
Posted By : darian42633 | Date : 27 Nov 2021 06:44 | Comments : 2

Cisco AVVID and IP Telephony Design and Implementation
Syngress Publishing | ISBN: 1928994830 | November 2001 | 608 Pages | PDF | 6,77 Mb

Cisco AVVID Design and Implementation is a complete reference for network administrators and engineers responsible for a complicated AVVID network. This book covers history, protocols, hardware, servers, switches, bridges, and routers, and discusses implementation issues, realities of cost, requirements, and network limitations. Engineers will learn how to design and build a comprehensive Cisco AVVID network infrastructure. Second in a series, this book is designed as the next-step for readers who have read the well-received Configuring Cisco AVVID Architecture for Voice, Video, and Integrated Data.
Winstructor - MCSE 2003 Videos, Exchange 2003, IIS 6, Citrix, SMS AIO
Posted By : jimmiller | Date : 26 Nov 2021 17:49 | Comments : 5

Windows Server 2003
The latest and most Powerful Server Operating System from Microsoft. In this Series of Videos, we Install, Configure and Troubleshoot all aspects of this vastly improved Operating System. Whether its the MCSE 2003 Certification you are after or simply becoming a better Administrator, we have something for you.

Exchange Server 2003
Microsoft's Enterprise Email Server, Exchange 2003, contains new features, enhancements and is more secure. Our Exchange Videos will not only have you understanding Exchange Server 2003 in no time, but they'll help you pass the Exchange MCSE Exam on your way to earning the MCSE 2003 Messaging Certification.
Internet Information Services 6
The newest Version of IIS covered in depth. IIS 6 is Faster, more Scalable and more Reliable than ever before. We show you the tips and tricks so you can get the most out of your Web Servers.
Shell Scripting
Whether you call them Shell Scripts, Batch Files or just plain Scripts, Shell Scripts are here to stay. In this Series of Videos, we show you how to write Shell Scripts. Whether you are just beginning or have been scripting for a while, you're sure to find a lot of great information in this series.
All the PC Magazines in 2006
Posted By : emags | Date : 26 Nov 2021 17:37 | Comments : 5
All the PC Magazines in 2006

PC Magazine 2006 - All the issue[/b]
True Acrobat | 70 -75 pages | 3.15 - 6.45 MB
Optimized version. With no Ads. Easily to download even with dial-up line.

PC Magazine is a computer magazine published biweekly (except in January and July) both in print and online. The magazine is published by Ziff-Davis Publishing Holdings Inc. The first edition was released in January 1982 as a monthly called PC (the "Magazine" was not added to the logo until the first major redesign in January 1986). The magazine moved to biweekly publication in 1983 after a single monthly issue swelled to more than 800 pages.
The magazine's editor-in-chief, Jim Louderback, ascended to his current post in 2005. Michael J. Miller, who had held that post since 1991, took the new title of Chief Content Officer.
Shon Harris CISSP Certification Package 11CDs
Posted By : jimmiller | Date : 26 Nov 2021 17:30 | Comments : 6


Cd list:
Domain 1 - Access Control
Domain 2 - Applications Security
Domain 3 - Disaster Recovery
Domain 4 - Cryptography
Domain 5 - Law and Ethics
Domain 6 - Operations Security
Domain 7 - Physical Security
Domain 8 - Security Models
Domain 9 - Security Management
Domain 10 - Telecommunications (2CDs)