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Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuit Design: EDA, Design and Microarchitectures (repost)
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Yuan Xie, Jason Cong, Sachin Sapatnekar, "Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuit Design: EDA, Design and Microarchitectures"
Springer | 2009 | ISBN: 1441907831 | 284 pages | PDF | 6,1 MB

This book provides the reader with a complete understanding of why three dimensional IC design is a promising solution to continue performance scaling, the possible ways to do 3D integration (fabrication), the EDA challenges and solutions to facilitate designers to do 3D IC design, the architectural benefits of using 3D technology, and the design issues at the architecture level.

The work covers the background on 3D integration, fabrication options for 3D ICs, EDA flows and algorithms for 3D design, architecture level design techniques for 3D microarchitecture. The book includes an introduction on the background of 3D IC, a motivation that explains why the 3D IC is important and how it will trend, 3D process (fabrication) options, 3D EDA algorithms and tools (physical level and architectural level tools), 3D microarchitecture, including 3D FPGA, 3D single core/multi core processors, 3D Network-onchip designs.


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