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Energy Management Handboook, 7th Edition
by Steve Doty
Publisher: Fairmont Press | 850 pages | 2009-08 | ISBN: 0881736090 | English | PDF | 24 MB

Overview Newly revised and edited, this seventh edition includes extensive revisions to seven of its twenty-eight chapters, including those covering waste heat recovery, HVAC systems, energy management and control systems, energy systems maintenance, alternative energy, indoor air quality, and codes, standards and legislation. This comprehensive handbook has become recognized as the definitive stand-alone energy manager's desk reference, used by thousands of energy management professionals throughout the industry. You'll find coverage of every component of effective energy management, including energy auditing, economic analysis, boilers, steam systems, cogeneration, waste heat recovery, building envelope, HVAC systems, motors and drives / electric energy management, energy management control systems, lighting, energy systems maintenance, insulation systems, alternative energy, sustainability and high performance green buildings, ground-source heat pumps, indoor air quality, utility rates, thermal energy storage, codes and standards, energy legislation, natural gas purchasing, electric deregulation, financing and performance contracting, commissioning, and measurement and verification. Detailed illustrations, tables, graphs and many other helpful working aids are provided throughout.

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