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The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine
Posted By : Donnie | Date : 31 May 2022 17:58 | Comments : 27
The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, Second Edition, в пяти томах.

Описание с хомяка:
Consult the second edition of this authoritative, comprehensive, in-depth medical guide for information on more than 1,700 medical topics in language accessible to adult laypersons. Presented in a single alphabetical sequence, articles range in length from one or two paragraphs for minor topics, to several pages or more for major topics. Disease/disorder articles typically cover definition; description; causes and symptoms; diagnosis; treatments; prevention; and more. Test/treatment articles typically cover definition; purposes; precautions; preparation; risks; normal and abnormal results; and much more. This second edition includes more than 200 new entries, 300 updated entries, approximately 650 color images and illustrations, and a comprehensive subject index. New features include biographical and historical sidebars throughout the text.

Amazon'овская цена - $550, то есть больше сотни за том.

Формат - .pdf в .rar архивах, 5 файлов по 10 с чем-то мегов.
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Posted By: dr_sh3ban Date: 31 May 2022 18:39
Posted By: valdivlad21 Date: 31 May 2022 20:13
better is the enemy of good
Posted By: exMiTROFAN Date: 31 May 2022 20:13
это повтор, или как ?
Posted By: Paolone Date: 31 May 2022 20:19
Mirror Links for all the 5 Volume (not rapidshare):
Posted By: rootdog Date: 31 May 2022 22:15
Спасибо за книги просто огромное!!!
Posted By: yog Date: 01 Jun 2022 00:34
Многие сэньксы за фытипишные ссылки. У меня эта шара после закачки 20МБ вдруг обнаружила "today very extreme downloads" и послала в завтра :) Чето химичат гансы
Posted By: Fuddpucker Date: 01 Jun 2022 04:41
Wow! Took a while to figure out and still not certain on some things. A clue in some areas written in English would be a great help. Excellent service. Thanks
Posted By: gtim108 Date: 01 Jun 2022 06:45
классно, я могу у других людей комменты редактировать. :) аноним
Posted By: Алё Date: 01 Jun 2022 08:43
ftp netz.ru говорит not found
Posted By: Net Date: 01 Jun 2022 10:28
Иногда неплохо качается два часа - HAPPY HOURS!
Right now our RapidShare Happy-Hours are from 03:00 CET to 05:00 CE.
Posted By: Makabeo Date: 01 Jun 2022 10:34
Muchas gracias, exMITROFAN
Posted By: Dan Slav Date: 01 Jun 2022 13:13
За ftp шные линки огромное спасибо!!!
Вот бы туда и alternative закатать!
Posted By: Karsten Beker Date: 01 Jun 2022 17:35
Nel'zya li kak to po-prosche vse eto sdelat'?!?
Posted By: georgvoy Date: 05 Jun 2022 12:09
thank you
Posted By: YellowRoses Date: 26 Jun 2022 12:09
Posted By: golden Date: 07 Jul 2022 16:08
Thank you
geat book
Posted By: ramani Date: 20 Jul 2022 22:51
many many thanks to u mr. Donnie .really great post.links works fine for now.just d/loading.regards
Posted By: privet42 Date: 27 Jul 2022 16:40
Господа, не мог кто-нибудь закачать эти файлы на rapidshare, а то с .ftp.netz.ru не скачивается
Posted By: mouserx Date: 27 Jul 2022 21:14
Please post another mirror for this e-book
Posted By: Flasher8 Date: 14 Aug 2021 22:01
hi admin,

thanks a lot for making all the ebooks available.
I want to thank Paolone for making the mirror available which is working fine although slow speed.

A suggestion would be to upload your files to other free alternative servers apart from Rapidshare which is tracking gateway IP addresses and not the actual IP of each ISP. This resulted in my not able to download any files because gateway IP used by ISP are used to channel most of its internet subscribers through. This means that anyone from this same gateway IP who is downloading a file from Rapidshare, is counted and so by the time I got a successful link to rapidshare, the maximum download capacity already reached. Hope you understand my point here.

Other free servers for your upload include qfile, megaupload, filetempdir, etc. Just a suggestion and maybe you can give it a try.

Thank you for your attention and appreciate your great work.
Posted By: aeyousef Date: 28 Aug 2021 13:03
great PAOLOE
Posted By: inkeizoku Date: 26 Sep 2021 07:27
This is an amazing collection!!!
Thank you for sharing.
Posted By: sw535 Date: 09 Nov 2021 17:20
Posted By: karnava Date: 10 Nov 2021 17:41
Hi Paolone,Thanks a lot indeed for the ftp service. I really appreciate
Posted By: ssjupiterhz Date: 27 Nov 2021 06:14
thanks to Paolone
Posted By: kokoHa Date: 04 Mar 2022 08:46
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