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Encyclopedia of World Geography
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R. W. Mccoll, "Encyclopedia of World Geography"
Facts on File | 2005 | ISBN: 0816057869 | 1216 pages | PDF | 179 MB

World geography is an important topic for everyone. It can be used to study the past but is also crucial to understanding the events and current political conditions of the modern world. "Encyclopedia of World Geography" is an authoritative three-volume set profiling everything from the Fulda Gap to the Hudson River. Approximately 750 entries describe pioneers in geography and mapmaking; regions, boundaries, and places; and tools and terminology of geography and cartography. This accessible resource includes appendixes, such as world rankings and a complete world atlas, and almost 200 maps and photographs. Some 100 scholars and experts in the field contributed entries to the text, and a senior academic served as editor. An invaluable reference, "Encyclopedia of World Geography" is a complete and comprehensive guide to the history and practice of geography and cartography.



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