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Reuters Financial Glossary,2 ed (repost)
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Reuters Financial Glossary,2 ed
Pearson Education | 2003 | ISBN: 1903684366 | 240 pages | PDF | 1,3 MB

This comprehensive reference guide not only defines, but explains the mass of intimidating financial jargon that is an integral part of any business, finance or economy. This is a fully updated new edition of Reuters' comprehensive guide to financial terms, including explanations, illustrations, diagrams, tables and even equations and workings where necessary, to give the reader a thorough understanding and ready point of reference whenever they may need it. Having this book to hand will help to make any interaction with the worlds of business, economics and finance as painless as possible. Whether you are trading the markets for a living, a student, or just an interested bystander, you will find this book an accessible and indispensable companion.

About the Author
Reuters is the world's largest international multimedia news agency and a leading provider of text, video, graphics and news pictures to the world's media, financial institutions, business and individuals. We make it our business to understand then explain the terminology used in finance and markets around the world. We have tapped into this pool of specialist knowledge to come up with thousands of definitions of key financial terms that make up this glossary. Contributors include the leading market experts from our 18,000 staff in 97 countries, including some 2,500 journalists. The glossary is an international one, the distillation of information from staff producing news and information in 26 languages, from 198 bureaux around the world. This new edition of "Reuters Financial Glossary "was edited by Tony Parry.


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