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Dale Brown - Strike Force. (thriller)
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Dale Brown - Strike Force. (thriller)
432 pages | William Morrow (May 1, 2022) | English | ISBN-10: 006117310X | ISBN-13: 978-0061173103 | 4MB

The Battle For Control Of Iran . . . Begins In Space When a disgraced former Iranian military chief of staff engineers an insurgency that threatens to destroy the theocratic regime in Iran, a new era appears to be dawning in the Middle East. But one must be wary of old enemies.

On the run from the Pasdaran, the theocrat's terror army, and unable to count on support from his friends in the regular army, Iranian rebel leader General Hesarak al-Kan Buzhazi desperately turns to his old nemesis, U.S. Air Force Lieutenant-General Patrick McLanahan, for help. Unwilling to commit American forces in an Iranian civil war, and with time running out, the U.S. president authorizes McLanahan to utilize a new, top-secret fleet of globe-crossing spaceplanes, the XR-A9 Black Stallions, led by test pilot and astronaut Captain Hunter Noble. Within hours, McLanahan's Air Battle Force turns the tide, possibly changing the course of history in the Middle East for generations.

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Thank you!
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This is not rapidshare.. This is avaxhome.. So if you want to benefit for rapidshare.. publish in RS.. don't publish in avaxhome. I want to download for free here..
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That sounded mature LOL!!

Go get your books from somewhere else I pay to use the best file host on the net.
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Thanks, Shenni, for the Mirror.
#root, I happen to agree with you whole-heartedly.
Tinku: Rapidshare is NOT the best file host on the net, and
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Just wanted to clear the air.....
Tinku - I DO appreciate your upload. Honest.
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I wont be posting anymore of my scans here, so you lose... no new books for you to leech and no mirrors for the leechers to post ROFLMAO... you think my work doesnt deserve some payback ???


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