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Kafka: A Very Short Introduction
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Ritchie Robertson, Kafka: A Very Short Introduction
Oxford University Press | ISBN 0192804553 | 2005 | PDF | 1 MB | 169 pages

This is a small but insightful overview of the life and work of Kafka. Robertson provides new insight into aspects of Kafka's life and legend. He presents the interesting idea that Kafka himself had the idea of this legend and consciously worked to cultivate it. In this Kafka is compared to Byron who too in his own way helped create an image of himself which dominated an Age.
Livia: First Lady of Imperial Rome
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Anthony A. Barrett, Livia: First Lady of Imperial Rome
Yale University Press | ISBN 0300091966 | 2002 | PDF | 1 MB | 446 pages

The book offers a unique insight into the life of Rome's first imperial matron, Livia. Reviewing narrative and archeological evidence, Anthony Barret succeeds in showing how Livia was perceived by her contemporaries in light of Augustus' new imperial institutions. Because there's so little information on who Livia really was as a person, Mr. Barret's analysis starts becoming rather speculative when it comes to Livia's private dispositions. The book is thus more of a review of Livia's persona as opposed to her actual beliefs and behavior behind closed doors.

Spectator In Hell - A British Soldier’s Story of Imprisonment in Auschwitz
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Colin Rushton, "Spectator In Hell - A British Soldier’s Story of Imprisonment in Auschwitz"
Publisher: Summersdale | Author: Colin Rushton | ISBN: 1840246146 | 265 pages | PDF | 3.8 Mb
Sophus Lie. Une pensée audacieuse [French]
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Arild Stubhaug, Sophus Lie. Une pensée audacieuse [French]
Springer | ISBN 2287251715 | 2007 | PDF | 6 MB | 558 pages

Sophus Lie (1842-1899) compte parmi les plus grandes figures norvégiennes de la science. La notoriété que lui valent ses travaux n'a rien à envier à celle de son illustre compatriote Niels Henrik Abel. Groupes et algèbres de Lie ont acquis droit de cité dans maints domaines. Dans cette biographie détaillée, l'écrivain Arild Stubhaug, puisant dans la volumineuse correspondance de Lie, décrit l'homme et la société norvégienne dans la seconde moitié du XIXe siècle. Le lecteur peut ainsi suivre son enfance dans un presbytère niché au fond d'un fjord, découvrir les réformes de l'enseignement, voyager en Europe, fréquenter l'élite du milieu mathématique.
In Darwin's Shadow: The Life and Science of Alfred Russel Wallace: A Biographical Study on the Psychology of History
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Michael Shermer, In Darwin's Shadow: The Life and Science of Alfred Russel Wallace: A Biographical Study on the Psychology of History
Oxford University Press | ISBN 0195148304 | 2002 | PDF | 4.7 MB | 443 pages

For ninety years now—as long as Wallace lived—he has largely been lost to us, partly as a result of the ravages of time, partly because of the dark shadow cast by his more famous contemporary Charles Darwin, and partly because of his own modesty. As Poulton recalled, “Ten years ago the Hon. John Collier generously offered to paint a portrait of Wallace. If the offer had been accepted we should have had a noble presentation of one of the greatest men of the last century—a splendid companion to the Darwin and Huxley we all know and love so well. But nothing would induce Wallace to sit.” The man was modest to a fault, a trait that would contribute to his eventual obscurity. But as Darwin’s star has brightened, those in his orbit are beginning to glow in his reflected light. Wallace now presents himself for a well-illuminated portrait.
Science as Autobiography: The Troubled Life of Niels Jerne
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Thomas Soderqvist, Science as Autobiography: The Troubled Life of Niels Jerne
Yale University Press | ISBN 0300094418 | 2003 | PDF | 1.3 MB | 388 pages

This biography probes the unusual mind, the dramatic life, and the outstanding scientific work of Danish-born immunologist Niels Jerne (1911-1994). Jerne's Nobel Prize-winning achievements in the field of immunology place him in the pantheon of great twentieth-century biomedical theorists, yet his life is perhaps even more interesting than his science. Science as Autobiography tells Jerne's story, weaving together a narrative of his life experiences, emotional life, and extraordinarily creative scientific work.
Orthospinology Procedures: An Evidence-Based Approach to Spinal Care, 2007
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Orthospinology Procedures: An Evidence-Based Approach to Spinal Care, 2007 )
Stationary Office | Pages: 320 | 2022-03-01 | ISBN: 0781784360 | 68 MB

This text presents the current and updated teaching of the Orthospinology procedure. Written by the author of the landmark text Upper Cervical Subluxation Complex, this new book is a step-by-step, thoroughly illustrated guide to the Orthospinology procedure for correcting subluxations.
Goring: A Biography
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David Irving, Goring: A Biography
Morrow | ISBN 0688066062 | 2002 | PDF | 2.34 MB | 846 pages

The first full-length biography of Hermann Goring, Hitler's partner, alter ego, and chosen successor. Includes 23 pages of photos, some from the Goring family album, and diaries and letters that disclose the nature of Goring's death.
Gorillaz: Rise of the Ogre
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Gorillaz: Rise of the Ogre
Hardcover: 306 pages | Publisher: Michael Joseph Ltd | Language English | ISBN: 0718150007 | Rawscan | PDF 150dpi | 65MB

How do you write a fake biography of a fake band? With style, writer and Gorillaz touring drummer Browne and comic book illustrator Jamie Hewlett, along with the design collective Zombie Fresh Eaters, answer back lustily. Gorillaz are a music/art hybrid masterminded by Hewlett and Blur frontman Damon Albarn, a veritable cartoon supergroup made up of mountainous B-boy Russel Hobbs, Japanese girl guitarist Noodle, metal-worshipping bassist Murdoc, and hollow-eyed, angular vocalist 2D. They are a genuine pop sensation, with millions of albums of dub/hip-hop/punk sold and concerts mixing animation and live musicians. Rise covers all that but from the "perspective" of the band, with the human creators cast as bit players and the focus squarely on the rise, fall, and rise of four scrappy toonz. The book is equal parts graphic novel, design catalog, and spoof of Steven Davis's Hammer of the Gods: The Led Zeppelin Saga, characteristics that easily make it the best-in-the-moment biography of snobs, and devotees of great British art pranks alike will devour it whole. Recommended for libraries of all stripes.
Ornithology, Evolution, and Philosophy: The Life and Science of Ernst Mayr 1904-2005
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Jürgen Haffer, Ornithology, Evolution, and Philosophy: The Life and Science of Ernst Mayr 1904-2005
Springer | ISBN 9783540717775 | 2007 | PDF | 5.4 MB | 471 pages

Ernst Mayr (1904–2005), eminent naturalist-systematist and ornithologist, “architect” of the Synthetic Theory of Evolution, leading evolutionary biologist and influential historian and philosopher of biology, was asked repeatedly by friends, associates, and peers to write an autobiography, but he always declined such suggestions because he considered those of other people he knew as inadequate. Moreover, he could not very well talk about himself without bragging, which did not appeal to him. Who else has had a private dinner with the Emperor and Empress of Japan?Who else has had honorary degrees fromtheUniversities of Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, the Sorbonne, Uppsala, and Berlin? And who else has been able to celebrate the 75th anniversary of his PhD?

Der Untertan (Fiction, Poetry & Drama)
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By Heinrich Mann "Der Untertan (Fiction, Poetry & Drama)"
Distribooks Inc | 1997-09 | ISBN: 3596136407 | 493 Pages | 1.23 MB | PDF

Geschichten Vom Herrn Keuner
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Bertolt Brecht, "Geschichten Vom Herrn Keuner"
Suhrkamp Verlag | 2022-01-01 | ISBN: 3518365169 | 108 Pages | 0.23 MB | PDF
Posted By : avaxmore | Date : 17 Aug 2021 08:12 | Comments : 2

Bertolt Brecht, "Kalendergeschichten"
Rowohlt Berlin Verlag Gmbh | 2022-07-01 | ISBN: 3499100770 | 117 Pages | 0.23 MB | PDF
Antiphon the Athenian: Oratory, Law, and Justice in the Age of the Sophists
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Michael Gagarin, Antiphon the Athenian: Oratory, Law, and Justice in the Age of the Sophists
University of Texas Press | ISBN 0292728417 | 2002 | PDF | 1.3 MB | 229 pages

Antiphon (ca. 480 – 411) was the first “logographer” (speechwriter); he began writing speeches for use in the lawcourts about 430 – 425. Greeks had been giving speeches, of course, in many different settings from the time of Homer and undoubtedly earlier, but Antiphon was the first to write down a speech for delivery in court.3 We can plausibly connect this innovation with the earliest report of his career (Thucydides 8.68) that, although he had great skill with words, he did not like to appear in public but confined himself to giving advice to others who were involved in legal or political disputes.
J.S. Bach: A Life in Music
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Peter Williams, J.S. Bach: A Life in Music
Cambridge University Press | ISBN 0521870747 | 2007 | PDF | 3.84 MB | 418 pages

Peter Wiliams approaches afresh the life and music of arguably the most studied of all composers, interpreting both Bach’s life by deconstructing his original Obituary in the light of new information, and his music by evaluating his priorities and irrepressible creative energy. How, though belonging to musical families on both his parents’ sides, did he come to possess so bewitching a sense of rhythm and melody, and a mastery of harmony that established nothing less than a norm in western culture? In considering that the works of a composer are his biography, the book's title 'A Life in Music' means both a life spent making music and one revealed in the music as we know it. A distinguished scholar and performer, Williams re-examines Bach’s life as an orphan and a family man, as an extraordinarily gifted composer and player, and an energetic and ambitious artist who never suffered fools gladly.