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Gorillaz - Rise of the Ogre (Artbook - scan 150dpi)
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Gorillaz - Rise of the Ogre
304 Pages | November 2, 2021 | English | ISBN: 1594489319 | PDF | 68 MB

How do you write a fake biography of a fake band? With style, writer and Gorillaz touring drummer Browne and comic book illustrator Jamie Hewlett, along with the design collective Zombie Fresh Eaters, answer back lustily. Gorillaz are a music/art hybrid masterminded by Hewlett and Blur frontman Damon Albarn, a veritable cartoon supergroup made up of mountainous B-boy Russel Hobbs, Japanese girl guitarist Noodle, metal-worshipping bassist Murdoc, and hollow-eyed, angular vocalist 2D. They are a genuine pop sensation. Rise of the Ogre is an autobiography about the virtual band Gorillaz. Ostensibly written by the four band-members in collaboration with (actual) Gorillaz musician and official scribe Cass Browne, the book is 304 pages long and is extensively illustrated.
Альфонс Муxа
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Альфонс Муxа
Магма 2006 | ISBM: 5934280376 | Russian | PDF 20 | MB | 160 p

Фонд Мухи основан в 1992 году Геральдиной и Джоном, невесткой и внуком художника, после смерти его сына Иржи Мухи. Альфонс Муха безусловно является великим и всемирно признанным чешским художником...
Madonna - S E X
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Madonna - S E X, Warner Books, 1992
PDF & JPG | 64 pages + 134 pic | 6 Mb + 18 Mb
New Hotels
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Alejandro Bahamon, "New Hotels"
Collins Design | 330 pages | ISBN: 0060544694 | PDF | 20 Mb

Many of the hotels featured in this elegant volume are so extraordinarily posh that readers wishing to experience their comforts may well find their only opportunity is in these pages. The majority of the structures are modernist urban oases located throughout five continents, from London and Buenos Aires to Miami Beach and Italy. (Notably absent, however, are Asian hotels.) Colombian architect Bahamon showcases high-concept designer hotels with "an attention to personality coupled with an organic integration of the building with its history and surroundings." Fur-lined beds are a necessity at Sweden's chilly new Icehotel, for example, where the building itself and much of the decor is rendered from immense blocks of ice, while Berlin's Propeller Island City Lodge is "an art gallery where guests stay in constantly changing installations." In addition to the glossy photos highlighting soaring lobbies and luxurious suites, the page spreads offer brief histories on the hotels' structure and design. Though at its heart a book for designers and hoteliers, this volume will also give lay readers and armchair travelers plenty of sophisticated eye candy.
Leonardo Da Vinci - The Madrid Codices I
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Leonardo Da Vinci - The Madrid Codices I

Leonardo Da Vinci - The Madrid Codices I
Ebook | PDF | Italian | Year 1493 | Facsimile (Year 1974, McGraw-Hill Book Company) | 22 files, 710 Mb total, 410 pages total | RapidShare

The Codex Madrid I was rediscovered in 1966 together with the Codex Madrid II. This is a bound volume with precise, carefully worked drawings concerning mainly the science of mechanisms.
Classic Motorcars Coloring Book (Colouring Books)
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Classic Motorcars Coloring Book (Colouring Books)
Dover Publications | Pages: 48 | 2021-09-01 | ISBN / ASIN:0486251381 | PDF | 4.1 mb

Meticulous, accurate line drawings of 46 memorable motorcars: Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, 1928 Daimler, 1930 MG, 1933 Pierce Arrow, 1941 Cadillac, Jaguar 28, many more. Rendered by noted Swedish technical firm, illustrations eminently suitable for coloring, accompanied by identifying captions. Authentic color schemes on covers.
Art, Origins, Otherness: Between Philosophy and Art
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William Desmond, Art, Origins, Otherness: Between Philosophy and Art
State University of New York Press | ISBN 079145746X | 2003 | PDF | 2 MB | 319 pages

Art, origins, otherness—but why bring philosophical reflection to bear on these three concerns together? The connection may not be immediately selfevident. The themes of otherness, origin, art may have been a continuing preoccupation in some of my previous works, but what of the matter itself? First, questions concerning origins have marked a set of essential perplexities for philosophy since its beginning. Then, questions about art have contributed to new forms of perplexity, not least since philosophy has taken on new questions about its own tasks, especially since Kant. Finally, questions about otherness have assumed an evident prominence in our time, witnessing to our sense of distance from former, seemingly less self-lacerated practices of philosophy.
Mythical Beings (Origami Today)
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Jay Ansill, "Mythical Beings (Origami Today)"
Origami USA | 96 pages | 1992-04 | ISBN: 0060968664 | PDF | 7.2 MB

Beautiful, but difficult - not for beginners. The patterns contained here are: Ouroboros, Wizard and Witch, Winged Dragon, Gargoyle, Daedalus, Pegasus, Flapping Dragon, Woodland Elf, Centaur, Rearing Dragon, Shiva, Unicorn, Long-tailed Dragon and Cererus. Each of these designs is a beautiful conversation piece. Each is also frustrating and difficult to fold. These are for advanced folders. Many of these designs are for animals that have four legs. If you have folded a four legged animal before then you know what I am talking about. Its tricky. If you have never attempted a four legged animal then you are probably not at the level to use this book. I thought that the difficulty I had folding these was because of the complexity of the pieces. Reading other comments here about the inaccurate diagrams has inspired me to try and reattempt some of these intuitively. Whatever my problem was it is likely to be a problem for you too, so be careful unless you are the origami champ.
Arts With the Brain in Mind
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Arts With the Brain in Mind
Association for Supervision & Curriculum Deve | ISBN 0871205149 | 2001-05 | PDF | 139 pages | 2.98 Mb

How do the arts stack up as a major discipline? What is their effect on the brain, learning, and human development? How might schools best implement and assess an arts program?? Eric Jensen answers these questions C and more C in this book. To push for higher standards of learning, many policymakers are eliminating arts programs. To Jensen, that's a mistake.
How To Write Great Essays (How to Write Great Essays)
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How To Write Great Essays (How to Write Great Essays)
LearninExpress, LLC | 2022-01-25 | ISBN :157685521X | Pages: 192 | PDF
By LearningExpress Editors

Every student needs to be able to write essays. How to Write Great Essays stresses the importance of clarity, word choice, and organization in essay writing. This book also helps readers build their knowledge of correct grammar and punctuation and familiarize them with editing, revising, and proofreading essays. Sample writing prompts and essays reinforce what students learn in this book.
The Oxford Essential Guide to Critical Writing (Essential Resource Library)
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Thomas S. Kane, "The Oxford Essential Guide to Critical Writing (Essential Resource Library)"
Publisher: Berkley | 2022-07-05 | ISBN : 0425176401 | Pages: 464 | 2.0 MB | PDF

Writing is my most time-consuming hobby and I have found that this book is a great introduction to the basic skills involved in writing. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, it's helpful to have this guide to establish a basic foundation for writing effectively. It is also a great reference tool in case you happen to forget one of the basic techniques.
Pictures for Writing (PICS)
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Pictures for Writing (PICS)
Longman | ISBN 0582229731 | 2021-12-18 | PDF | 48 pages | 2.49 MB

Pictures for Writing Book 2 is supplementary material for developing pre-intermediate learners' writing skills. Features of the book include the following:
- lively picture stimuli including humour, adventure and more factual topics
- a systematic build-up of the skills needed for writing, laying important foundations for PET and FCE studies, and ranging from simple punctuation to the construction of longer compositions
- a wide variety of writing tasks, introducing learners to styles appropriate to different text types
- activities and puzzles to make learning new vocabulary and the writing process fun
- a detailed contents map of the writing skills, tasks, key vocabulary and language covered in the book"
Another 100 of the World's Best Houses (Architecture)
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Another 100 of the World's Best Houses (Architecture)
Images Publishing Dist A/C | ISBN 192074424X | 2022-02-01 | PDF | 352 pages | 29.5 MB

A highly anticipated second volume in this new series. Lavishly illustrated with plans and photography.
Japanese Brush Painting
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Japanese Brush Painting
Hacker Art Books | ISBN 9990385696 | 1988-06 | PDF | 32 pages | 26 MB

Japanese brush painting is a relatively recent development and emerged out of the Buddhist schools of calligraphy (Shodo). The ancient art of Japanese brush painting, or sumi-e, is strikingly beautiful, simple and pure, yet strong and resonant. Closely related to Zen philosophy, the art of sumi-e is executed with black ink on white rice paper using bamboo brushes. Subjects in Japanese brush painting include landscapes, flowers, or animals, anything that suggests a closeness to the natural world.
The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia
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Michael Gray, The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia
Contniuum | 0826469337 | 2006 | 6.5 MB | PDF | 736 pages

Bob Dylan’s reach is too wide, too deep and too long for any book about him to cover it all. He’s a senior citizen. His career spans 45 years of American history !