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Global Universities and Urban Development: Case Studies and Analysis
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Wim Wiewel, David C. Perry, "Global Universities and Urban Development: Case Studies and Analysis"
M.E. Sharpe | 2022-03-15 | ISBN: 0765620391 | 338 pages | PDF | 5.1 MB

The editors of "The University as Urban Developer" (HC 978-0-7656-1541-1; PB 978-0-7656-1641-8) now extend that work's groundbreaking analysis of the university's important role in the growth and development of the American city to the global view. Linking the fields of urban development, higher education, and urban design, "Global Universities and Urban Development" covers universities and communities around the world, including Germany, Korea, Scotland, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Finland - 13 countries in all.The book features contributions from noted urban scholars, campus planners and architects, and university administrators from all the countries represented. They provide a wide-angled perspective of the issues and practices that comprise university real estate development around the globe. A concluding chapter by the editors offers practical evaluations of the many cases and identifies best practices in the field.

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