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Reciprocal Frame Architecture (Repost)
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Reciprocal Frame Architecture
Publisher: Architectural Press | ISBN: 0750682639 | edition 2008 | PDF | 208 pages | 15,8 mb

In structural terms reciprocal frame structures are 'three dimensional assemblies of mutually supporting beams'. But behind this definition lie some breathtakingly beautiful and complex structures at the heart of buildings both ancient and modern. This new book explores the principles of these apparently simple structures and demonstrates how they can be used in the context of a modern building.
Building Prosperity: Housing and Economic Development
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Anna Kajumulo Tibaijuka, Ban Ki-moo, "Building Prosperity: Housing and Economic Development"
Earthscan Publications Ltd | 2009 | ISBN: 1844076326 | 288 pages | PDF | 1,1 MB
Enterprise Architecture Best Practice Handbook: Building, Running and Managing Effective Enterprise Architecture Programs
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Enterprise Architecture Best Practice Handbook: Building, Running and Managing Effective Enterprise Architecture Programs
Ready to use supporting documents ... Enterprise Architecture Theory into Practice By Jeff Handley
Publisher: Emereo Pty Ltd 2021-11-19 | 124 Pages | ISBN: 1921573112 | PDF | 3.6 MB

This book covers every detail, including some missed in other books. This thorough book provides a clear roadmap to designing, implementing and operating Enterprise Architecture. The author leaves no key process out and completely covers everything from initial concept to measuring support effectiveness and process improvement...
Toward a Simpler Way of Life: The Arts and Crafts Architects of California (Repost)
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Toward a Simpler Way of Life: The Arts and Crafts Architects of California
Publisher: University of California Press | ISBN: 0520209168 | edition 1997 | CHM | 302 pages | 15,8 mb

This book celebrates one of the richest and most enduring themes in American architectureCalifornia's Arts and Crafts Movement. Echoing the writings of Helen Hunt Jackson, Charles F. Lummis, and Charles Keeler, this movement represented a retreat into a quieter place from the materialism of American society. Anti-commercial, anti-modern, Arts and Crafts practitioners drew on the decorative schemes of English Tudor, Swiss chalet, Japanese temple, and Spanish mission, evoking an earlier time before modern industry and technology intruded. And if only one word is used to describe virtually every Arts and Crafts house in California, that word is "woodsy": wood shingles outside, wood paneling inside, a wood fire burning in the homey, welcoming fireplace. Most chapters in this impressive and very readable book focus on one building by a particular architect or designer and illustrate that person's development and influences. Familiar architects such as Bernard Maybeck, Charles and Henry Greene, John Galen Howard, and Julia Morgan are here, but so too are less well- known names who were a vibrant part of the Arts and Crafts Movement.
"Cuban Landscapes. Heritage, Memory, and Place" by Joseph L. Scarpaci, Armando H. Portela
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"Cuban Landscapes. Heritage, Memory, and Place" by Joseph L. Scarpaci, Armando H. Portela
Texts In Regional Geography
Guilford Press | 2009 | ISBN: 1606233246 | 255 pages | PDF | 9 Mb

This accessible book offers a vivid geographic portrait of Cuba, exploring the island’s streetscapes, sugar cane fields, beaches, and rural settlements; its billboards, government buildings, and national landmarks.
Beyond Description: Singapore Space Historicity
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Beyond Description: Singapore Space Historicity
Publisher: Routledge | ISBN: 0415299829 | edition 2004 | PDF | 240 pages | 10,7 mb

Beyond Description explores the history and architecture of Singapore. It argues that neither history nor architecture can be fruitfully examined without reference to the other. For this reason, aspects of urban life will always be beyond description, yet these aspects are what most call for analysis. On this premise, the book examines Singapore’s built environment by assessing how its past as a colonial port relates to its present as a global hub and how these inform its possible futures. The chapters complicate existing assumptions about global urbanism, post-colonialism and architectural theory from a dedicated interdisciplinary perspective.
Sao Paulo · 450 anos · 450 imagens
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Sao Paulo · 450 anos · 450 imagens
DECOR BOOKS | 2006 | 1st Edition | ISBN: 9788599742037 / 8599742035
Portuguese | 258 pages | HQ PDF | 579.8 MB | RS

Haja fôlego para chegar aos 450 anos. Somente uma cidade como São Paulo consegue alcançar tal marca com tamanha propriedade. Para garantir uma recompensa a altura, a Decor Editorial homenageia a terra da garoa com a publicação 'São Paulo 450 anos, 450 imagens', um book com 260 páginas que traz em seu conteúdo o trabalho de 10 renomados fotógrafos da cidade. São 450 imagens da capital paulistana do jeito que ela é hoje, mostrar a cidade e seus diversos ângulos - arquitetônico, paisagístico, cultural, artístico, urbano, serviços entre outros - sob o olhar dos fotógrafos.
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German Architecture for a Mass Audience (Repost)
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German Architecture for a Mass Audience
Publisher: Routledge | ISBN: 0415236541 | edition 2000 | PDF | 192 pages | 12,2 mb

This book vividly illustrates the ways in which buildings designed by many of Germany's most celebrated twentieth-century architects, were embedded in widely held beliefs about the power of architecture to influence society. German Architecture for a Mass Audience also demonstrates the way in which these modernists ideas have been challenged and transformed, most recently in the rebuilding of central Berlin.
Calcul des Structures en Bois
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Yves Benoit, Bernard Legrand , Vincent Tastet , "Calcul des Structures en Bois"
Eyrolles | 2009 | ISBN: 2212120427 | 443 pages | PDF | 15 MB
Global Universities and Urban Development: Case Studies and Analysis
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Wim Wiewel, David C. Perry, "Global Universities and Urban Development: Case Studies and Analysis"
M.E. Sharpe | 2022-03-15 | ISBN: 0765620391 | 338 pages | PDF | 5.1 MB

The editors of "The University as Urban Developer" (HC 978-0-7656-1541-1; PB 978-0-7656-1641-8) now extend that work's groundbreaking analysis of the university's important role in the growth and development of the American city to the global view. Linking the fields of urban development, higher education, and urban design, "Global Universities and Urban Development" covers universities and communities around the world, including Germany, Korea, Scotland, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Finland - 13 countries in all.The book features contributions from noted urban scholars, campus planners and architects, and university administrators from all the countries represented. They provide a wide-angled perspective of the issues and practices that comprise university real estate development around the globe. A concluding chapter by the editors offers practical evaluations of the many cases and identifies best practices in the field.
Unknown Crusader Castles
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Unknown Crusader Castles
Publisher: Hambledon & London | ISBN: 1852852615 | edition 2003 | PDF | 460 pages | 26,3 mb

The capture of Jerusalem by the First Crusade in 1099 signalled the beginning of an armed struggle in Palestine and throughout the Eastern Mediterranean which lasted until the fifteenth century. It was a war dominated by the building, securing and besieging of castles rather than by pitched battles. Kristian Molin covers the military history of the crusades on a wider geographical scale than previous historians, taking in Armenia, Cyprus and Greece as well as the Holy Land. He also shows the role of castles as administrative, judicial and social centres in times of peace as well as in war. Unknown Crusader Castles provides a fresh perspective on the history of the crusades.
Images of the Street: Planning, Identity and Control in Public Space
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Images of the Street: Planning, Identity and Control in Public Space
Publisher: Routledge | ISBN: 0415154405 | edition 1998 | PDF | 304 pages | 12,1 mb

Streets are the terrain of social encounters and political protest, sites of domination and resistance, places of pleasure and anxiety. The essays in Images of the Street explore how we imagine, create, experience, interact with and naturally transform the street. Using case studies of cities including New York, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Toronto and Vancouver, the contributors subject the street to sustained critical scrutiny. The essays examine the interplay between politics and planning, how social identities are shaped by the use of the street, and how these identities are represented in fiction and in films such as Independence Day, Twelve Monkeys, and The Fisherking, and how social life is increasingly regulated both directly by agencies such as the police, and indirectly through architecture and urban design. This book enriches and extends our understanding of the making and meaning of a key urban space.
Reinforced Concrete and the Modernization of American Building, 1900-1930
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Reinforced Concrete and the Modernization of American Building, 1900-1930
Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press | ISBN: 080186559X | edition 2001 | PDF | 272 pages | 12,8 mb

Examining the proliferation of reinforced-concrete construction in the United States after 1900, historian Amy E. Slaton considers how scientific approaches and occupations displaced traditionally skilled labor. The technology of concrete buildings—little studied by historians of engineering, architecture, or industry—offers a remarkable case study in the modernization of American production. The use of concrete brought to construction the new procedures and priorities of mass production. These included a comprehensive application of science to commercial enterprise and vast redistributions of skills, opportunities, credit, and risk in the workplace. Reinforced concrete also changed the American landscape as building buyers embraced the architectural uniformity and simplicity to which the technology was best suited.
Understanding Housing Defects
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Understanding Housing Defects, Second Edition By Duncan Marshall BSc MCIOB MBEng, Derek Worthing BSc Mphil MRICS, Roger Heath FRICS FFB
Publisher: Estates Gazette 2021-08-26 | 348 Pages | ISBN: 0728204177 | PDF | 25 MB

This new edition of Understanding Housing Defects has been extensively revised and includes new and revised graphics, many more photographs, and an extended text. The book is a natural companion to The Construction of Houses (first published in 1990 and now in its 3rd revision). Understanding Housing Defects provides a concise, coherent and comprehensive introduction to the causes, investigation and diagnosis of housing defects...
Planning the Modern Public Library Building (Libraries Unlimited Library Management Collection)
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Planning the Modern Public Library Building (Libraries Unlimited Library Management Collection)
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited | ISBN: 0313321558 | edition 2003 | PDF | 296 pages | 2,4 mb

This collection of 22 highly informative essays offers important insight into current activities in the area of building planning. Written by recognized building experts from the United States and Australia, the essays discuss critical planning issues from a management perspective. Topics include space design; collection marketing; furniture selection; landscaping; accommodating different age groups; hosting activities and events; seeking support from the community; and more. Technology is given a high priority. A bibliographic essay provides an abundance of suggested titles for further study.

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