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Todd C. Penner - The Epistle of James & Eschatology: Re-reading an Ancient Christian Letter
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Todd C. Penner - The Epistle of James & Eschatology: Re-reading an Ancient Christian Letter
Publisher: Sheffield | 1996-04 | ISBN: 1850755744 | PDF | 264 pages | 16.31 MB

The specific aim of this present study is to re-evaluate past trends in Jamesian research, and through an analysis of the framing structure of the epistle, to re-emphasize the predominant role which eschatology plays in interpreting this ancient Christian letter. I hope that the ideas and arguments formulated within these pages provide some new insight and reformulate and nuance some old, and that the discussion may cause some further reflection on the way in which James has come to be read and interpreted traditionally. Chapter 1 sets the context of the discussion within the general investigation and re-evaluation of Christian origins being carried out in various quarters of current New Testament study. In Chapter 2 four key areas affecting the interpretation and dating of James are discussed and analyzed. Chapter 3 contains a reexamination of James, with an eye to the opening and closing sections of the main body of the epistle. In Chapter 4 some of the results of the research are carried over into a comparison with other early Christian and Jewish documents of the Second Temple period. Chapter 5 concludes with some observations tying the research back into the discussion of Chapter 1, particularly in what way James can be understood to contribute to the knowledge of Christian origins in general.

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