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The Age of Insanity: Modernity and Mental Health
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The Age of Insanity: Modernity and Mental Health
Praeger Publishers | ISBN: 0275970523 | 2001-09 | PDF | 240 pages | 1876 kb

The often misunderstood "modern person syndrome" is a disorder linked to the conditions of living in our contemporary society. The author argues that the conditions of modernity have introduced new processes, forces, and cultural motivations that have major implications for all aspects of mental health and social well being. While modernity offers unprecedented opportunities for personal enhancement and creative expression, there is mounting evidence of a mental health crisis that demands the immediate attention of mental health professionals. In order to address the new challenges that have arisen under conditions of modernity, mental health professionals must rethink fundamental assumptions about the relationship between society and mental health, as well as the impact of modern social concerns upon individual behavior and psychological well being. This innovative approach to mental health seeks to explain a variety of psychological trends, including the steep rise in depression, the sharp increase in the prevalence of existential disorders, and the emergence of consumption disorders. By shedding light on the interaction between modernity and mental health, Schumaker illuminates the emerging patterns of mental disturbance while also offering new and more effective intervention and prevention strategies.
Karl Popper And the Social Sciences (S U N Y Series in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences)
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Karl Popper And the Social Sciences (S U N Y Series in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences)
State University of New York Press | ISBN: 0791466612 | 2022-02-10 | PDF | 145pages | 1.5 Mb

The first systematic treatment of Karl Popper's contribution to the philosophy of the social sciences.
Socrates Dissatisfied
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Socrates Dissatisfied
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. | ISBN: 074251322X | 2002-04 | DOC | 912 pages | 289 kb

In Socrates Dissatisfied, Weiss argues against the prevailing view that the personified Laws in the latter part of the Crito are Socrates' spokesmen. She reveals and explores many indications that Socrates and the Laws are, both in style and in substance, adversaries. Deft, provocative, and compelling, with new translations providing groundbreaking interpretations of key passages, Socrates Dissatisfied challenges the standard conception of the history of political thought.
Technologies of the Self: A Seminar With Michel Foucault
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Technologies of the Self: A Seminar With Michel Foucault
University of Massachusetts Press | ISBN: 0870235931 | 1988-02 | PDF | 176 pages | 142 kb

Interesting collection of essays on Foucault and the self. "Technologies of the self" contains essays by Foucault-scholars and Foucault himself. It concentrates on Foucault's later works, where there is a shift of focus from the power/knowledge axis to the axis of ethics. This collection of should be of interest to anyone who are interested in Foucault's work on ethics and subjectivity. I found one essay particularly illuminating; "Foucault and the Liberal View of the Individual" by Alessandro - something.
Freedom and Reason
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Freedom and Reason
Oxford University Press, USA | ISBN: 019881092X | 2022-05-12 | DOC | 236 pages | 181 kb

Proceeds in a logical fashion to show how, when thinking morally, a man can be both free and rational.
Michel Foucault (Key Sociologists)
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Michel Foucault (Key Sociologists)
Routledge | ISBN: 041528533X | 2021-11-08 | PDF | 150 pages | 483 kb

In investigating the major works of Michel Foucault, Barry Smart focuses on the analysis of the relations of power and knowledge and addresses controversial issues concerning the state and resistance to power. This detailed discussion of the contribution of Foucault's work to social analysis and research is sure to promote fresh interest in the stimulating originality of Foucault's project.
Mirror of Production
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Mirror of Production
Telos Press, Limited | ISBN: 0914386069 | 2022-06-01 | PDF | 167 pages | 495 kb

Are the concepts of labor and of production adaptable to a developing industrial society? What is the meaning of "pre-industrial organization"? In attempting to answer these questions, Jean Baudrillard examines the lessons of Marxism, which has created a productivist model and a fetishism of labor. He argues that we must break the mirror of production, which "reflects all of Western metaphysics," and free the Marxist logic from the restrictive context of political economy whence it was born.
The Consumer Society: Myths and Structures
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The Consumer Society: Myths and Structures
Sage Publications Ltd | ISBN: 0761956921 | 2022-04-14 | PDF | 224 pages | 1.95 Mb

This is the first English-language translation of Jean BaudrillardÆs contemporary classic on the sociology of consumption. Originally published in 1970, the book was one of the first to focus on the processes and meaning of consumption in contemporary culture. At a time when others were fixated with the production process, Baudrillard could be found making the case that consumption is now the axis of culture. He demonstrates how consumption is related to the goal of economic growth and he maps out a social theory of consumption.
Open Society and Its Enemies volumes I and II
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Karl Raimund Popper, Open Society and Its Enemies (Volumes I and II) fifth edition
State University of New York Press | ISBN 0691019681 | 1966 | PDF | 2.84 MB | 804 pages

The book is a critical introduction to the philosophy of politics and of history, and an examination of some of the principles of social reconstruction. Its aim and the line of approach are indicated in the Introduction. Even where it looks back into the past, its problems are the problems of our own time; and I have tried hard to state them as simply as I could, in the hope of clarifying matters which concern us all. Although the book presupposes nothing but open-mindedness in the reader, its object is not so much to popularize the questions treated as to solve them.
Karl Popper And the Social Sciences
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William A. Gorton, Karl Popper And the Social Sciences (S U N Y Series in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences)
State University of New York Press | ISBN 0791466620 | 2006 | PDF | 1.4 MB | 151 pages

Karl Popper is arguably the most influential philosopher of natural science of the twentieth century. Although his influence on academic philosophers is perhaps not as great as that of several other philosophers of science, Popper’s impact on working scientists remains second to none.When asked to reflect on the method of science, contemporary scientists, if they do not directly invoke Popper’s name, more often than not will cite Popperian ideas. Science, they will say, requires commitment to severe testing of theories, a scientific community dedicated to such critical scrutiny, and, above all, theories that are empirically falsifiable. All this is Popper’s legacy.
Evolutionary Explanations of Human Behaviour (Routledge Modular Psychology)
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Evolutionary Explanations of Human Behaviour (Routledge Modular Psychology)
Routledge | ISBN: 0415241472 | 2021-12-26 | PDF | 210 pages | 37.45 Mb

In recent years, a new discipline has arisen that argues human behaviour can be understood in terms of evolutionary processes.Evolutionary Explanation of Human Behaviour is an introductory level book covering Evolutionary Psychology, this new and controversial field. The book deals with three main areas: human reproductive behaviour, evolutionary explanations of mental disorders and the evolution of intelligence and the brain. The book is particularly suitable for the AQA-A A2 syllabus, but will also be of interest to undergraduates studying evolutionary psychology for the first time and anyone with a general interest in this new discipline.
What Men Don't Want Women To Know: The Secrets, The Lies, The Unspoken Truth
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What Men Don't Want Women To Know: The Secrets, The Lies, The Unspoken Truth
St. Martin's Press | June 15, 2022 | 176 pages | ISBN: 0312186797 | PDF | 3.5Mb

The authors, who, the publisher reveals, work in the motion-picture industry, have assumed pseudonyms for this work, and readers will quickly understand why. This is their chief message: "The only reason your man is with you is because at this moment... he... believes... he simply can't do any better." Their basic conviction, quoting from Wilhelm Reich, is that the male of the species is a sexual animal who seeks "complete and repeated genital gratification." They see him as a gun, either loaded or unloaded according to whether he is hoping to have an orgasm or has just had one; women, they maintain, can trust a man in the latter state, but otherwise they cannot. The authors point out that the real danger zones for a woman are her husband's office, his "business trips" and bachelor parties, about which he can be expected to deny every occurrence if questioned. After presenting a test for fidelity, Smith and Doe offer a few words of advice for women on winning the battle of the sexes. Females who find the content equally frivolous might recall that many a true word is spoken in jest. Yet the generalizations are so sweeping and exaggerated here as to lead many readers to believe that the authors are talking only about themselves.
В.Винокур "Уловки в споре" (A Russian e-book)
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Kliknut' dlya uvelichenia

В.Винокур - "УЛОВКИ В СПОРЕ (Психологический практикум)"
ISBN 5926803950 | PDF | 1.8 Mb | 2005 | 144 str. | RS

Что такое конструктивный спор? Что может осложнять его течение? Какие варианты уловок в споре используются наиболее часто? Как можно эффективно противостоять им и достигать успеха в трудных переговорах?
В книге, написанной популярно и доступно для широкого круга читателей, обсуждаются вопросы, связанные со значением спора в общении, на большом количестве примеров демонстрируются многочисленные варианты уловок в споре. Кроме того, приводится описание различных приемов отражения уловок.
Книга не является набором «рецептов» и рекомендаций, а представляет собой скорее диалог равноправных партнеров.

Electric Power in Asia and the Pacific 2001 and 2002
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Electric Power in Asia and the Pacific 2001 and 2002
United Nations Publications | ISBN: 9211204143 | 2021-12-02 | PDF | 70 pages | 1.25 Mb

This publication provides an analysis of electric power development at the regional level. Factors including electricity generation and consumption, electric power generating capacity, access to electricity, electricity prices, and renewable energy potential and development are considered. Country profiles with information on energy sector development, power development, and stakeholders in electricity supply development are included.
Global Politics of Regionalism
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Global Politics of Regionalism
Pluto Press | ISBN: 074532262X | 2021-09-20 | PDF | 321 pages | 2.25 Mb
This book explores the phenomenon of regionalism. In a seeming contradiction to globalization, there is a growing tendency for countries to enter into regional arrangements as a response to the pressures of operating in a global marketplace. But regionalism is also emerging as a phenomenon in its own right, serving distinct purposes and taking different forms in different areas. The contributors explore how these patterns impact on wider issues such as global governance, democracy and trade.
The book reviews the major theoretical approaches to regional cooperation including perspectives from international relations, political economy, economics and sociology. It is divided into three main sections: theoretical approaches to regionalism; issues of regional cooperation (such as security, monetary issues, identity and integration); and an exploration of specific case studies including the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, China, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.
With an international range of contributors, including Bjorn Hettne, Louise Fawcett and Andrew Hurrell, this in-depth and multi-disciplinary guide will be of interest to students across the social sciences and to the wider policy community.