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Brian Eno & Peter Sinfield - Robert Sheckley's In A Land Of Clear Colours (1979/1993)
mkwACT | FLAC (Image) + DUMMY CUE / NO LOG, NO CUE | 298 MB | MP3 320 CBR | 154 MB | HQ Artwork
Audiobook, Avantgarde, Experimental | Label: Voiceprint | Catalog Number: VP151CD

Robert Sheckley originally released his science fiction tale In a Land of Clear Colours as a limited edition book/CD package (1000 copies) in 1979. Peter Sinfield narrates with Brian Eno contributing sporadic atmospherics and brief synthesizer interludes. Sheckley, a native New Yorker living in Ibiza, Spain, commissioned artist Leonor Quiles to illustrate the book, from which several drawings are included in the compact-disc package currently available on the Voiceprint label (1993).
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Brian Eno - 77 Million - An Audio Visual Installation (2006)
cdda2wav | FLAC (Image) + LOG + DUMMY CUE / NO CUE | 250 MB | MP3 320 CBR | 117 MB | HQ Artwork
Minimal, Ambient, Installation | Label: Beat Records | Catalog Number: BRCLTD-1

This compilation is a limited numbered edition of 1000 copies of unreleased material by Brian Eno to commemorate 77 Million: An Audio Visual Installation by Brian Eno at Laforet Museum, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan 24th of March to 3rd of April 2006. Not music from the software program but a Curiosities-style collection of disparate pieces. A fair amount of the material previously appeared on The Drop, the CMAPT/Smart New Composers album and the Nile game. The inclusion of Smart pieces was a little surprising, as the story at the time of that album's release was that Brian had not been greatly involved in its creation -- yet here the tracks are clearly presented as Brian's work.
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Brian Eno - I Dormienti (1999)
EAC | FLAC (Image) + CUE / NO LOG | 235 MB | MP3 320 CBR | 100 MB | No Artwork
Minimal, Ambient, Installation | Label: Opal Records | Catalog Number: none

Music was made for an installation of sculptures, 'I Dormienti' or 'The Sleepers', by the Italian artist Mimmo Paladino at the Roundhouse, London, this one long piece takes its title from Paladino sculptures of prone figures. Over his usual treated piano, Brian Eno drops in sudden sounds: spoken fragments ("ing," "of"), looped, disintegrated, sped up, or brought down into conspiratorial whispers. It strangely turns what is background music into something more participatory -- as if a close listen will reveal a hidden message. One of the more fascinating of Eno's hard-to-find installation discs.
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Brian Eno - A Year (with Swollen Appendices) (1998)
CueRipper | FLAC (Image) + LOG + CUE | 186 MB | MP3 320 CBR | 76 MB | No Artwork
Experimental, Ambient, Installation | Label: Opal Records | Catalog Number: none

A Year with Swollen Appendices is a book by Brian Eno. The CD was given with the French release of Brian Eno's diary published in 1998. Each title is made up of two parts: the date / the title or instrument or co-musician . The book published by Faber and Faber in 1996 is divided into two sections. The first part is a diary covering the year 1995, the second part, the 'swollen appendices' of the title is a collection of essays, short stories and correspondence. The cover photograph is by Anton Corbijn.
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Brian Eno - Textures (1989) [Unreleased]
with Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno

cdda2wav | FLAC (Image) + LOG + DUMMY CUE / NO CUE | 364 MB | MP3 320 CBR | 180 MB | No Artwork
Ambient, Minimal, Library Music | Label: Standard Music Library | Catalog Number: ESL 003 CD

Textures is a 1989 album by the British musician Brian Eno consisting of edited and unedited ambient music, reserved only to film-makers, for licensing music in television programs and films. The album was not commercially released for the public. This is an extremely rare album Brian Eno did (together with Daniel Lanois and Roger Eno) for library music company "Standard Music Library" for licensing music in television programs and films. Meaning, the album was purely intended for "business to business" and never commercially released for the public.
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Brian Eno - Kite Stories (1999)
XLD | FLAC (Tracks) + LOG + CUE | 117 MB | MP3 320 CBR | 76 MB | No Artwork
Ambient, Minimal, Installation | Label: Opal Records | Catalog Number: none

Music for an installation in the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, the original music was eight layers of sound, each one playing on a CD player somewhere in the gallery -- as all the CDs looped, the combination of elements was infinite. The souvenir CD is, therefore, only a half-hour glimpse into an ever-changing work that lasted for two months. In Brian Eno's notes, he says that some of the sounds were 20 years old, while some were created just for the exhibit. Modal, ringing guitars, drifting, falling tones and textures, and mysterious insect sounds are close in feel to On Land or The Shutov Assembly. Eno also includes the heavily treated vocals of Kyoko Inatome (apparently a waitress from his favorite sushi restaurant) reading extracts from "Onmyo-ji," a Japanese ghost story -- an interest that would pop up later in Music for Onmyo-ji.
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Brian Eno - Desert Island Selection (More Blank Than Frank) (1986)
CueRipper | FLAC (Image) + LOG + CUE | 306 MB | MP3 320 CBR | 124 MB | No Artwork
Avantgarde, Art Rock, Ambient | Label: E'G Records | Catalog Number: EGCD 65

A CD-only expansion of the 1986 compilation More Blank Than Frank, Desert Island Selection is Brian Eno's handpicked summation of his first few albums, now thought of as his pre-ambient pop phase. It's actually not a bad selection at all, and Eno seems to have taken care to choose and sequence the songs so that the whole thing hangs together. The only problem is that the album's unerring focus on the mellower, almost proto-ambient side of Eno's early music -- "Here He Comes" and "On Some Faraway Beach" instead of "Baby's on Fire" or "King's Lead Hat" -- gives a skewed and not entirely representative view of these albums, which were much more cacophonous and weird than prettily poppish tracks like "I'll Come Running (To Tie Your Shoe)" and "Taking Tiger Mountain" would suggest. This set hints at what was to come with the addition of two slightly later instrumental tracks, "Spirits Drifting" and a six-minute condensation of the first track from Music for Airports, "1/1."
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raison d'être - Live Archive (2007,2008/2010)
EAC | FLAC (Tracks) + LOG + CUE | 1.19 GB | MP3 320 CBR | 439 MB | No Artwork
Dark Ambient, Ritual Ambient | Label: Infinite Fog Productions | Catalog Number: IF-10

Since the early 90s Peter Andersson writes albums that remain in our memory as masterpieces and that have defined and formed the term ‘dark ambient’ in its form, as we know it today! This incredible release, Live Archive, is the best and most qualitative release by Raison d’Etre’s famous live performances and all tracks and recordings have been carefully selected by Peter Andersson himself and are being made available for the very first time on CD. Live Archive offers far more than three hours of deepest dark ambient sound in Raison d’Etre’s well known and highly praised quality. This triple-CD set features both, already well-known tracks from the project’s official studio albums in most interesting, very different live-versions and some exclusive compositions, never heard or released before! All this makes this beautiful packaging a monumental edition and absolutely irresistible for all Raison d’Etre addicts and beyond!
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Brian Eno - Compact Forest Proposal (2001)
CueRipper | FLAC (Image) + LOG + CUE | 229 MB | MP3 320 CBR | 121 MB | No Artwork
Ambient, Minimal, Installation | Label: Opal Records | Catalog Number: none

There are 10 active CD players in this installation. Each is playing a specially cut CD, a single layer of the total music. The CDs have different numbers of tracks, some of which are silent, and each player is set to play these tracks in random order. The final music is therefore an ever-changing combination, unlikely to exactly repeat itself in any individual user's experience. The studies on the CD represent possible conditions of the installation piece (i.e. conditions that it might randomise itself into sometime during the several months that it will play), although there are some elements in the studies that were not finally used in the installation itself. My other installation pieces to date have been relatively "steady state" in that they've remained faithful to a specific harmonic palette. In this piece, however, one of the 10 playing CDs carries two quite different harmonic sub-strata. Since these are different tracks on the same single CD, they are never heard together, but alternate with each other. The other elements of the piece float over these backdrops: it's as though the weather changes.
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Brian Eno - Music For Civic Recovery Centre (2000)
EAC | FLAC (Tracks) + LOG + CUE | 192 MB | MP3 320 CBR | 113 MB | No Artwork
Ambient, Minimal, Installation | Label: Opal Records | Catalog Number: none

Subtitled "The Quiet Club," this was a souvenir of Brian Eno's installation at the Hayward Gallery, London, April-June 2000. Eno has said in interviews that he often recycles his past music, and on this CD it's obvious -- this is a 45-five minute reworking of "Ikebukuro" off of Shutov Assembly with some treated vocals from Kite Stories mixed in. Another one of Eno's claims, that the music was really made just for the exhibition and wasn't really made to be released commercially, is also borne out here. Not that it isn't in keeping with his ambient ethos -- this is prime background material.
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Brian Eno - Music For White Cube (1997)
EAC | FLAC (Image) + CUE / NO LOG | 353 MB | MP3 320 CBR | 171 MB | No Artwork
Ambient, Minimal, Installation | Label: Opal Records | Catalog Number: none

A limited edition document of the soundtrack to one of Brian Eno's installations at the White Cube Gallery, London, this CD features a further exploration of time-stretching software used by other computer composers such as Carl Stone and Barry Truax. Here, Eno sang one long note into a tape recorder as he stood outside in the city of London. This note, including all the ambient street sounds behind him, became stretched and manipulated into one- to 24-minute tracks, with noticeable (and recognizable) differences: thunderstorms, chimes (Big Ben?), taxis, and general city ambience, get slowed down to sonic taffy. At turns it's pleasant and menacing. In the installation, Eno had four of these CDs playing randomly in various gallery locations. One may be enough for the home, if you can find one. The print run was only 500.
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Brian Eno - January 07003: Bell Studies For The Clock Of The Long Now (2003)
CueRipper | FLAC (Image) + LOG + CUE | 231 MB | MP3 320 CBR | 191 MB | No Artwork
Ambient, Minimal, Installation | Label: Opal Records | Catalog Number: OPALCD02

January 07003: Bell Studies for the Clock of the Long Now is an ambitious project by Brian Eno, and it is also quite complicated in an extremely intellectual way. The heavy-handed liner notes give a detailed explanation of the algorithms and structures of this monumental CD, but do nothing to enhance the pleasure of listening to this haunting and enchanting music. Eno has taken one of man's oldest instruments -- the bell -- and developed new ways of using its inherent sonorities. His performance and recording techniques give bells deep overtone and drone qualities. The music sounds electronic and Eno merely captures the subtleties of their character. While it might be a bit out of character to compare Eno to anyone -- or anyone to Eno -- this disc is out of character for him. It will remind listeners of Henry Wolff and Nancy Hennings, Klaus Wiese, and Deuter.
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Brian Eno - Curiosities Volume II (2004)
XLD | FLAC (Tracks) + LOG + CUE | 271 MB | MP3 320 CBR | 150 MB | No Artwork
Freestyle, Drone, Ambient | Label: Opal Records | Catalog Number: OPALCD04

More previously unreleased fun. The inside cover includes a list of future Curiosities music tracks, but the series ground to a halt after compiler Marlon Weyeneth left Opal.
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Brian Eno - Curiosities Volume I (2003)
XLD | FLAC (Tracks) + LOG + CUE | 308 MB | MP3 320 CBR | 137 MB | No Artwork
Freestyle, Drone, Ambient | Label: Opal Records | Catalog Number: OPALCD03

Throughout his career, Brian Eno has been reluctant to release a new record unless he believes that he has a coherent collection of music that heads off in some as yet uncharted musical direction; so, much of the music he’s working on just ends up on the studio shelf. Curiosities (available from www.enoshop.co.uk) is a collection of these pieces that failed to fit into any overarching concept. It therefore lacks the focus of a “proper” Eno album and is not the place for newcomers to dive into the man’s oeuvre. But existing fans will welcome the shimmering ambience of Late Evening in Jersey, the insinuating bass of Slow Lump with Strings and the percussive attack of Select a Bonk, not to mention the self-describing Weird Bird Call Carnival.
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Galaxy Hunter - We Came From Space (2008)
EAC | FLAC (Image) + LOG + CUE | 703 MB | MP3 320 CBR | 202 MB | No Artwork
Spacesynth, Synth-pop, Ambient | Label: Space Sound Records | Catalog Number: SSR00002

If you like, no, if you LOVE the sound coming out of the good old supergroup from the 80\'s, namely \'Laserdance\', then this album is a safe card in your collection of Electronic/Space Synth music. Galaxy Hunter takes you on a ride of your life with an incredible blend of synths and gorgeous vocals in the mix, so infectious, almost haunting, that it\'s really amazing how they made it this good. From start to finish I just sat in awe, this album is definetely that good. This is according to me a groundbreaking album in the genre of Spacesynth music. It has everything that makes a solid spacesynth album, and lots more. Everything from fast paced rhythms to more slow edged, emotionally driven compositions. There is so much earcandy here, so much you have to take a listen to all the songs yourself to understand what I\'m trying to say. Best tracks on this disc would be \'The Astronaut\' & \'Space Megamix\'.