Robert Bresson - Au Hasard Balthazar (1966)
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Robert Bresson - Au Hasard Balthazar [1 DVD9] [2005]
Art House | 1.66:1 | B&W | Mono | French with English subtitles | 95 min.
1 Double-Layer DVD | 300dpi Scans = 7.55 GBs | 100MB RARs | RS

A profound masterpiece from one of the most revered filmmakers in the history of cinema, director Robert Bresson’s Au hasard Balthazar follows the donkey Balthazar as he is passed from owner to owner, some kind and some cruel but all with motivations beyond his understanding. Balthazar, whose life parallels that of his first keeper, Marie, is truly a beast of burden, suffering the sins of man. But despite his powerlessness, he accepts his fate nobly. Through Bresson’s unconventional approach to composition, sound, and narrative, this seemingly simple story becomes a moving parable of purity and transcendence.

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Mike Leigh - Naked (1993)
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Mike Leigh - Naked [1 DVD9+1 DVD5] [2005]
Art House | 1.85:1 | Color | Stereo | English with English subtitles | 131 min.
1 Double-Layer DVD + Single-Layer DVD | 300dpi Scans = 11.5 GBs | 100MB RARs | RS

Mike Leigh’s brilliant and controversial Naked stars David Thewlis as Johnny, a charming, eloquent, and relentlessly vicious drifter on the lam in London. Rejecting all those who would care for him, the volcanic Johnny hurls himself into a nocturnal odyssey through the city, colliding with a succession of the desperate and the dispossessed, and scorching everyone in his path. With a virtuoso script and raw performances from Thewlis and costars Katrin Cartlidge and Lesley Sharpe, Leigh’s panorama of England’s crumbling underbelly is a showcase of black comedy and doomsday prophecy, and was the winner of the best director and actor prizes at the 1993 Cannes Film Festival.
Alain Resnais - Night and Fog (1955)
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Alain Resnais - Night and Fog [1 DVD5] [2003]
Art House | 1.33:1 | B&W | Mono | French with English subtitles | 31 min.
1 Single-Layer DVD | 300dpi Scans | 2.33 GBs | 100MB RARs | RS

Ten years after the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps, filmmaker Alain Resnais documented the abandoned grounds of Auschwitz. One of the first cinematic reflections on the horrors of the Holocaust, Night and Fog (Nuit et brouillard) contrasts the stillness of the abandoned camps’ quiet, empty buildings with haunting wartime footage. With Night and Fog, Resnais investigates the cyclical nature of man’s violence toward man and presents the unsettling suggestion that such horrors could come again.
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Aki Kaurismaki's Proletariat Trilogy [3 DVD5s] [2008]
Shadows in Paradise (1986) / Ariel (1988) / The Match Factory Girl (1990)
3 Films by Aki Kaurismaki
Art House | 1:85 | Color | Mono | Finnish with English subtitles | 215 min.
3 Single-Layer DVDs | 300dpi Scans = 12.32 GBs | 100MB RARs | RS

The poignant, deadpan films of Aki Kaurismäki are pitched somewhere in the wintry nether lands between comedy and tragedy. And rarely in his body of work has the line separating those genres seemed thinner than in what is often identified as his “Proletariat Trilogy,” Shadows in Paradise, Ariel, and The Match Factory Girl. In these three films, something like social-realist farces, Kaurismäki surveys the working-class outcasts of his native Finland with detached yet disarming amusement. Featuring commanding, off-key visual compositions and delightfully dour performances, the films in this triptych exemplify the talents of a unique and highly influential film artist.

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