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Chemistry and Application of H-Phosphonates by Kolio D. Troev (Repost)
Publisher: Elsevier Science; 1 edition (October 9, 2021) | ISBN: 0444527370 | Pages: 336 | PDF | 3.4 MB

Chemistry and Application of H-Phosphonates is an excellent source for those planning the synthesis of new phosphorus-containing compounds and in particular derivatives containing a phosphonate, phosphoramide or phosphonic acid diester group. The rich chemistry, low cost and easy availability of diesters of H-phosphonic acid makes them an excellent choice as synthone in a number of practically important reactions.
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Cereal Straw as a Resource for Sustainable Biomaterials and Biofuels: Chemistry, Extractives, Lignins, Hemicelluloses and Cellulose by Runcang Sun
Publisher: Elsevier; 1 edition (March 31, 2022) | ISBN: 044453234X | Pages: 300 | PDF | 6.30 MB

The first book to examine straw chemistry in its entirety, Cereal Straws describes the recent development of techniques for fractionation of and conversion to environmental friendly materials.
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Modeling of Biological Materials (Modeling and Simulation in Science, Engineering and Technology) by Francesco Mollica
Publisher: Birkhäuser Boston; 1 edition (April 4, 2022) | ISBN: 0817644105 | Pages: 357 | PDF | 2.85 MB

This interdisciplinary collection of surveys highlights the central role played by the mathematical modeling of mechanical properties having an effect on the biology, chemistry, and physics of living matter. One of the main goals of the book is to present—in a single, self-contained resource—topics that are widely scattered across the literature in a variety of journals having mutually nonintersecting communities of readers, such as applied mathematicians, engineers, biologists, and physicians.
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Dynamic Brain. From Neural Spikes to Behaviors by Maria Marinaro
Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (November 21, 2021) | ISBN: 3540888527 | Pages: 143 | PDF | 11.51 MB

This book is devoted to graduate students and researchers with different scientific background (including physics, mathematics, biology, neuroscience, etc.) who wish to learn brain science beyond the boundary of their fields. The volume presents 12 thoroughly revised tutorial papers based on lectures given by leading researchers at the 12th International Summer School on Neural Networks in Erice, Italy, in December 2008.
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Computational Methods for Sensor Material Selection (Integrated Analytical Systems) by Margaret A. Ryan (Repost)
Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (October 16, 2021) | ISBN: 0387737146 | Pages: 319 | PDF | 10.78 MB

Chemical vapor sensing arrays have grown in popularity over the past two decades, finding applications for tasks such as process control, environmental monitoring, and medical diagnosis. This is the first in-depth analysis of the process of choosing materials and components for these "electronic noses", with special emphasis on computational methods. For a view of component selection with an experimental perspective, readers may refer to the complementary volume of Integrated Microanalytical Systems entitled "Combinatorial Methodologies for Sensor Materials."
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Functional Genomics and Proteomics in the Clinical Neurosciences, Volume 158 (Progress in Brain Research) by Scott E. Hemby
Publisher: Elsevier Science; 1 edition (December 22, 2021) | ISBN: 0444518533 | Pages: 402 | PDF | 11.93 MB

The purpose of this work is to familiarize neuroscientists with the available tools for proteome research and their relative abilities and limitations. To know the identities of the thousands of different proteins in a cell, and the modifications to these proteins, along with how the amounts of both of these change in different conditions would revolutionize biology and medicine.
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Growth and Maturation of Brain (Progress in Brain Research) by D. P. Purpura
Publisher: Elsevier (1964) | ASIN: B0000CM3QR | Pages: 289 | PDF | 17.09 MB

Two factors have contributed to the renaissance of interest in the developing nervous system in the past decade: (1) the application of new operational methods in neurocytology, neurochemistry and neurophysiology to studies of the immature brain; and (2) the growing recognition of the value of ontogenesis as an analytical tool in neurobiological research.
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Intracranial Pressure and Brain Monitoring XII (Acta Neurochirurgica Supplementum) (v. 12) by Wai S. Poon
Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (April 4, 2022) | ISBN: 3211243364 | Pages: 484 | PDF | 11.29 MB

88 short papers originating from the 12th International Symposium on Intracranial Pressure and Brain Monitoring held in August 2004 in Hong Kong present experimental as well as clinical research data on invasive and non-invasive intracranial pressure and brain biochemistry monitoring. The papers have undergone a peer-reviewing and are organized in nine sections: ICP management in head injury, neurochemical monitoring, intracranial hypertension, neuroimaging, hydrocephalus, clinical trails, experimental studies, brain compliance and biophysics.
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Language in the Brain: Critical Assessments by Fred C. C. Peng
Publisher: Continuum (August 1, 2021) | ISBN: 0826438849 | Pages: 352 | PDF | 17.94 MB

This book assesses current assumptions about how language is acquired, remembered and retained as impulses in the brain, from the perspective of neurolinguistics, which is based on neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. Fred C. C. Peng argues that language is behaviour, which has evolved in human genetics through time. Like all behaviours, language utilises many body parts which are controlled by the cortical and subcortical structures of the brain.
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Neuro-Fuzzy Associative Machinery for Comprehensive Brain and Cognition Modelling by V. G. Ivancevic
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg (December 9, 2021) | ISBN: 3642079989 | Pages: 744 | PDF | 13.27 MB

Neuro–Fuzzy Associative Machinery for Comprehensive Brain and Cognition Modelling" is a graduate–level monographic textbook. It represents a comprehensive introduction into both conceptual and rigorous brain and cognition modelling. It is devoted to understanding, prediction and control of the fundamental mechanisms of brain functioning. The reader will be provided with a scientific tool enabling him to perform a competitive research in brain and cognition modelling.
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Neurotrauma: New Insights into Pathology and Treatment, Volume 161 (Progress in Brain Research) by John T. Weber (Repost)
Publisher: Elsevier Science; 1 edition (September 28, 2021) | ISBN: 0444530177 | Pages: 460 | PDF | 13.91 MB

Neurotrauma is the leading cause of death and disability in young adults, and the incidence in older patients is increasing. Neurotrauma is also a field in medicine with one of the highest unmet needs. Concentrated, focused and multidisciplinary efforts are required to combat this important disease. Exciting findings from basic research open opportunities for improving treatment results.
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The Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer (Two Volume Set) by Ellen Thackery (Repost)
Publisher: CRC Press | August 7, 2021 | ISBN: 9057024535 | Pages: 526 | PDF | 15.83 MB

This latest offering from the Gale Group gives lay readers a comprehensive look at the current state of cancer and its therapies, covering specific cancer types, diagnostic procedures, side effects, drugs, and treatments. The two-volume set comprises over 450 signed entries, authored by an array of healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and medical writers.
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On the Contexts of Things Human: An Integrative View of Brain, Consciousness, and Freedom of Will by Ronald J. MacGregor
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company (April 11, 2022) | ISBN: 9812567356 | Pages: 300 | PDF | 15.49 MB

This book is unique in expanding the boundaries of neuroscience, while remaining solidly grounded within it. In this, it outlines a new plateau of wider integrative understanding both within and beyond neuroscience. The book advances the view and implications of an integrated functional unity of consciousness and brain, inclusive of freedom of will.
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Heterogeneous Enantioselective Hydrogenation: Theory and Practice (Catalysis by Metal Complexes) by Evgenii Klabunovskii
Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (October 5, 2021) | ISBN: 1402042949 | Pages: 304 | PDF | 4.09 MB

Heterogeneous Enantioselective Hydrogenation: Theory and Practice reviews the development of enantioselective hydrogenation reaction catalysts. It looks at the first relatively ineffective catalysts right through to modern highly effective enantioselective catalytic systems, comparable in their efficiency to chiral metal complexes and enzymatic systems.
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Engineering of Functional Skeletal Tissues (Topics in Bone Biology) by Felix Bronner
Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (December 12, 2021) | ISBN: 1852339624 | Pages: 178 | PDF | 4.4 MB

This is the 3rd in a series of reviews, centered on a single major topic of bone replacement (Vol. 1 Bone Formation, Vol. 2 Bone Resorption) written by acknowledged authorities in the field. The biology of stem cells and cell signals, knowledge needed to make stem cell engineered, bone tissue a reality and how to prevent bone allograft infection is discussed.