Kingpin Life Of Crime
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Kingpin Life Of Crime | 560MB

If a little violence doesn't bother you, check out the incredibly realistic gang warfare of KINPIN: Life of Crime. Set in a series of urban environments, this modern-day tale of betrayal, survival, and kill-or-be-killed mentalities delivers intense inner-city combat. The object of the game is to obtain power, and you'll do so by killing fellow thugs, forging alliances, and having an abundance of attitude. You'll have access to plenty of vicious weapons, such as bazookas, flame-throwers, and pistols in this destructive rampage.
Dale Brown - Strike Force. (thriller)
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Dale Brown - Strike Force. (thriller)
432 pages | William Morrow (May 1, 2022) | English | ISBN-10: 006117310X | ISBN-13: 978-0061173103 | 4MB

The Battle For Control Of Iran . . . Begins In Space When a disgraced former Iranian military chief of staff engineers an insurgency that threatens to destroy the theocratic regime in Iran, a new era appears to be dawning in the Middle East. But one must be wary of old enemies.
Improvised Lock Picking: Secrets from the Master
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Improvised Lock Picking: Secrets from the Master
432 pages | Ballantine Books (February 27, 2022) | English | ISBN-10: 0345495039 | ISBN-13: 978-0345495037 | 3MB[/center]
A troubled teenage girl has been charged with the grisly murder of her stepfather. The evidence is damning: Emily was found alone at the scene with blood on her hands, and an incriminating e-mail she wrote outlines a murder plot identical to the method of the brutal slaying. But deputy district attorney Julia Chandler believes her niece is innocent, and she’s determined to keep the promise she made to protect her dead brother’s daughter–even if it means hiring private eye Connor Kincaid . . . the man who blames her for forcing his resignation from the police department.
Anne Rice - Complete Vampire Chronicles Collection.
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Anne Rice - Complete Vampire Chronicles Collection
Language: English | ISBN-10: 0345385403 | ISBN-13: 978-0345385406 | 5MB

Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, The Queen of the Damned, The Tale of the body Thief plus the new titles from Anne Rice. For the first time you can find all your favorite night-stalking, blood-guzzling undead--Lestat, Claudia, Louis, Akasha, Armand, and Memnoch--all in the same place at the same time. Here, collected in one archive, are the four bestselling, original titles of Anne Rice's sprawling vampire series plus I`ve added the new titles too and so you get 12 books in one archive.
Stephen Hunter Thriller Collection.
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5 Great Thrillers From Stephen Hunter | 5MB | English

"Hunter is a deft craftsman with a sure sense of pace and scene. He also knows about irony and sprinkles just a bit over every corpse."--The Washington Post
Graham Masterton - Horror Collection.
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Graham Masterton - Horror Collection.
16 Novels - (See The Screen Shot) | English | 5MB

Graham Masterton's debut as a horror author began with The Manitou in 1976, a chilling tale of a Native American medicine man reborn in the present day to exact his revenge on the white man. It became an instant bestseller and was filmed with Tony Curtis, Susan Strasberg, Burgess Meredith, Michael Ansara, Stella Stevens and Ann Sothern.
Grammar And Vocabulary for Cambridge Advanced And Proficiency.
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Grammar And Vocabulary for Cambridge Advanced And Proficiency.
PDF | 255 pages | Publisher: Longman (May 24, 2022) | ISBN: 0582518229 | English | 5MB

This preparation book for the Cambridge advanced and proficiency exams provides coverage of the structures and vocabulary essential for exam success. Grammar is presented clearly and concisely in each unit with integrated vocabulary content, and varied and challenging exercises.
Oxford Practice Grammar With Key and CD- ROM.
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Oxford Practice Grammar With Key and CD- ROM.
432 pages | Publisher: Cornelsen (January 1, 2022) | Language: German | ISBN-10: 3464103625 | 14 Mb

The right explanations and practice for your language level, plus the only CD-ROM with interactive 'find and correct the mistake' exercises.
The New Fowler's Modern English Usage.
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The New Fowler's Modern English Usage.
PDF: 896 pages | English | ISBN-10: 0198691262 | ISBN-13: 978-0198691266 | 29MB
An icon to those who write and think about words,

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Portable SilentNight MicroBurner v6.21 | 2MB
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Portable SilentNight MicroBurner v6.21 | 2MB

With SilentNight Pro Burner you will be able to burn all kinds of CD and DVD media. Besides the creation of simple data cd and dvd it also support convertion of audio and video formats (Mpeg1, Mpeg2, Vob, Avi, Wmv, Mov, Mp3, Ogg, Wma etc.). Also extract audio from supported video formats. Create Video cd (Mpeg1) and Super Video cd (Mpeg2). Burn .Iso, .Bin and .Cue image files. With the inbuildt audio grabber the digital audio tracks will be copied to a target drive and thereby converted to the audio formats Wave(pcm), OggVorbis, mp3 and WMA.
The Economist March 31st 2007.
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The Economist March 31st 2007
English | PDF | 188 Pages | 2.88MB

The Headlines This Week BESIEGED The cover carries George Bush under fire again from his opposition.
Stephen King Collection
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Stephen King Collection | 17 Mb

Contains in English:
56 Novels
7 Interviews
67 Short Stories

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