Ride The High Country (1962)
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Ride The High Country (1962) Directed by Sam Peckinpah
DVDRip | Xvid 1400 k/sec | English | 01:30:08 | 640 x 256 | 903.22 MB | 25 fps | MP3 192 k/sec
Genre: Western / Drama

Ride the High Country is the one Sam Peckinpah movie about which there has never been controversy--save at MGM in 1962, when a new studio regime opted to dump this beautiful, heartbreakingly elegiac Western into the bottom half of a double-bill. Westerns rarely even got reviewed back then, so it's wellnigh miraculous that critics discovered the movie and raved about it. Newsweek called it the best American picture of the year.
Rawhide (1951)
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Rawhide (1951) Directed by Henry Hathaway
DVDRip | Divx5 1652 k/sec | English | 01:26:36 | 640 x 464 | 1.67 GB | 23.97 fps | MP3 VBR
Genre: Western / Drama

Rawhide (no relation to the TV series) is a trim, satisfying Henry Hathaway picture that blends the leathery trappings of the Western with the claustrophobic atmosphere and intensity of a suspense film. Everything unfolds at a remote swing station for the transcontinental stagecoach. Routine life and work is disrupted by the arrival of several no-goods who aim to help themselves to a gold shipment. But the gold shipment isn't on the next coach, so the stationmasters and some stranded passengers are obliged to try to act normal under the guns of the intruders. Tyrone Power and Susan Hayward handle the heroics without larger-than-life posturing; Dean Jagger and Hugh Marlowe relish the rare opportunity to play villainous or ambiguous types; and Jack Elam is, well, Jack Elam, reliably vicious in every pore.
The Gunfighter (1950)
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The Gunfighter (1950) Directed by Henry King
DVDRip | Divx5 1641 k/sec | English | 01:21:04 | 720 x 544 | 951.71 MB | 25 fps | MP3 128 k/sec
Genre: Western / Drama

Fred Zinnemann's uneven, preachy High Noon is always mentioned when it comes time to discuss 50's psychological, 'adult' westerns, but Henry King's tale of the unlucky Jimmy Ringo, The Gunfighter, is twice the movie. Every character is interesting and the director whips up a convincing small town atmosphere in which schoolboys, barflies and troublemakers are naturally attracted to the allure of a bad man purported to be the fastest draw in the west. Jimmy Ringo is trapped by his own image and the natural prejudices of the town: he's no longer a man but a wanted poster, a dime novel hero or a sitting target for an ambitious gunslinger.
Macao (1952)
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Macao (1952) Directed by Josef von Sternberg
DVDRip | Xvid 1211 k/sec | English | 01:20:44 | 560 x 432 | 699.97 MB | 25 fps | MP3 VBR
Genre: Crime / Drama / Film Noir

The quasi-noir Macao (1952) is a compulsively enjoyable piece of nonsense produced by the ever-meddling Howard Hughes. It's credited to director Josef von Sternberg, but it was largely reshot by Nicholas Ray. Doesn't matter; the combo of Mitchum and Jane Russell (re-teamed from the even kookier His Kind of Woman) is enough to carry this slice of backlot exotica. Both actors look skeptical about the material and amused by each other, and Russell gets to sing "One for My Baby."
The Small Back Room (1949)
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The Small Back Room (1949) by Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger
DVDRip | Divx5 1167 k/sec | English | 01:47:49 | 576 x 432 | 900.63 MB | 23.97 fps | AC3 192 k/sec
Genre: War / Drama / Thriller

After the lavish Technicolor spectacle of The Red Shoes, British filmmakers Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger retreated into the inward, shadowy recesses of this moody, crackling character study. Based on the acclaimed novel by Nigel Balchin, The Small Back Room details the professional and personal travails of troubled, alcoholic research scientist and military bomb-disposal expert Sammy Rice (David Farrar), who, while struggling with a complex relationship with secretary girlfriend Susan (Kathleen Byron), is hired by the government to advise on a dangerous new German weapon. Deftly mixing suspense and romance, The Small Back Room is an atmospheric, post–World War II gem.
Johnny Guitar (1954)
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Johnny Guitar (1954) Directed by Nicholas Ray
DVDRip | Xvid 1974 k/sec | English | 01:45:32 | 576 x 432 | 1.49 GB | 25 fps | AC3 192 k/sec
Genre: Western / Melodrama / Film Noir

Few Westerns more obviously begged the question "What was the studio thinking?" than Nicholas Ray's brilliantly perverse Johnny Guitar. Ray had a knack for finding subversive subtexts in standard material, and on the surface Johnny Guitar's outlaws on the run, factions battling over a town's future, and love and betrayal among the tumbleweeds seem like the stuff of a typical Western. But in Johnny Guitar, nearly all the men are unwilling or afraid to fight, the action is dominated by two aggressive women who hate each other (but are also oddly drawn to each other), the title character is at once the lover and the employee of the female lead, and her arch-rival is driven to near-psychotic hatred and violence by unrequited affection for a handsome outlaw.
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Thieves Like Us (1974)
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Thieves Like Us (1974) Directed by Robert Altman
DVDRip | FMP4 1021 k/sec | English | 01:57:45 | 592 x 320 | 860.16 MB | 25 fps | MP3 128 k/sec
Genre: Crime / Drama

Like the masterful McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971), Thieves Like Us finds Robert Altman taking a revisionist look at America's past; also like McCabe, it is rhythmically lyrical, visually beautiful (even when its surroundings fail to be "pretty"), and compassionate yet pitiless in its portrayal of misfits and losers on the wrong side of the law. Altman flawlessly evokes the languid pace and hazy, decaying beauty of the Deep South. While Thieves Like Us has more than a few parallels to Bonnie and Clyde and to Nicholas Ray's 1949 They Live By Night, based on the same novel, Altman finds a distinctive poetry and tragedy in the story, and its effects linger in the memory long after the film is over.
The Ghost Ship (1943)
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The Ghost Ship (1943) Directed by Mark Robson
DVDRip | Xvid 1411 k/sec | English | 01:09:19 | 704 x 528 | 700.17 MB | 23.97 fps | MP3 VBR
Genre: Mystery / Thriller / Drama

A strange film, The Ghost Ship, was out of circulation for 50 years shortly after its initial release due to a plagiarism suit. Produced by Val Lewton’s horror unit at RKO, it is not a horror movie but a psychodrama with a strong atmosphere of entrapment. The production team of the magnificent The Seventh Victim made earlier in the same year transferred directly to this picture. The actual story is simple and as most of the action occurs on a set, cameraman Nicholas Musuraca has few opportunities to bring a deeper focus to the action, though set-bound lighting and fog are used to good effect.
The Informer (1935)
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The Informer (1935) Directed by John Ford
DVDRip | FMP4 1457 k/sec | English | 01:31:34 | 640 x 480 | 954.64 MB | 23.97 fps | MP3 128 k/sec
Genre: Drama

John Ford's The Informer is a mid-thirties drama that takes its look and tone from the silent period, especially the late-twenties expressionist films by Murnau and Pabst. The opening is practically a clone of an ending scene from Pabst's Pandora's Box: The hero's girlfriend is caught on the foggy sidewalk, trying to sell herself to keep from starving. The remainder of the story tells of the grim downfall of Gypo Nolan, an ox of a man too brainless to follow through on a dirty plan -- but just sharp enough to betray a friend. There's no greater Irish tragedy.
They Were Expendable (1945)
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They Were Expendable (1945) Directed by John Ford
DVDRip | Xvid 1425 k/sec | English | 02:17:19 | 512 x 384 | 1400.63 MB | 23.97 fps | AC3 192 k/sec
Genre: War / Drama

They Were Expendable is the greatest American film of the Second World War, made by America's greatest director, John Ford, who himself saw action from the Battle of Midway through D-day. Yet it's been oddly neglected. Or perhaps not so oddly: for as the matter-of-fact title implies, the film commemorates a period, from the eve of Pearl Harbor up to the impending fall of Bataan, when the Japanese conquest of the Pacific was in full cry and U.S. forces were fighting a desperate holding action. Although stirring movies had been made about these early days, they were gung ho in their resolve to see the tables turned. They Were Expendable, however, which was made when Allied victory was all but assured, is profoundly elegiac, with the patient grandeur of a tragic poem.
Colorado Territory (1949)
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Colorado Territory (1949) Directed by Raoul Walsh
DVDRip | Xvid 2019 k/sec | English | 01:36:40 | 640 x 480 | 1396.36 MB | 23.97 fps | MP3 192 k/sec
Genre: Western / Drama

A classic Western, Colorado Territory is a bleak remake of Raoul Walsh's own High Sierra that substitutes Joel McCrea's weary desperation for Humphrey Bogart's laconic interpretation of the bandit who wants to go straight but signs up for 'just one more job'. Cinematographer Sid Hickox piles on the black to give it the look of a film noir, and writer John Twist creates a fitting atmosphere of doom around McCrea and Mayo, but it is Walsh's direction which brings this darkly romantic Western to life. The bravura treatment of landscape is particularly impressive, especially in the final sequence where his ant-sized humans meet their malevolent destiny amid barren mountains.
Gentleman Jim (1942)
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Gentleman Jim (1942) Directed by Raoul Walsh
DVDRip | Divx4 2057 k/sec | English | 01:44:25 | 608 x 448 | 1546.25 MB | 23.97 fps | MP3 128 k/sec
Genre: Comedy / Drama

Gentleman Jim is such a bountifully superlative movie that its neglect among Warner Bros. classics has been downright mystifying. It's a boisterously exhilarating and likable picture from a director who made a habit of such things, Raoul Walsh.
Written On The Wind (1956)
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Written On The Wind (1956) Directed by Douglas Sirk
DVDRip | Xvid 1962 k/sec | English | 01:39:45 | 656 x 384 | 1400.48 MB | 23.97 fps | AC3 192 k/sec
Genre: Drama / Melodrama

To appreciate a film like "Written on the Wind'' probably takes more sophistication than to understand one of Ingmar Bergman's masterpieces, because Bergman's themes are visible and underlined, while with Sirk the style conceals the message. His interiors are wildly over the top, and his exteriors are phony--he wants you to notice the artifice, to see that he's not using realism but an exaggerated Hollywood studio style.
The Tarnished Angels (1958)
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The Tarnished Angels (1958) Directed by Douglas Sirk
DVDRip | Xvid 2248 k/sec | English | 01:27:05 | 720 x 304 | 1400.40 MB | 25 fps | AC3 224 k/sec
Genre: Drama

Douglas Sirk trades his vivid Technicolor palette for shadowy black-and-white CinemaScope to create a dark, desperate vision of the Depression, where deadened souls wait for the next spectacular crash as fliers recklessly race around pylons. Sirk heightens the alienation with the most stylized shooting of his career: cameras peer through transom windows, shadows slash through scenes, and grotesque Mardi Gras costumes wander through almost every scene. This production is considered by many, including Faulkner himself, to be the best adaptation of the author's work, and it remains Sirk's most bleakly beautiful film.
Man Of The West (1958)
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Man Of The West (1958) Directed by Anthony Mann
DVDRip | Xvid 981 k/sec | English | 01:39:18 | 608 x 256 | 696.96 MB | 23.97 fps | MP3 128 k/sec
Genre: Western

In his last true Western, Anthony Mann matched the archetypal title with a story about a hero's effort to descend into his outlaw past so that he can exorcise it from his present.

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