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Perturbation Theory for the Schrödinger Operator with a Periodic Potential
Springer | September 19, 2021 | ISBN-10: 3540631364 | 352 pages | DJvu | 2.33 mb

The book is devoted to perturbation theory for the Schrödinger operator with a periodic potential, describing motion of a particle in bulk matter. The Bloch eigenvalues of the operator are densely situated in a high energy region, so regular perturbation theory is ineffective. The mathematical difficulties have a physical nature - a complicated picture of diffraction inside the crystal. The author develops a new mathematical approach to this problem. It provides mathematical physicists with important results for this operator and a new technique that can be effective for other problems. The semiperiodic Schrödinger operator, describing a crystal with a surface, is studied. Solid-body theory specialists can find asymptotic formulae, which are necessary for calculating many physical values.
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Handbook of Stochastic Methods: For Physics, Chemistry and the Natural Sciences (Springer Series in Synergetics)
Springer | ISBN: 3540616349 | 1996-10 | DJVU | 442 pages | 3 Mb

Handbook of Stochastic Methods covers the foundations of Markov systems, stochastic differential equations, Fokker-Planck equations, approximation methods, chemical master equations, and quantum-mechanical Markov processes. From the reviews: "Extremely well written and informative... clear, complete, and fairly rigorous treatment of a larger number of very basic concepts in stochastic theory." Journal of Quantum Electronics "A first class book." Optica Acta In this second edition extra material has been added with recent progress in stochastic methods taken into account.
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Realizations of Polylogarithms
Springer | April 11, 2022 | ISBN-10: 3540624600 | 343 pages | DJvu | 2 mb

Classically, higher logarithms appear as multivalued functions on the projective line. Today they can be interpreted as entries of the period matrix of a certain variation of Hodge structure, itself called the "polylogarithm". The aim of the book is to document the sheaf-theoretical foundations of the field of polylogarithms. Earlier, partly unpublished results and constructions of Beilinson, Deligne, and Levin on the classical and elliptic polylog are generalized to the context of Shimura varieties. The reader is expected to have a sound background in algebraic geometry. Large parts of the book are expository, and intended as a reference for the working mathematician. Where a self-contained exposition was not possible, the author gives references in order to make the material accessible for advanced graduate students.
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Lectures on QCD: Foundations
Springer | May 16, 2022 | ISBN-10: 3540625437 | 276 pages | DJvu | 1.93 mb

This is a collection of pedagogically written articles on quantum chromodynamics. Based on lectures given over the past years to graduate students, the articles are ideally suited as an introduction into modern research. The book contains concepts and applications of lattice gauge theories, finite temperature field theory, an article on the method of sum rules in QCD, and so on. Furthermore axial anomalies, the Skyrme model and recent developments of supersymmetric QCD are discussed in depth. A second volume on phenomenology is in preparation.
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Branched Standard Spines of 3-Manifolds
Springer | April 18, 2022 | ISBN-10: 3540626271 | 132 pages | DJvu | 1.01 mb

This book provides a unified combinatorial realization of the categroies of (closed, oriented) 3-manifolds, combed 3-manifolds, framed 3-manifolds and spin 3-manifolds. In all four cases the objects of the realization are finite enhanced graphs, and only finitely many local moves have to be taken into account. These realizations are based on the notion of branched standard spine, introduced in the book as a combination of the notion of branched surface with that of standard spine. The book is intended for readers interested in low-dimensional topology, and some familiarity with the basics is assumed. A list of questions, some of which concerning relations with the theory of quantum invariants, is enclosed.
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Knots and Links in Three-Dimensional Flows
Springer | April 18, 2022 | ISBN-10: 354062628X | 208 pages | DJvu | 1.66 mb

The closed orbits of three-dimensional flows form knots and links. This book develops the tools - template theory and symbolic dynamics - needed for studying knotted orbits. This theory is applied to the problems of understanding local and global bifurcations, as well as the embedding data of orbits in Morse-smale, Smale, and integrable Hamiltonian flows. The necesssary background theory is sketched; however, some familiarity with low-dimensional topology and differential equations is assumed.
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D.V. Alekseevskij , V.V. Lychagin, A.M. Vinogradov, R.V. Gamkrelidze, "Geometry I: Basic Ideas and Concepts of Differential Geometry"
Springer; 1 edition (November 7, 2021) | ISBN:3540519998 | 264 pages | Djvu | 2 Mb

Since the early work of Gauss and Riemann, differential geometry has grown into a vast network of ideas and approaches, encompassing local considerations such as differential invariants and jets as well as global ideas, such as Morse theory and characteristic classes. In this volume of the Encyclopaedia, the authors give a tour of the principal areas and methods of modern differential geomerty. The book is structured so that the reader may choose parts of the text to read and still take away a completed picture of some area of differential geometry. Beginning at the introductory level with curves in Euclidian space, the sections become more challenging, arriving finally at the advanced topics which form the greatest part of the book: transformation groups, the geometry of differential equations, geometric structures, the equivalence problem, the geometry of elliptic operators. Several of the topics are approaches which are now enjoying a resurgence, e.g. G-structures and contact geometry.
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Jean Jacod, Albert N. Shiryaev, "Limit Theorems for Stochastic Processes"
Springer; 2nd ed. edition (December 16, 2021) | ISBN:3540439323 | 661 pages | Djvu | 8,6 Mb

Initially the theory of convergence in law of stochastic processes was developed quite independently from the theory of martingales, semimartingales and stochastic integrals. Apart from a few exceptions essentially concerning diffusion processes, it is only recently that the relation between the two theories has been thoroughly studied. The authors of this Grundlehren volume, two of the international leaders in the field, propose a systematic exposition of convergence in law for stochastic processes, from the point of view of semimartingale theory, with emphasis on results that are useful for mathematical theory and mathematical statistics. This leads them to develop in detail some particularly useful parts of the general theory of stochastic processes, such as martingale problems, and absolute continuity or contiguity results. The book contains an introduction to the theory of martingales and semimartingales, random measures stochastic integrales, Skorokhod topology, etc., as well as a large number of results which have never appeared in book form, and some entirely new results. The second edition contains some additions to the text and references. Some parts are completely rewritten.
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Jean-Dominique Deuschel, Andreas Greven, "Interacting Stochastic Systems "
Springer; 1 edition (January 12, 2022) | ISBN:3540230335 | 450 pages | PDF | 3,5 Mb

The Research Network on "Interacting stochastic systems of high complexity" set up by the German Research Foundation aimed at exploring and developing connections between research in infinite-dimensional stochastic analysis, statistical physics, spatial population models from mathematical biology, complex models of financial markets or of stochastic models interacting with other sciences. This book presents a structured collection of papers on the core topics, written at the close of the 6-year programme by the research groups who took part in it. The structure chosen highlights the interweaving of certain themes and certain interconnections discovered through the joint work. This yields a reference work on results and methods that will be useful to all who work between applied probability and the physical, economic, and life sciences.
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Surfaces in 4-Space
Springer Berlin Heidelberg | February 19, 2022 | ISBN-10: 3642059139 | 228 pages | DJvu | 2.8 mb

Surfaces in 4-Space, written by leading specialists in the field, discusses knotted surfaces in 4-dimensional space and surveys many of the known results in the area. Results on knotted surface diagrams, constructions of knotted surfaces, classically defined invariants, and new invariants defined via quandle homology theory are presented. The last chapter comprises many recent results, and techniques for computation are presented. New tables of quandles with a few elements and the homology groups thereof are included.
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Global Analysis. Studies and Applications II
Springer | December 1, 2021 | ISBN-10: 3540168214 | 284 pages | DJvu | 2.7 mb

This volume contains five surveys on dynamical systems. The first one deals with nonholonomic mechanics and gives an updated and systematic treatment ofthe geometry of distributions and of variational problems with nonintegrable constraints. The modern language of differential geometry used throughout the survey allows for a clear and unified exposition of the earlier work on nonholonomic problems.
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Asymptotics of Analytic Difference Equations
Springer | November 14, 2021 | ISBN-10: 3540138676 | 166 pages | DJvu | 1.12 mb

“This is the first monograph which includes nonlinear differential equations. Apart from dealing with nonlinear problems, a substantial part is devoted to an overview on the linear case, with an extensive list of references for further reading … Conditions for continuability of all solutions are given, as well as necessary conditions and sufficient conditions for limit-circle type. Also, boundedness and (non)oscillation of solutions are investigated.” ---ZENTRALBLATT MATH
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Homology of classical groups over finite fields and their associated infinite loop spaces
Springer | October 10, 2021 | ISBN-10: 3540089322 | 444 pages | DJvu | 1.72 mb

The book consists of articles at the frontier of current research in Algebraic Topology. It presents recent results by top notch experts, and is intended primarily for researchers and graduate students working in the field of algebraic topology. Included is an important article by Cohen, Johnes and Yan on the the homology of the space of smooth loops on a manifold M, endowed with the Chas-Sullivan intersection product, as well as an article by Goerss, Henn and Mahowald on stable homotopy groups of spheres
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E "Infinite" Ring Spaces and E "Infinite" Ring Spectra
Springer | May 23, 2022 | ISBN-10: 3540081364 | 280 pages | DJvu | 1.6 mb

The volume develops the foundations of differential geometry so as to include finite-dimensional spaces with singularities and nilpotent functions, at the same level as is standard in the elementary theory of schemes and analytic spaces.
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Nonlinear Dynamics of Surface-Tension-Driven Instabilities: With a Foreword by I. Prigogine
Wiley-VCH | May 2001 | ISBN-10: 3527402918 | 527 pages | DJvu | 7 mb

A century after Henri Bénard discovered cellular convective structures, thermal convection in fluid layers still remains a central subject in nonlinear physics. Within this framework, surface-tension-driven instabilities have increasingly been the subject of attention over the last few years, owing to the even greater variety of pattern and wave-forming phenomena observed in this situation. This book provides readers with a progressive and complete insight into this vast field, describing as it does a number of "first principle" analyses of realistic set-ups, including several physicochemical processes at interfaces. Nonetheless, much emphasis is placed on the generality of the results and methods used, by way of the detailed derivation and analysis of a number of generic nonlinear equations known to hold in many physical systems, even outside the realm of fluid mechanics.