Sarah Bernhardt: Women in the Arts
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Elizabeth Silverthorne "Sarah Bernhardt: Women in the Arts"
Publisher: Chelsea House Publications 2003 | 112 Pages | ISBN: 0791074587 | PDF | 4.7 MB

I am honored to introduce WOMEN IN THE ARTS, a continuing series of books about courageous, talented women whose work has changed the way we think about art and society. The women highlighted in this series were persistent, successful, and at times controversial. They were unafraid to ask questions or challenge social norms while pursuing their work. They overcame barriers that included discrimination, prejudice, and poverty. The energy, creativity, and perseverance of these strong women changed our world forever.
Endobronchial Ultrasound: An Atlas and Practical Guide
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Armin Ernst, Felix J.F. Herth "Endobronchial Ultrasound: An Atlas and Practical Guide"
Publisher: Springer 2009 | 169 Pages | ISBN: 0387094369 | PDF | 5 MB

Since the introduction of the flexible bronchoscope by Dr. Ikeda in Japan, bronchoscopy has been limited to the inspection of the mucosal surface of the airways. However, the airway wall and parabronchial structures, such as lymph nodes, even though frequently of crucial importance to the examination, still could not be visualized and evaluated. After decades of conventional bronchoscopy, duansci.com the introduction of endobronchial ultrasound was the first really new imaging modality and it completely changed the endoscopist’s capabilities. The use of EBUS can be a liberating experience, as the natural limitations of endoscopy are overcome and the mediastinal structures are open for exploration, evaluation and guided biopsy…
The B-29 Superfortress Chronology, 1934-1960
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Robert A. Mann "The B-29 Superfortress Chronology, 1934-1960"
Publisher: McFarland 2009 | 319 Pages | ISBN: 0786442743 | PDF | 1.4 MB

The Boeing B-29 Superfortress lived an operational life of only 26 years, but what a life it was. Two of the most famous B-29s, the Enola Gay and Bockscar, were responsible for dropping the atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Beginning with an introduction that provides basic information on the physical plane itself, including dimensions, specs, leading particulars and operational usages, this book provides a chronology of the B-29 from the first feasibility studies and earliest designs in 1934 to the retirement of the last operational B-29 by the Air Force in 1960. The book also includes a glossary and three appendices which provide a discussion of the general anatomy of a mission, a sample of operational voice or radio codes used in 1945, and an exhaustive (and entertaining) reference guide to aircraft names like the Ape Ship, Bait Me?, and Flying Lemon.
Surgical Anatomy Around the Orbit: The System of Zones A Continuation of Surgical Anatomy of the Orbit
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Barry M Zide "Surgical Anatomy Around the Orbit: The System of Zones A Continuation of Surgical Anatomy of the Orbit"
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2005 | 128 Pages | ISBN: 0781750814 | PDF | 137 MB

This full-color surgical atlas provides a detailed, true-to-life view of periorbital anatomy as seen during an operative procedure. More than 130 photographs of fresh cadaver dissections and more than 100 vivid drawings by an award-winning ophthalmic artist enable surgeons to thoroughly preview this complex anatomy prior to surgery. Using his popular concept of facial zones, Dr. Zide depicts the fine anatomic details necessary for today’s advanced cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. A chapter on the seventh cranial nerve shows what tissue is innervated and delineates the exact zone of safety. A chapter on anatomy for facial nerve blocks is included. A bound-in CD-ROM contains the book’s 238 illustrations and extensive anatomic dissections.
Working Women: Stories of Strife, Struggle and Survival
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Kogi Naidoo "Working Women: Stories of Strife, Struggle and Survival"
Publisher: Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd 2009 | 268 Pages | ISBN: 8178299224 | PDF | 1.8 MB

Working Women highlights the challenges and barriers that women face across cultures and brings a message of hope to those who continue their struggle in the silent spaces at work-both inside and outside their homes. The editors share accounts of women's struggles around the world: disability, divorce, abuse, family dysfunction and violence, racism, and class to name a few. The editors raise issues of defining women's work, work spaces and of the need to balance work with other roles as mothers, daughters and wives. Chapters look at women's experiences in the workplace in South Africa, the United States, New Zealand, and India.
Evelyn Brent: The Life and Films of Hollywood's Lady Crook
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Lynn Kear, James King "Evelyn Brent: The Life and Films of Hollywood's Lady Crook"
Publisher: McFarland 2009 | 312 Pages | ISBN: 0786443634 | PDF | 2.8 MB

Evelyn Brent's life and career were going quite well in 1928. She was happily living with writer Dorothy Herzog following her divorce from producer Bernard Fineman, and the tiny brunette had wowed fans and critics in the silent films The Underworld and The Last Command. She'd also been a sensation in Paramount's first dialogue film, Interference. But by the end of that year Brent was headed for a quick, downward spiral ending in bankruptcy and occasional work as an extra. What happened is a complicated story laced with bad luck, poor decisions, and treachery detailed in the first and only full-length biography.
Fitzpatrick’s Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology: 6th Edition
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Klaus Wolff, Richard Johnson "Fitzpatrick’s Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology: 6th Edition"
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional 2009 | 1104 Pages | ISBN: 0071599754 | PDF | 73 MB

Turn to the world’s most popular dermatology atlas for the quick, comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of skin problems
Covering the full range of conditions, from rashes, to skin lesions and disorders of the hair, nail, and mucosa, Fitzpatrick’s is a unique combination of text, clinical reference, and color atlas-one that gives you the best quality and most varied photographs of skin disorders available anywhere. The book features a consistent format featuring key facts pertaining to epidemiology, clinical manifestations, physical exam, diagnosis, and treatment, each paired with several clear photographs to show how the condition appears-plus boxed overviews of each disease category with severity-specific icons.
Atlas of Pancreatic Cytopathology with Histopathologic Correlations
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Syed Z. Ali, Yener S. Erozan, Ralph H. Hruban "Atlas of Pancreatic Cytopathology with Histopathologic Correlations"
Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing 2009 | 208 Pages | ISBN: 1933864400 | PDF | 28.7 MB

Clinical and radiologic examinations cannot reliably distinguish benign or inflammatory pancreatic disease from carcinoma. The increased use of pancreatic fine needle aspiration (FNA) along with advances in imaging techniques and the introduction of endoscopic ultrasound guidance have led to significantly better detection and recognition of pancreatic masses. Consequently, pancreaticcytopathology is integral to accurate pre-operative diagnosis, yet it is a challenging diagnostic area with a variety of potential pitfalls and look-alike lesions. Skillful recognition and an awareness of the limitations of the procedure are essential in avoiding misdiagnosis of these dangerous lesions...
Media Entertainment: The Psychology of Its Appeal
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Dolf Zillmann, Peter Vorderer "Media Entertainment: The Psychology of Its Appeal"
Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum 2000 | 296 Pages | ISBN: 0805833242 | PDF | 1.6 MB

This collection represents a systematic exploration of media entertainment from an academic perspective. Editors Zillmann and Vorderer have assembled scholars from psychology, sociology, and communication to provide a broad examination of the primary function of media entertainment--the attainment of gratification. Chapters included here address vital aspects of media entertainment and summarize pertinent findings, providing an overview of what is presently known about the appeal and function of the essential forms of media entertainment, and offering some degree of integration. Written in a clear, non-technical style, this volume provides a lively and entertaining study of media entertainment for academic study and coursework.
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The Banking Sector In Hong Kong: Competition, Efficiency, Performance and Risk
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Hans Genberg, Cho-Hoi Hui "The Banking Sector In Hong Kong: Competition, Efficiency, Performance and Risk"
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan 2008 | 256 Pages | ISBN: 0230202667 | PDF | 1.6 MB

The book extensively discusses the structure and stability of the Hong Kong banking sector, using economic theory and advanced empirical econometric techniques. It is important for readers who are interested in studying the banking industry in general, and the Hong Kong banking sector in particular.
The Elephant Hunters: Chronicles of the Moneymen
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Amielle Lake, Andrew Kakabadse, Nada Kakabadse "The Elephant Hunters: Chronicles of the Moneymen"
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan 2008 | 184 Pages | ISBN: 0230553699 | PDF | 2.3 MB

The Elephant Hunters is based on years of in-depth research and hundreds of interviews with leading figures in the world of finance. With the 'Elephant' as the big deal and the 'Hunter' as the moneyman, this book examines the personal qualities and behavior necessary to join a big name bank, then tracks down what it takes to acquire the kind of wealth that some can only dream of. Given special attention is one of the most powerful hunters of all, the woman - in the trade glowingly termed the 'powerbitch'. Her instinct to track her prey and close the deal is a feat of discipline, intellect and cunning.
If you want to know more about the people who drive our lives and can remould societies, read this book.
With Child in Mind: Studies of the Personal Encounter With Infertility
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Margarete Sandelowski "With Child in Mind: Studies of the Personal Encounter With Infertility"
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press 1993 | 303 Pages | ISBN: 0812214153 | PDF | 1 MB

Sandelowski retells the stories of couples who want to have children, but cannot. In their own words, the couples candidly discuss what it means to be infertile and how infertility ultimately affects their views of themselves, their values, their children, and their interactions with others. Information from more than 500 intensive interviews with women and couples forms the core of With Child in Mind.
Making Decisions about Children: Psychological Questions and Answers
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H. Rudolph Schaffer "Making Decisions about Children: Psychological Questions and Answers"
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell 1998 | 280 Pages | ISBN: 0631202595 | PDF | 3.8 MB

Psychologists, psychiatrists, family lawyers, social workers, or anyone responsible for arriving at decisions about children will find this fully updated and revised edition an excellent guide for action. The book summarizes knowledge concerning such issues as the effects of maternal employment and of divorce; the implications of different family types, the comparative fitness of men and women as parents, the development of anti-social behavior, and more.
Suicide Prevention and Intervention: Summary of a Workshop
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Sara K. Goldsmith "Suicide Prevention and Intervention: Summary of a Workshop"
Publisher: Natl Academy Pr 2002 | 23 Pages | ISBN: 0309076242 | PDF | 1.5 MB

Dr. C.Hendricks Brown discussed a framework and strategies for suicide prevention research. He discussed how to evaluate programs, and described an early intervention program for violence as a model for suicide prevention. He underscored three challenges facing suicide prevention. Suicide is a low base-rate behavior, approximately 12 per 100,000 in the population at large. Therefore, changes in numbers of suicides must be studied appropriately to ensure that any change is due to the intervention, and not to other factors. Risk factors for suicide are non-specific, since they associated with other undesirable outcomes.
SPSS for Psychologists: A Guide to Data Analysis Using Spss for Windows
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Nicola Brace, Richard Kemp, Rosemary Snelgar "SPSS for Psychologists: A Guide to Data Analysis Using Spss for Windows"
Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum 2000 | 192 Pages | ISBN: 0805837558 | PDF | 7 MB

This user-friendly text guides the novice user through the process of entering and analyzing data using Versions 8, 9, and 10 of SPSS. The text:
* assumes only the most basic knowledge of Windows;
* reminds students of basic issues regarding design and statistics;...

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