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FOR 097, Colditz

Fortress 097, Colditz: Oflag IV-C
Author: Michael McNally, Illustrated by: Peter Dennis
Osprey Publishing | 2010 | ISBN-10: 184603583X | 64 Pages | PDF | 5,39 MB

Osprey Publishing Description:

Immortalized in film and literature, the 15th century castle of Colditz is remembered not for tales of medieval chivalry or withstanding withering sieges but for its darker past, when it was converted by the Nazis into a prisoner-of-war camp called Oflag IV-C. A natural choice for a prison, Colditz had been used successfully during the First World War and had gained a reputation for being impossible to escape from. But this reputation was dramatically shattered by the ingenuity of the prisoners interned there. This book examines the history of Colditz, the methods used to keep prisoners inside her formidable walls, and the techniques by which her prisoners attempted to escape.
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CAM 220, Operation Crusader

Campaign 220, Operation Crusader 1941: Rommel in Retreat
Author: Ken Ford, Illustrated by: John White
Osprey Publishing | 2010 | ISBN-10: 1846035007 | 96 Pages | PDF | 10,6 MB

Osprey Publishing Description:

On 18 November 1941, the British launched Operation Crusader against the Axis positions in Africa. The plan was to bring the armour of the German Afrika Korps to battle and to beat it in open warfare with the now superior strength of Eighth Army, and to relieve the isolated British garrison at Tobruk. Initially meeting with disaster, the British redoubled their efforts, fought through to Tobruk, and pushed back Rommel’s Afrika Korps. Written by popular Osprey author, Ken Ford, Operation Crusader tells the story of the British victory that demonstrated their ability to fight head-to-head against the Germans in Africa.
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ACE094, Fiat CR32 Aces of the Spanish Civil War

Aircraft of the Aces 094, Fiat CR.32 Aces of the Spanish Civil War
Authors: Alfredo Logoluso, Illustrated by: Richard Caruana
Osprey Publishing | 2010 | ISBN-10: 1846039835 | 96 Pages | PDF | 5,5 MB

Osprey Publishing Description:

The CR.32 Falco was a handsome and highly manoeuvrable biplane fighter. During General Franco’s fight with the Republicans for the control of Spain from 1936 – 39, no fewer than 477 CR.32s were involved, with an astounding 709 confirmed aerial victories, and an additional 320 kills claimed, for just 62 losses. As these statistics reveal, the CR.32 was the unrivalled master of the skies over Spain. By the war’s end, the five leading aces of the conflict were all Spanish CR.32 pilots. Their exploits, and those of the other leading CR.32 aces, are examined for the first time in English in this exciting volume.
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ELI 175, US Cavalry in WW2, Pacific

Elite 175, World War II US Cavalry Units: Pacific Theater
Author: Gordon L. Rottman, Illustrated by: Peter Dennis
Osprey Publishing | 2009 | ISBN-10: 1846034515 | 64 Pages | PDF | 26,5 MB

Osprey Publishing Description:

At the time of Pearl Harbor, the United States Army still had ten cavalry regiments.The 26th (Filipino Scouts) fought on horseback in the Philippines, while the rest were fought as infantry. Despite this, the cavalry units maintained their own unique traditions, and identity as they saw action in the Pacific and China-Burma-India theatre. This book covers all of the US cavalry units to see action during World War II. It includes the little-covered Texan National Guard regiments, who fought beside ex-Merrill’s Marauders as a deep penetration unit. It also contains color-plates of the uniforms of the US Army’s last mounted cavalry as well as tropical combat dress worn by the dismounted units.
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WAR 141, Merrill’s Marauders

Warrior 141, Merrill’s Marauders
Author: Edward Young, Illustrated by: Adam Hook
Osprey Publishing | 2009 | ISBN-10: 1846034035 | 64 Pages | PDF | 23,5 MB

Osprey Publishing Description:

Merrill’s Marauders were the first American Army infantry unit to fight in the China-Burma-India theatre, and one of the most renowned units to come out of World War II. The Marauders established a lasting reputation for hard fighting and tenacity in the face of adversity, combating a determined enemy, some of the most difficult and disease-ridden terrain in the world, and a seemingly indifferent higher command. Pushed beyond the limit of their endurance, at the end of nearly six months of operations behind Japanese lines, the remaining Marauders were withdrawn from combat after suffering over 90% casualties. Because of its courageous actions, the unit received the very rare honour of having every member presented with a Bronze Star for gallantry. This book explores the creation, training and combat experiences of the Marauders, one of the most famous units in the US Army’s roll of honour.
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ESS 061, The Chinese Civil War 1945-1949

Essential Histories 061, The Chinese Civil War 1945-1949
Author: Michael Lynch
Osprey Publishing | 2010 | ISBN-10: 1841766712 | 96 Pages | PDF | 26,0 MB

Osprey Publishing Description:

Out of the ashes of Imperial China arose two new contenders to lead a reformed nation; the Chinese Nationalist Party, the Kuomintang, and the Chinese Communist Party. In 1927, the inevitable clash between these two political parties led to a bitter civil war that would last for 23 years, through World War II and into the Cold War period. The brutal struggle finally concluded when Communist forces captured Nanjing, capital of the Nationalist Republic of China, irrevocably altering the course of China’s future. Dr Michael Lynch sheds light on this cruel civil war that ultimately led to the establishment of the People’s Republic of China.
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Raid 02, Entebbe 1976

Raid 02, Israel’s Lightning Strike: The Raid on Entebbe 1976
Author: Simon Dunstan, Illustrated by: Peter Dennis
Osprey Publishing | 2009 | ISBN-10: 1846033977 | 64 Pages | PDF | 36,9 MB

Osprey Publishing Description:

The Israeli Special Forces’ operation at Entebbe goes down in history as one of the most audacious counter-terrorist assaults ever conducted. On 27 June 1976, four terrorists - two of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and two of the German Baader-Meinhof terrorist group - highjacked a passenger jet and forced a landing in Entebbe, Uganda. Here they were met by reinforcements, and - although releasing a few hostages - transferred all the Jewish and Israeli prisoners to the terminal building. As Idi Amin’s assistance to the terrorists became increasingly clear, the Israeli government began preparations for a military assault. The element of surprise was crucial; never before had such a large-scale raid at such a long distance been successfully undertaken. This is the incredible story of how the Israeli Special Forces defied radar for over 2,000 miles, masqueraded as a tyrant in a Mercedes and captured uniforms, and defeated an army in brutal combat, in a triumph of sheer audacity and nerve. A compelling book chronicling an incredible moment in history.
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Raid 10, Certain Death in Sierra Leone

Raid 10, Certain Death in Sierra Leone: The SAS and Operation Barras 2000
Author: Will Fowler, Illustrated by: Howard Gerrard & Mariusz Kozik
Osprey Publishing | 2010 | ISBN-10: 1846038502 | 64 Pages | PDF | 18,3 MB

Osprey Publishing Description:

In September 2000 the notorious militia gang, ‘West Side Boys’ kidnapped eleven British soldiers in Sierra Leone and Operation Barras was launched as the rescue operation. Fast roping in from helicopters, the SAS soldiers engaged in a heavy firefight with the militia, killing several, and capturing their leader. Meanwhile the Paras advanced on foot, fighting their way through a village to recover the Land Rovers abandoned by the kidnapped soldiers. The operation was a complete success, with all the soldiers being rescued. This daring raid is brought to life with specially commissioned artwork, detailed maps and overhead shots to recreate one of the greatest hostage-rescue success stories.
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ACE 087, Spitfire Aces of Burma and the Pacific

Aircraft of the Aces 087, Spitfire Aces of Burma and the Pacific
Author: Andrew Thomas, Illustrated by: Chris Davey
Osprey Publishing | 2009 | ISBN-10: 1846034221 | 96 Pages | PDF | 31,0 MB

Osprey Publishing Description:

The arrival of the Spitfire in Burma came at a crucial time as the RAF struggled against the Japanese to support the Chindit operation on the ground. Proving a huge boost to morale, the Spitfire played a large part in defeating the enemy, and covering the subsequent Allied advance through Burma, protecting the ground troops and providing vital supplies. Covering this little documented aerial war, this book tells the stories of the 54 aces who flew against the Japanese, and also those who fought in India and Australia. Full-colour artwork reveals the markings and paint schemes of this most-famous of British planes, whilst first-hand accounts and archive photographs bring the aerial battles of Burma, India and Australia to life.
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Fortress 091, The Fortifications of Ancient Israel and Judah 1200-586 BC

Fortress 091, The Fortifications of Ancient Israel and Judah 1200-586 BC
Author: Samuel Rocca, Illustrated by: Adam Hook
Osprey Publishing | 2010 | ISBN-10: 1846035082 | 64 Pages | PDF | 24,5 MB

Osprey Publishing Description:

This book provides a detailed study of the fortifications of the founders of ancient Israel from the time of their first settlement in the Middle East, through the periods of the united and divided kingdoms, until the sack of Jerusalem in 586 BC.
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NVG 166, British Motor Gun Boat

New Vanguard 166, British Motor Gun Boat 1939-45
Author: Angus Konstam, Illustrated by: Tony Bryan
Osprey Publishing | 2010 | ISBN-10: 1849080771 | 48 Pages | PDF | 15,2 MB

Osprey Publishing Description:

Motor Gun Boats were the “Spitfires of the Seas” of the Royal Navy. Bristling with small-calibre guns and machine guns, they served in a variety of roles during the War. In the early war period they battled against German E-boats in the English Channel, then went on the offensive, searching the enemy shore for targets of opportunity. At other times, they ran support for Motor Torpedo Boats and were used to deliver commandos on various raids. Naval Warfare expert, Angus Konstam, tells the story of these small, but destructive boats, beginning with their design and development and carrying through to their operational use in both the European and Mediterranean theatres of World War II.
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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 5th Edition
Publisher: Pearson Longman | Date 2009 | ISBN-10: 140821533 | Format: DVD ISO | 3.42 GB (35*100MB + 1*0.46MB]

Product Description:

The LONGMAN Dictionary of Contemporary English 5th Edition, is the most comprehensive dictionary ever.
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MAA 455, US Armed Forces in China

Men-at-Arms 455, US Armed Forces in China 1856–1941
Author: John Langellier, Illustrated by: Mike Chappell
Osprey Publishing | 2009 | ISBN-10: 1846034930 | 48 Pages | PDF | 23,1 MB

Osprey Publishing Description:

This volume reveals the little-known story of the 90-year presence of American forces in China until the fall of Peking in 1941. Included is coverage of the first operations on the Pearl River in 1856 as well as US involvement in the Boxer Rebellion of 1900. As China entered a chaotic period in her history, known as the years of the “Warlords”, American marines also participated in numerous small-scale amphibious landings. Finally, during the later Sino-Japanese War and early into World War II, US volunteers of the “Flying Tigers” became renowned for their combat missions in support of Chinese Nationalist forces, and their aerial duels are also recounted by the author John P. Langellier, who has spent several years researching the subject in the US and China. Discover the history of these various actions and the different services involved, recreated in color artwork and illustrated with rare, previously unpublished photographs.
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ELI179 Pike & Shot Tactics

Elite 179, Pike and Shot Tactics 1590-1660
Author: Keith Roberts, Illustrated by: Adam Hook
Osprey Publishing | 2010 | ISBN-10: 1846034698 | 64 Pages | PDF | 25,2 MB

Osprey Publishing Description:

Throughout the 17th century large parts of Europe were depopulated during the wide-ranging and savage wars of religion and dynasty, involving all of the major powers. This was therefore a key period in the development of ‘modern’ infantry tactics, such as the use of pole-arms and muskets together - hence the popular expression ‘pike and shot’. These infantry tactics involved different national schools on thought and practice, and were tested bloodily in great battles. This title covers the Dutch-Spanish wars of independence, The Thirty Years’ War and the English Civil Wars.
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Osprey Vanquished

Vanquished: Crushing Defeats from Ancient Rome to the 21st Century [Osprey General Military]
Author: Mir Bahmanyar
Osprey Publishing | 2009 | ISBN-10: 1846033276 | 320 Pages | PDF | 94,6 MB

Osprey Publishing Description:

Throughout time, violent battles and bloody clashes have changed the course of history and shaped nations or empires. Battles of annihilation are rare, but ever since antiquity a stunning victory on the battlefield, even if it has failed to win the war, has captured the imagination. In this book Mir Bahmanyar examines battles of annihilation throughout history, some well known, others less so, but all equally extraordinary, to discover what sets these engagements apart, whether they achieve a decisive strategic advantage in war, and why there are fewer battles of annihilation in modern times.