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Dark forces aka Harlequin - (Simon Wincer, 1980)
English | 672 x 288 | Xvid 1932kbs | 23.97fps| MP3 128kbs | 1.4 GB | 95min.
Genre: Drama, Thriller

Released in 1980 and originally known in Australia as "Harlequin", Dark forces was actually a very well made picture with tense directing and good acting.
Dark Forces has elements of the horror and fantasy genres, but it's also a political thriller as well. It has a lot of clear antecedents, and yet the movie seems fresh and original. Credit should go to Everette De Roche, who wrote the screenplay. The movie is slow going at first, but the plot takes a number of interesting twists in the second half. The cast, too, deserves some applause. Robert Powell headlines Dark Forces as the mysterious Wolfe. Powell is really good at being both sinister and sympathetic, as the storyline warrants. Industry veteran David Hemmings is also good as the brooding Nick.
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[Animation] WarheaD - Adrian Lazar (2009)
Silent | H.264/MPEG-4 AVC 5709kbps | 1280 x 720 | AAC 72kbs | 103MB | 2 min
Genre: Animation
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[Animation] JumpTrumpRumpBump - Heui Won Jeong & Justin Murphy (2006)
Silent | H.264/MPEG-4 AVC 1804kbps | 1280 x 720 | AC3 192kbs | 114MB | 8 min
Genre: Animation

An over-achieving six-year-old girl named Mooney has a secret life at night–but she needs to eat her dinner first. Engaging hand-drawn animation is combined with computer animation and an open-ended story that will stimulate discussion and creative writing for an audience of all ages.
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[Animation]Profesor Baltazar - Zlatko Grgić (1971) Episode Balthazar's Watch
Silent | Xvid | 1003kbps| 688 x 512 | AC3 192kbs | 35MB | 4 min
Genre: Animation
IMDB Rating: 8.6/10

Professor Balthazar is a cartoon series for children about an old inventor. It was created for television by the Croatian animator Zlatko Grgić at the Zagreb Film studio, Croatia. 59 episodes of the cartoon were made between 1967 and 1974.
It has been shown in subsequent years in several countries beside the former Yugoslavia, including Denmark, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and Iran.
It was also shown in the United States in the 1980s on Pinwheel as well as on the ABC in Australia.
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[Animation]фильм aka Tuk-tuk - Konstantin Bronzit (1993)
Silent | Xvid | 1205kbps| 720 x 544 | MP3 128kbs | 42MB | 4 min
Genre: Animation

Misterious knock destroys the habitual life that four calm people lead.

Таинственный стук в один миг разрушает привычную жизнь, котороую ведут четыре одиноких спокойных человека. Для взрослых

Un compendio de lugares comunes robados de la obra de Paul Driessen...he dicho. Pero está bien: copiado.
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Nito Mestre - Flores de Nashville (2009)
MP3 CBR 320Kbps | 34 MB
Label: Nito Mestre
Genre: Latin rock, Folk rock

Singer/songwriter from Argentina Nito Mestre started getting involved in music while participating in a school band called La Indignación del Siglo. Soon after meeting local musician Charly García, he decided to create a new project named Sui Generis. After the band broke up in September of 1975, playing for the last time at Buenos Aires' Luna Park, Nito Mestre recorded Porsuigieco, later forming a folk-rock act called Los Desconocidos de Siempre along with guitarist Rodolfo Gorosito, bassist Alfredo Toth, keyboardist Ciro Fogliatta, drummer Juan Carlos Fontana, and singer María Rosa Yorio. In 1981, the singer went on his own, releasing 20/10, followed by 1983's Escondo Mis Ojos Al Sol. In 1984, Nito Mestre teamed up with Juan Carlos Baglietto, Celeste Carballo, and Oveja Negra, touring the country under an explicit slogan: We Sing for Love, Freedom, and Life.
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[Animation] Substantia aka Субстанция - Mayec Rancel & José Ángel Soto (2007)
Silent | HDTVRip | H.264/MPEG-4 AVC 4528kbps| 1280х720 | AAC 125kbs | 188MB | 5 min
Genre: Animation

Can’t help it. A tear comes to my eye every time I get to the end of this beautiful short movie, recent winner of the Autodesk Ahead of the Curve competition.
The short has a tender, warm feeling you usually don’t associate with CGI animation.

В странной вселенной, пересеченной разрушительными метеорами, сердцевидные планеты обречены на вечное блуждание в одиночестве. Но в очень редких случаях, совпадение или судьба приподносит столкновение со слезой, и от этого появляется жизнь, рождение вечной истории. Истории состоящей из многих историй. История, конец которой - начало. Это - жизнь. Это - сама сущность...

Pocas veces subí algo tan pedorro, pero ahí va. "En un extraño universo surcado por destructivos meteoros, los planetas corazón vagan solitarios. En raras ocasiones la casualidad, o el destino, les lleva a encontrarse con una lágrima. Entonces surge la vida..."
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[Animation] The Bronson Maneuver- Ryan Sluman (2009)
Silent | HDTVRip | H.264/MPEG-4 AVC 1800kbs | 1280х720 | AAC 125kbs | 21MB | 2 min
Genre: Animation

This summer, Neil Sterling’s iconic gentleman spy is back in a new deadly adventure!

Наша история о шпионе эры 60-ых, который действительно полностью самодостаточен. Клиффорд Бронсон (Clifford Bronson) - секретный агент. Кто он? Смешай Джеймса Бонда, Люпена Третьего и Мистера Бина, и у тебя получиться наш герой. Он пробирается в подземное логово злодея, чтобы отыскать Макгаффин*. Между ним и Макгаффином противная сеть смертельных лазерных лучей. Однако, это детские игрушки для него - он включает свой испытанный кассетный плейер и продолжает самодовольно танцевать между лазерами, под мелодию классического вальса Иоганна Штрауса...
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[Animation] Clara - Van Sowerwine (2005)
Silent | DVDrip | Xvid 1332kbs | 656x368 | MP3 VBR 120kbs | 76MB | 7 min
Genre: Animation

Struggling with a massive change in her life, 12 year-old Clara is disorientated and confused. Her efforts to remedy the situation and make sense of her new world are thwarted when flowers attack her and ants invade her home. Her enchanted childhood has changed forever.
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[Animation] Mama - Géza M. Tóth (2009)
Silent | DVB-T-rip | Xvid | 624 x 352 | 889kbs | MP3 ABR 153kbs | 70MB | 9 min.
Genre: Animation
IMDB rating: 9/10

On the roof of a high building a young woman hangs up the washing, on piece after the other. With each piece she pushest he line a little further – at the same time the neighbouring buildings in the background follow – until she reaches the beginning of the line. The entire scene is shot with fixed camera but moves nonetheless – just like in the tricks in the silent movies.
Starting with a loud city street atmossphere with honking horns, street cars, crying babies, talking people, telephone rings and other every day life sounds a rhythmic structure emerges. The more we dive into the young woman’s world, the more the rhythmically aggressive sounds disappear. Slowly a world opens where melodiousness comes to the foreground. Everytime the woman reaches the end of the line, a short moment of silence occurs. Until sounds such as the woman’s heavy breathing and the street sounds return. We have come full circle.
The varied concept of music, sound design and atmosphere is consistent an dwell structured. The acoustic design takes over a mayor part of the story telling, so that a an organic work of direction, sound design and composition sensibly balanced evolves.
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[2010 Oscar Nominee Animation]Logorama - François Alaux, Herve de Crecy, Ludovic Houplain (2009)
English | Xvid | 700 x 432 | 3448kbs | MP3 128kbs | 400MB | 17 min.
Genre: Animation

The entire universe of this film, even the characters within (a talking "Pringles" man, and a villainous Ronald McDonald), even the city of Los Angeles itself -- are all composed of repurposed corporate logo art, all of which is used without permission.

Una historia de 17 minutos al más puro estilo hollywoodiense. Logorama es una película en la que, entre personajes, escenarios y objetos, aparecen más de 2.500 logos. El corto empieza a emitirse ahora después de 4 años de trabajo de H5.
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La ministra inmoral - (Celmira Zuluaga, 2007)
Spanish | 624 x 368 | Xvid 1317kbs | 29.97fps| MP3 128kbs | 1.07 GB | 105min.
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Thriller
Subtitles: English *.srt

Gilma Zuleta is a successful professional and minister of the republic who has achieved everything but love. In the height of her career she experiences a loss of lithium in her organism which generat...( read more read more... )es a strong depression and makes her want to take her own life. But the minister isn’t capable of committing suicide so she hires an assassin to kill her. Later she will try to undo her agreement when she finds love.

La Ministra de la República Gilma Zuleta lo alcanzó casi todo, todo menos el amor. Al encontrarse en la cúspide de su carrera, la Ministra sufre una profunda depresión con fuertes cambios de comportamiento que la induce a tomar la decisión de quitarse la vida. No siendo capaz de suicidarse por su propia mano, encuentra la forma perfecta cuando recurre a un ex sicario rehabilitado en su Fundación para que la contacte con un asesino a sueldo y así lograr darle fin a sus días.
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[Animation]БАНКЕТ aka The banquet - Garri Bardin (Гарри Бардин, 1975)
Russian | 640x480 | Xvid 1605kbs | MP3 192kbs | 122MB | 10 min.
Genre: Animation
Subtitles: English *.srt

The Film is devoted to the struggle against hard drinking. In the author and the director’s field of vision is a typical and widespread case from an ordinary life - a feast on the occasion of Birthday. Heroes of film are present invisible, their actions are expressed through the subjects and sounds.

Фильм посвящен борьбе с пьянством. В поле зрения автора и режиссера типичный и распространенный случай из повседневной жизни - застолье по поводу Дня рождения. Герои фильма присутствуют незримо, их действия выражаются через предметы и звуковой ряд.
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[Animation]ДОСТАТЬ ДО НЕБА aka Touch the sky - Garri Bardin (Гарри Бардин, 1975)
Silent | 512x384 | DivX5 1100kbs | MP3 128kbs | 86MB | 8 min.

The film tells us a story how a cosmonaut helped the children to return the star on the sky. For kids.

Дети с помощью Космонавта возвращают на небо упавшую звездочку. Для малышей
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[Animation]Lieberskrank – Spela Cadez (2007)
Silent | 708 x 388 | Divx 1814kbs | MP3 192kbs | 122MB | 8 min.

You will not see a more charming love story than Lovesick, by Spela Cadez last year's winner of the "FIA 2008 People's Choice Award" - I trailed the festival here yesterday. Sickness and x-rays are not my cup of tea, nor gory operations. I get squeamish spreading strawberry jam. So when our wide eyed, tearful hero goes into the hospital, has the treatment and sees his heart laid out on a tray he not unnaturally becomes concerned. The nurse and doctor are briskly efficient to the point of indifference and their patient is left with the vital organ and number 61 in the queue. Waiting for the continuation of the operation he meets a real head turner of a girl whose afflication appears catching. Can the doctors work their magic? Humour is the art of the unexpected and Spela's puppet drama kept me guessing till the end, with a series of twists and turns. (You have to see the thing to appreciate the reference.)

Любовные раны и никогда не просыхающие слезы очень трудно вылечить, но это лечится…Трогательная история о том, как встретились два "неладных" героя в приемной доктора, а потом как в песне поется: "All You Need Is Love ".

El dolor del corazón, ojos que no dejan de llorar lloran y cabezas giradas son sintomas dificiles de tratar pero afortunadamente no son males incurables.