Mastering Color With Ben Willmore
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Mastering Color With Ben Willmore
2DVDs - ISO | 1.13GB & 1.37GB

Contained on this DVDs are more than two hours of Ben’s trademark Photoshop instruction, all focused on just one thing: using and correcting color with the program. Over the course of the DVD, Ben covers all of Photoshop’s options for transforming colors within images (including new ones like the Match Color command in Photoshop CS).
Advanced Photoshop Magazine issue 64
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Advanced Photoshop Magazine Issue 64
PDF + Content CD | Format: PDF | 100 pages | 155 MB + 370 MB

Advanced Photoshop is the perfect magazine for honing already great Photoshop skills. Each issue is packed full of inspiring interviews and challenging tutorials, tailor-made for the more advanced digital artist. Readers also benefit from an essential CD-ROM each issue. Whether you're a Photoshop professional or simply aspiring to be one. Advanced Photoshop will help you perfect your art.
Daily Life in Ancient Rome: The People and the City at the Height of the Empire
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Jérôme Carcopino, "Daily Life in Ancient Rome: The People and the City at the Height of the Empire"
Yale University Press | ISBN: 0300101864 | October 1, 2021 | 368 pages | PDF | 29.8 MB

This classic book brings to life imperial Rome as it was during the second century A.D., the time of Trajan and Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius, and Commodus. It was a period marked by lavish displays of wealth, a dazzling cultural mix, and the advent of Christianity. The splendor and squalor of the city, the spectacles, and the day's routines are reconstructed from an immense fund of archaeological evidence and from vivid descriptions by ancient poets, satirists, letter-writers, and novelists-from Petronius to Pliny the Younger. In a new Introduction, the eminent classicist Mary Beard appraises the book's enduring-and sometimes surprising-influence and its value for general readers and students. She also provides an up-to-date bibliographic essay.
B0688 CO2 Corrosion control in oil and gas production
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M. B. Kermani, L. M. Smith, "B0688 CO2 Corrosion control in oil and gas production"
Maney Materials Science | ISBN: 1861250525 | October 1, 2021 | 64 pages | PDF | 2.3 MB

Addresses the steps necessary to design oil and gas handling facilities considering key environment parameters which influence CO2 corrosion risk in different parts of the facilities. It considers corrosion control through the use of corrosion allowance on steel and deployment of inhibitors. This is the first document which tackles all aspects necessary to address CO2 corrosion design of all items of oil field equipment and facilities incorporating production, processing and transportation.
Information Technology and Product Development
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Satish Nambisan, "Information Technology and Product Development (Annals of Information Systems)"
Springer | ISBN: 1441910808 | November 24, 2021 | 218 pages | PDF | 1.5 MB

Infusing new products into a company or organization’s product is imperative for the growth of that organization. In addition, New Product Development (NPD) does not necessarily happen in one place over a defined period of time. NPD is most often distributed in both space and time across a wide range of entities. Therefore, distributed information technology systems play a large role in developing new product lines.
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: A Research Agenda provides definition and research parameters that further theoretical concepts and insights on the application of IT in product development and innovation activities in business enterprises. More specifically, the book serves the following objectives: Provides a review of the existing literature on the intersection of IT and NPD and begin to sketch out an integrative framework that can form a foundation for continuing research on the area, introduces new theoretical perspectives by drawing and integrating from different functional business disciplines: information systems, technology management, innovation management, operations, and organizational behavior, offers viewpoints from industry on key trends in IT-enabled product development and the implication of these trends for future research in the area.
A Brief History of the Olympic Games
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A Brief History of the Olympic Games
Wiley-Blackwell | ISBN: 1405111291 | January 5, 2022 | 200 pages | PDF | 1.6 MB

For more than a millennium, the ancient Olympics captured the imaginations of the Greeks, until a Christianized Rome terminated the competitions in the fourth century AD. But the Olympic ideal did not die and this book is a succinct history of the ancient Olympics and their modern resurgence.
Classics professor David Young, who has researched the subject for over 25 years, reveals how the ancient Olympics evolved from modest beginnings into a grand festival, attracting hundreds of highly trained athletes, tens of thousands of spectators, and the finest artists and poets.
Advanced Digital Black & White Photography (REPOST)
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Advanced Digital Black & White Photography
Lark Books | ISBN: 1600592104 | October 1, 2021 | 192 pages | HQ PDF | 70.3 MB

Digital photographers can now attain the enduring beauty of black-and-white photography in their own work! There’s more to monochrome than just discarding the color in Photoshop, but many books simply treat it as an afterthought. Not this one! John Beardsworth teaches every major method of making a color picture black and white, and explains what kind of images are best, and why. Both ambitious newcomers and advanced enthusiasts will learn how to achieve the richest tonal depth and balance, use black and white to interpret the subject for the viewer, reproduce historic and darkroom processes, add creative and special effects, and produce exhibition-quality prints.
The Creative Digital Darkroom (REPOST)
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Katrin Eismann and Sean Duggan, "The Creative Digital Darkroom"
O'Reilly | ISBN: 0596100477 | January 11, 2022 | 432 pages | HQ PDF | 121.9 MB

This tutorial takes photographers beyond the quick tips and gimmicky effects of many digital photography books. Author Katrin Eismann -- an internationally acclaimed artist, bestselling author, and gifted educator -- offers high-profile work, including her own, as examples for teaching photographers how to use the digital medium to create, edit, and output images that reflect their true vision.
Co-authored by photographer and teacher Sean Duggan, The Creative Digital Darkroom translates skills, concepts, and nomenclature of the traditional darkroom into digital solutions for photographers who sense that, despite the newness of the technologies at hand, there remains a timeless method for learning and practicing photography the right way. This is not a Photoshop book per se, but it does focus on the photographic aspects of Photoshop, something other books claim to do but rarely have the discipline to accomplish
Reading Latin: Text
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Peter V. Jones, "Reading Latin: Text"
Cambridge University Press | ISBN: 0521286239 | August 29, 2021 | 176 pages | PDF | 11 MB

Reading Latin is a Latin course designed to help mature beginners read Latin fluently and intelligently, primarily in the context of classical culture, but with some mediaeval Latin too. It does this in three ways; it encourages reading of continuous texts from the start; it offers generous help with translation at every stage; and it integrates the learning of Classical Latin with an appreciation of the influence of the Latin language upon English and European culture from Antiquity to the present. The text, richly illustrated, consists at the start of carefully graded adaptations from original Classical Latin texts. The adaptations are gradually phased out until unadultered prose and verse can be read. The Grammar, Vocabulary and Exercises volume supplies all the help needed to do this, together with a range of reinforcing exercises for each section, including English into Latin for those who want it. At the end of each section, a selection of Latin epigrams, mottoes, quotations, everyday Latin, word-derivations, examples of mediaeval Latin and discussions of the influence of Latin upon English illustrate the language's impact on Western culture. Reading Latin is principally designed for university and adult beginners, and also for sixth-formers (eleventh and twelth graders in the USA). It is also ideal for those people who may have learned Latin many years ago, and wish to renew their acquaintance with the language. Its companion course, Reading Greek is one of the most widely used mature beginners' courses in the world.
Money and the Nation State: The Financial Revolution, Government, and the World Monetary System
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Jr., Richard Timberlake, Kevin Dowd, Merton Miller, "Money and the Nation State: The Financial Revolution, Government, and the World Monetary System (Independent Studies in Political Economy)"
Transaction Publishers | ISBN: 1560009306 | January 1, 2022 | 453 pages | PDF | 9.4 MB
Language Implementation Patterns: Create Your Own Domain-Specific and General Programming Languages
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Terence Parr, "Language Implementation Patterns: Create Your Own Domain-Specific and General Programming Languages (Pragmatic Programmers)"
Pragmatic Bookshelf | ISBN: 193435645X | December 31, 2021 | 374 pages | PDF | 3.3 MB

Knowing how to create domain-specific languages (DSLs) can give you a huge productivity boost. Instead of writing code in a general-purpose programming language, you can first build a custom language tailored to make you efficient in a particular domain.
The key is understanding the common patterns found across language implementations. Language Design Patterns identifies and condenses the most common design patterns, providing sample implementations of each.
24 Hour Party People: What the Sleeve Notes Never Tell You
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Tony Wilson, "24 Hour Party People: What the Sleeve Notes Never Tell You"
Channel 4 | ISBN: 075222025X | December 2002 | 256 pages | PDF | 36.9 MB

This is the bizarre and not entirely fabricated story of the founder of the Factory record label, Anthony Wilson. Part fiction, part reality, comic and tragic by turns, Wilson tells his own unique story in his own unique way for the very first time. From the dawn of punk to the death of acid house, Anthony Wilson was at the center of it all. Love him or hate him, you can't possibly ignore him. Includes numerous black & white and color photographs. Based on the movie screenplay by Frank Cottrell Boyce.
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Human Variability and Plasticity
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C. G. Nicholas Mascie-Taylor, Barry Bogin, G. A. Harrison, "Human Variability and Plasticity (Cambridge Studies in Biological and Evolutionary Anthropology)"
Cambridge University Press | ISBN: 0521453992 | August 25, 2021 | 256 pages | DJVU | 1.4 MB

Plasticity refers to the ability of many animals to alter their biology on response to changes in their environment. Humans are perhaps the most plastic of all species, and hence the most variable. This cook covers topics such as child growth, starvation, disease and the effects of migration, modernisation and other life style changes on human variability. It will be especially useful to students and researchers in biological anthropology and human biology interested in expanding their knowledge of this fascinating area.
OO Software DriveLED v3.1.1983
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OO Software DriveLED v3.1.1983 | 13.4 MB

No other single part of the modern computer system is more susceptible to malfunction than the hard disk. In fact, such a malfunction can come without warning and is often unavoidable. With O&O DriveLED 3, however, you now have the ability to recognize a potential malfunction before it happens. O&O DriveLED 3 is a partner you can depend on: accurately telling you when it’s time to backup your important data with O&O DiskImage, or even replace the hard disk entirely. Just one license, and all the hard disks on your computer will remain under constant observation.
OO Software CleverCache Professional and Server v7.1.2737
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OO Software CleverCache Professional and Server v7.1.2737 (x86/x64) | 16.7MB/16.6MB

Even with the latest hardware, the processing of digital pictures, videos, or computer games can often lead to longer answering times or “frozen” programs. In fact, it’s often not the lack of main memory capacity that’s at fault, but the file cache management of your Windows operating system. O&O CleverCache makes sure that the file cache is reset while the computer’s running: something that otherwise usually requires a restart of the computer. O&O CleverCache will let you will continuously maintain maximum levels of performance on your computer!

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