Witch 2.0.2 - [mac osX]
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Witch 2.0.2
mac osX | rs | 6.2 mb

Have you ever wanted to switch to a certain window, not just the application it belongs to? While you can use Exposé to switch windows, doing so can be very clumsy if you’re the keyboard-only type of user. And don’t all of these windows look just the same when they are scaled down?

Witch lets you access all of your windows by pressing a shortcut and choosing from a clearly arranged list of window titles. Moreover, you can use Witch to…

* Directly access minimized windows without using your mouse
* Close minimized windows without bringing them to front first
* Zoom, de-/minimize, and close windows on the fly

George Orwell - Animal Farm - (Unabridged Edition 2004)
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George Orwell - Animal Farm - (Unabridged Edition 2004)
mp3 - 128 kbps (vbr) - mpga | 66 tracks | 3 CDs | rs | ~174.8 mb
language: english | genre: audiobook | iTunes optimized

George Orwell's classic satire of the Russian Revolution is an intimate part of our contemporary culture. It is an account of the bold struggle that transforms Mr. Jones's Manor Farm into Animal Farm, a wholly democratic society built on the credo that All Animals Are Created Equal. Out of their cleverness, the pigs Napoleon, Squealer, and Snowball emerge as leaders of the new community in a subtle evolution that bears an insidious familiarity. The climax is the brutal betrayal of the faithful horse Boxer, when totalitarian rule is reestablished with the bloodstained postscript to the founding slogan: But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others.
Noam Chomsky - Class War & the Attack on Working People - (audioBook 1998)
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Noam Chomsky - Class War & the Attack on Working People - (1998)
mp3 - 259 kbps (vbr) - mpga | 00:55:02 min | rs | ~103.4 mb
language: english | genre: speech, audioBook | iTunes optimized

This speech was recorded live at MIT back in 1995. I had to put this recording aside for a few years because it made me so angry to listen to it. I wasn't mad at Chomsky or his views- I was mad at the infuriating truths that he reveals and documents. Having spent most of my life in industry on either the shop floor or the engineering office I knew that I was hearing truth. Having also put in my time in grad school I had little trust or like for academics, but Prof. Chomsky is the exception that proves the rule. These aren't sound bites, they are documented truths expressed in honest language. By the way, Chomsky isn't in any way calling for "class war" here, he is just describing the reality what has been going on for several decades now.

There is truth here that you never hear anywhere else. Even wild-eyed radicals seldom deliver hard, unpleasant facts this well. Let's face it, human rights have always been subordinant to business rights in this country. But things have gotten outrageously worse in modern times. We are a corporate tyranny far surpassing any level of totalitarianism found in the rest of the developed world. And it really started with outright criminal behavior under the "great" Ronald Reagan. I know- I saw it happen.
Helge Schneider - Helge & Hardcore Jazz - (2001)
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Helge Schneider - Helge & Hardcore Jazz - (2001)
mp3 - 220 kbps (vbr) - mpga | 11 tracks | rs | ~76.4 mb
genre: jazz music | iTunes optimized

Ueber den Autor
Helge Schneider, 1955 in Mülheim an der Ruhr geboren, Komiker, Komponist, Musiker, Entertainer, Buch- und Drehbuchautor, Schauspieler, Regisseur.

eye TV 3.2 + eye TV for iPhone / iPod touch - [mac osX]
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eye TV 3.2 + eye TV for iPhone / iPod touch
mac osX | rs | 96.7 + 6.4 mb

...despite the lack of competition in this market, EyeTV is innovating at a phenomenal pace. Very few other companies produce similar software, but Elgato are not resting on their laurels. Not only is EyeTV a great piece of software at the moment, it seems to be improving regularly with new features and bug fixes.

If you’re looking for a TV solution on your Mac I can’t recommend EyeTV highly enough. --David Appleyard, MacAppStorm

Machinarium - [mac osX Game]
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Machinarium 2009 - (mac osX Game)
mac osX - [intel & ppc] | english | Type : Point&Click Adventure | rs | 359.4 mb

It’s the tale of an adorable little robot, cast out from a mechanical city by accident. He must find his way back home, rescue his girlfriend and prevent a gang of robot hoodlums from setting off a bomb. Inventory puzzles are the game’s main currency, but it has a refreshing disposable take on this old genre standard. Once a puzzle is overcome, items are automatically discarded, so there’s none of the inventory bloat that other adventure games suffer from. It’s a streamlined procession of smaller brain-teasing chunks which lead seamlessly into one another while keeping their mysteries neatly separated.
J.J.R Tolkien - The Lord of the Rings - [BBC Version 2002]
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J.J.R Tolkien - The Lord of the Rings (BBC 2002)
mp3 - 32 kbps (vbr) - mpga | 13 tracks | rs | ~171.5 mb
language: english | genre: audiobook | iTunes optimized

Originally dramatised by the BBC in 1981 in 26 half-hour stereo installments. In 1999, the 26-part series was subsequently edited into 13 hour-long episodes. The 13-part series was later released as a BBC Radio Collection Audiobook.

This 13-part version was recorded from BBC radio (rerun on Radio 4 in 2002) and issued as a torrent from http://radioarchive.cc.

Helge Schneider - Complete Works 1987 - 2009 - (Audio only)
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Helge Schneider - Complete Works 1987 - 2009 - (Audio only)
audioBooks, Music, Comedy | mp3 format | 19 Albums | rs

Helge Schneider, 1955 born in Germany, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Comedian, Composer, Musician, Entertainer, Book- and Scriptwriter (Film/Stage play), Actor, Film Director.

He is one (if not the only one) of Germany´s funniest Entertainers. I personally love his improvised Comedy and Music, because it is more than unique and 100 % self made. In the beginning of Helge`s glorious career he started as a Jazz Musician and Entertainer. The song "Katzenklo" which i don´t like that much was his great break trough and over night he became famous and started to follow invitations to Germany`s Late Night Shows, like Schmitteinander etc..

From the very first moment in public Entertainment he confused the Audience including Moderators by presenting himself in a dressing gown, or else and made unusual performances no one ever expected - (like in the old Happenings - everything is possile). Not only verbal Humor in combination with Music is his great advantage, its is also the way he acts like a person in the limelight. Spontaneous dancing, funny mimic and gesture...(difficult to explain - you have to see it). This guy plays an enormous amount of different instruments, sometimes simultaneous. - interested ?! maybe you start with the two documentaries in this post.
Tangerine! 1.3.6 - [mac osX]
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Tangerine! 1.3.6 [`K]
mac osX | rs | 8.3 mb

Tangerine! lets you easily create playlists of upbeat music, or playlists for relaxing. It works by analyzing the BPM and the beat intensity of your music. Spend your time listening to music, not making playlists.

What´s new?!
Version 1.3.6
iTunes 7.7.1 compatibility update
Mp3 Trimmer 2.9.1 - [mac oSX]
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Mp3 Trimmer 2.9.1
mac osX | rs | 7.6 mb

No more re-encoding and converting between formats, using several applications. Remove unwanted portions of your MP3 files – without losing any of the quality!

As easy as 1-2-3:
1: Drop your MP3 on MP3 Trimmer 2: Choose trimpoints 3: Save as a new file!
The new file will have exactly the same audio quality as the original.

But wait... there's more... a lot more!
You can even add smooth fade-ins/outs to your new file, or change the over all gain. You can join songs together, divide them, repair broken MP3s or simply analyze them frame by frame. MP3 Trimmer also features powerful batch processing to automate editing/repair on large amounts of files.
Crazy Machines 1.1.3 - [mac osX Game]
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Crazy Machines
mac osX | rs | 37 mb
language: english | genre: logic, puzzle,strategy

Crazy Machines is a game inspired by "The Incredible Machines", where you construct machines from various parts. Features include:

* Over 60 lovingly-detailed modelled parts like, for example, catapults, solar cells, steam engines, dynamite, cogwheels, fuses, etc.
* Detail-rich 3D graphics with dynamic realtime shadows and high-resolution textures.
* Over 100 great levels, including tutorial tasks for an easy quick-start in programming
* Level Editor to experiment with and create your own machines
* Import and Export function for self-created levels
* Truly realistic collision of game elements thanks to integrated physics engine
* Elements from various physical areas, e.g. mechanics, optics, electrics, thermodynamics
Things_1.2.1 - [mac osX]
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Things v1.2.1
mac osX | rs | 8.5 mb
Xslimmer v1.7.5 - [mac osX]
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Xslimmer v1.7.5
mac osX | rs | 5.5 mb

Xslimmer, the friendly way to right-size your apps without losing functionality.

• Remove unnecessary code from fat binaries. Xslimmer determines which code your machine needs and removes the rest. This is achieved by removing the code inside the Universal Binaries that does not fit with your machine’s architecture, a code that never gets executed and just wastes your disk space.

• Strip out unneeded languages. Safari is available in more than a dozen languages, Adium in more than 20. This is great, but how many of those do you need? Xslimmer allows you to select how many languages you want to preserve in your apps and will remove the rest, recovering lots of precious free space from your disk.
J.J.R Tolkien - Der Herr der Ringe - [2001]
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J.J.R Tolkien - Der Herr der Ringe - (2001)
mp3 - 48 kbps (vbr) - mpga | 30 tracks | rs | ~243.6 mb
language: german | genre: audiobook | iTunes optimized

Wir schreiben das Jahr 3001, Drittes Zeitalter nach der großen Schlacht. Im Auenland gehen merkwürdige Dinge vor. Morgoth, der Böse, ist wieder erstarkt und die Schatten seines Reiches Mordor werden länger. Bald ist ganz Mittelerde vom Untergang bedroht. Sauron, Statthalter von Mordor und Diener von Morgoth, fordert sein Eigentum zurück: Den einen Ring, den Ring der Macht. Dieser ist unter allen Geschöpfen, stolzen Elben, klugen Zauberern, Menschen und Zwergen ausgerechnet Frodo, dem Hobbit, in die Hände gefallen. Nur er allein kann Mittelerde retten und macht sich auf zum Schicksalsberg. Und so beginnen die Großen Jahre . . .
Lassen Sie sich auf das Abenteuer ein, erschaffen Sie für sich die geheime Welt von J. R. R. Tolkien, genießen Sie Kino für die Ohren! Eine Hörspielproduktion der Superlative:

In einer der aufwändigsten Produktionen der Hörspielgeschichte inszenierte Peter Lau die Feste, Abenteuer und Schlachten im Auenland. Peter Zwetkoff komponierte die Musik und über 40 Schauspieler liehen Hobbits, Elben, Zwergen, Ents, Orks und anderen Bewohnern von Mittelerde ihre Stimmen.
FanControl v1.2 - [mac osX]
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FanControl v1.2
mac osX | rs | 6.2 mb

Do you think your MacBook (Pro) is running to hot? Give Fan Control a try then.
Some MacBook (Pro) are just to hot for daylong use. Fan Control adjusts the minimum fan speed depending on the current CPU temperature. For safety, it leaves the original automatic fan speed control intact.
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