IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1
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IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1
Publisher: Packt Publishing | ISBN: 1847199283 | edition 2010 | PDF | 335 pages | 12,1 mb

Upgrade your system and embrace the exciting new features of the Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1 platform
* Upgrade to the latest version of Lotus Notes and Domino
* Understand the new features and put them to work in your business
* Thoroughly covers Domino Attachment Object Service (DAOS), Domino Configuration Tuner (DCT) and iNotes
* Explore other useful Lotus products, such as Lotus Sametime, Lotus Quickr, Lotus Connections, and IBM WebSphere Portal
* Packed with expert tips and useful screenshots
Art and Politics: Psychoanalysis, Ideology, Theatre
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Art and Politics: Psychoanalysis, Ideology, Theatre
Publisher: Pluto Press | ISBN: 0745326471 | edition 2006 | PDF | 189 pages | 12 mb

This book explores the complex relationship between art and politics. Walter Davis uses his extensive knowledge of psychoanalysis to develop a philosophical critique of the impact that the current political climate is having on all artistic endeavour. He uses examples from a wide variety of fields including the theatre and popular culture, to show how true artistic freedom of expression is under threat from the ideological constraints imposed by contemporary capitalism.
Starting with an analysis of the censorship of the play 'My Name is Rachel Corrie', which was withdrawn from production by a major New York theatre due to political pressure, Davis shows how all art that challenges the mainstream is suppressed or distorted to suit the politics of our time -- one that will not recognize the truth of human experience and the disorder at the heart of all civilization.
World Drug Report 2007
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World Drug Report 2007
Publisher: United Nations Publications | ISBN: 9211482224 | edition 2007 | PDF | 282 pages | 12,6 mb

"World Drug Report 2007" sets out the most comprehensive global assessment of the current illicit drug situation, including trends in the global drugs market as well as in the four main markets for opium/heroin, cocaine, cannabis, and amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS). The 2007 report also examines the relationship between transnational organised crime and drug trafficking as well as giving information on drug production, prices, and consumption.The 2007 report highlights signs of long-term containment of the world problem, building on the assessment of last year, with trends indicating overall stability in all four key drug markets in relation to cultivation, production, and consumption. However, this overall trend masks contrasting regional situations. For instance, while an impressive multi-year reduction in opium poppy cultivation continued in South East Asia, Afghanistan recorded a large increase in 2006.
Professional Live Communications Server
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Professional Live Communications Server
Publisher: Wrox | ISBN: 0471773212 | edition 2006 | PDF | 332 pages | 13,1 mb

* Live Communications Server is an emerging technology that will be an important component of Microsoft's business solutions in the coming years; this book is the ultimate guide to LCS
* The expert authors cover audio and video conferencing and explain how to integrate VoIP and other telephone systems
* Shows readers how to secure instant messaging both within and outside of a company
* Explains how LCS integrates comfortably with products such as
* Office, Exchange Server, and Active Directory, a factor that makes LCS a must-know technology
The Geometry and Topology of Three-Manifolds
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The Geometry and Topology of Three-Manifolds
Publisher: Mathematical Sciences Research Institute | ISBN: N\A | edition 2002 | PDF | 379 pages | 32 mb

The author's intent is to describe the very strong connection between geometry and lowdimensional topology in a way which will be useful and accessible (with some effort) to graduate students and mathematicians working in related fields, particularly 3-manifolds and Kleinian groups.
Kid's Visual Reference of the United States
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Kid's Visual Reference of the United States
Publisher: Blackbirch Press | ISBN: 1567116590 | edition 2002 | PDF | 337 pages | 71,1 mb

An alphabetical presentation of brief statistics and pictorial information about each of the United States, as well as U.S. territories and possessions.
Introduction to AutoCAD 2009: 2D and 3D Design
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Introduction to AutoCAD 2009: 2D and 3D Design
Publisher: Newnes | ISBN: 0750689838 | edition 2008 | PDF | 427 pages | 20,7 mb

Alf Yarwood provides a practical, structured course of work matched to the latest release of AutoCAD. After introducing first principles and the creation of 2D technical drawings, he goes on to demonstrate the construction of 3D solid and surface model drawings and rendering. All the new features of the 2009 software release are taken into account and the increasing emphasis on 3D solid modelling in the software is reflected in the book. The 2D chapters are also suitable for those learning how to use AutoCAD LT 2009.
Suitable for all new users of AutoCAD, this book is particularly applicable to vocational and introductory level undergraduate courses in engineering and construction. It is an ideal textbook for the City & Guilds Computer Aided Design and Engineering qualifications (4353 and 2303)and the relevant CAD units of BTEC National and BTEC Higher National Engineering and Construction schemes from Edexcel.
Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Photoshop CS3 in 24 Hours (Repost)
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Sams Teach Yourself Adobe Photoshop CS3 in 24 Hours
Publisher: Sams | ISBN: 0672329352 | edition 2007 | PDF | 551 pages | 22,2 mb

You can master Photoshop CS3 faster than you ever thought possible—even if you have no Photoshop or image editing experience at all! In just 24 hands-on, step-by-step lessons, this book will teach you all the core Photoshop skills you need to get great results—in digital photography, graphic design, painting, or anything else!
By the Way notes present interesting information related to the discussion.
Did You Know? tips offer advice or show you easier ways to do something.
Watch Out! cautions alert you to possible problems and give you advice on how to avoid them.
Cubase SX/SL 3 Power!
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Cubase SX/SL 3 Power!
Publisher: Course Technology PTR | ISBN: 1592005373 | edition 2005 | PDF | 501 pages | 13 mb

Get ready to dive into Cubase SX or SL 3! This book provides a thorough look at the most common as well as lesser-known features of this impressive digital audio production software. Beyond describing the features of the program and how they work, Cubase SX/SL 3 Power! tells ?why? to use certain features and ?when? they are most beneficial to your project. You?ll gain a better understanding of Cubase SX or SL while learning how to use all the exciting new tools in version 3, such as the new Freeze function, which makes it possible to render temporary audio inserts to free up computer resources, and the External FX Plug-ins VST Connections which make it easier to use external effect modules inside your SX or SL projects. Packed with useful tips and detailed explanations, this book is your guide to taking advantage of all that Cubase has to offer and making a powerful difference in your music creation. ”
Basic Medical Biochemistry: A Clinical Approach
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Basic Medical Biochemistry: A Clinical Approach
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins | ISBN: 068305595X | edition 1996 | PDF | 806 pages | 53,6 mb

Dr. Dawn Marks and her coauthors cover human biochemistry in a reasonably comprehensive fashion for students, using case studies to show the relationship between biochemistry and clinical problems. Facts and pathways are presented to emphasize how the underlying biochemistry is related to the body's overall physiological functioning. Lecturers - Click here to order a FREE Review Copy of this title
Encyclopedia of Buddhism
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Encyclopedia of Buddhism
Publisher: Macmillan Library Reference | ISBN: 0028657195 | edition 2004 | PDF | 1042 pages | 25,5 mb

Buddhism is one of the three major world religions, along with Christianity and Islam, and has a history that is several centuries longer than either of its counterparts. Starting in India some twenty-five hundred years ago, Buddhist monks and nuns almost immediately from the inception of the dispensation began to “to wander forth for the welfare and weal of the many, out of compassion for the world,” commencing one of the greatest missionary movements in world religious history. Over the next millennium, Buddhism spread from India throughout the Asian continent, from the shores of the Caspian Sea in the west, to the Inner Asian steppes in the north, the Japanese isles in the east, and the Indonesian archipelago in the south...
Knitted Gardens
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Knitted Gardens
Publisher: Search Press | ISBN: 0855327324 | edition 1992 | JPG | 144 pages | 45,9 mb

A book of imaginative and practical knitting projects, all with a garden flavour for knitters and garden-lovers alike.
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Astrophysics: Decoding the Cosmos
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Astrophysics: Decoding the Cosmos
Publisher: Wiley | ISBN: 0470013052 | edition 2007 | PDF | 456 pages | 12,4 mb

Astrophysics: Decoding the Cosmos is an accessible introduction to the key principles and theories underlying astrophysics.
This text takes a close look at the radiation and particles that we receive from astronomical objects, providing a thorough understanding of what this tells us, drawing the information together using examples to illustrate the process of astrophysics. Chapters dedicated to objects showing complex processes are written in an accessible manner and pull relevant background information together to put the subject firmly into context.
The intention of the author is that the book will be a ‘tool chest’ for undergraduate astronomers wanting to know the how of astrophysics. Students will gain a thorough grasp of the key principles, ensuring that this often-difficult subject becomes more accessible.
Pro Tools Overdrive!
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Pro Tools Overdrive!
Publisher: Course Technology PTR | ISBN: 1592006256 | edition 2005 | PDF | 297 pages | 11,6 mb

If you're an experienced user of Pro Tools and you want to take your skills to the next level, this guide is for you. Packed with advanced tips, tricks, and useful screenshots, "Pro Tools Overdrive!" helps you get the most out of Pro Tools -- both TDM and LE versions. Rather than waste time on the basics, you'll learn many power techniques gleaned from the author's extensive experience with Pro Tools. Whether you are the owner of Pro Tools 6.7 or have another version, most of the techniques are not version-specific so you'll be sure to benefit. Each tip is clear, concise, and easy to refer to -- enabling you to jump immediately to the information you need, and then get on with your project. Using the innovative, expert-level, and solid techniques discussed in this book, you will deepen your knowledge of this powerful application in no time!
Master Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery: Fractures
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Master Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery: Fractures
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins | ISBN: 0781752906 | edition 2006 | PDF | 1680 pages | 64,5 mb

Completely updated for its Second Edition, this acclaimed Master Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery volume presents the most advanced, successful surgical techniques for fractures of the upper extremity, lower extremity, pelvis, and acetabulum. The world's foremost surgeons describe their preferred techniques in step-by-step detail, explain the indications and contraindications, identify pitfalls and potential complications, and offer pearls and tips for improving results. The book is thoroughly illustrated with full-color, sequential, surgeon's-eye view intraoperative photographs, as well as drawings by noted medical illustrators. This edition includes nine new chapters--Clavicle Fractures: ORIF; Femoral Neck Fractures: Arthroplasty; Intertrochanteric Hip Fractures: IM Hip Screw; Hip Arthroplasty for Intertrochanteric Hip Fractures; Femoral Shaft Fractures: Retrograde Nailing; Supracondylar Femur Fractures: ORIF; Proximal Tibial Fractures: Locked Plating; Tibial Shaft Fractures: Spatial Frame; and Periprosthetic Femur Fractures. Seventeen chapters have been rewritten by new contributing authors.

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