Microsoft Ancient Lands 1.0 Complete package
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Microsoft Ancient Lands | Explore the Mysterious World of the Past
Microsoft Press 1994 | Multimedia CD | 570 MB

The ancient world is yours to explore. What was life like for soldiers? Servants? Kings? Discover, through rich images, sound, animation, and video, the mysteries and marvels of life in ancient times.
Multimedia Mozart : The Dissonant Quartet : An Illustrated, Interactive Musical Exploration (CD-ROM)
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Multimedia Mozart : The Dissonant Quartet

Microsoft Press 1993 | ISBN: 157231012X | 140 MB

Mozart and his music come alive in this interactive exploration of the String Quartet in C Major. Historic events of 18th-century Europe and Mozart's own intense genius combine to create an expressive beauty in each individual stringed instrument. Music scholar Robert Winter interprets the inner meaning of The Dissonant Quartet. Includes color illustrations and informative charts. System Requirements: IBM-compatible 386SX or better; Super VGA monitor with 256 colors; CD-ROM drive; 4MB RAM; DOS 3.1 or later; Windows 3.1 or later; sound board.
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How to Draw Animals, Jack Hamm
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How to Draw Animals, Jack Hamm
Perigee Trade (January 15, 2022) | ISBN10: 0399508023 | 296 MB

Simple, clear instructions for drawing animals with more than 1,000 step-by-step illustrations. Basic fundamentals for the beginner, new principles and techniques for the professional. A detailed guide for everyone who enjoys--or wants to enjoy--drawing.

Hassan Fathy, Ismail Serageldin
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Hassan Fathy
Ismail Serageldin | Biblotheca Alexandrina, 2008 | ISBN10: 977616398X | 5.75 MB

Written on Egypt's best known architect since Imhotep, this book presents a detailed biography of a man who, rooted in his local surroundings, strove for cultural authenticity and was, as a result, universally appreciated. Born on 23 March 1900, Hassan Fathy was destined to influence the architectural trends and modes of his century. A renowned name in his field, Fathy was still a lonely guru who, though marginalized by his contemporary peers, never compromised his vision; he continued to reject the Western modernist norm and design for human beings. This must-read book presents an illustrated documentary of the projects and buildings Fathy so masterfully designed.
Bonaparte et l'Egypte, Frédéric Kunzi
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Bonaparte et l'Egypte, Frédéric Kunzi
Favre Sa (1 septembre 2005) | ISBN": 2828908321 | Full PDF color | 220 MB

Presentation Editor
Bonaparte, for the first time, is presented as the father of Egyptology. The Rosetta Stone, the Description of Egypt and 900 etchings, the colossal work of 167 scholars who accompanied the army of the East, all this wonderful adventure is told primarily through images. Some 200 designs were selected by the author to report a story that forever bind Egypt and France.
Basic Rendering, Effective Drawing for Designers, Artists and Illustrators by Robert W. Gill
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Basic Rendering, Effective Drawing for Designers, Artists and Illustrators by Robert W. Gill
Basic Rendering, Robert W. Gill | Thames and Hudson | ISBN: 050027634X | 220 p. | 255 ill | 70 MB

The most challenging aspect of the work of any artist or designer must be to represent convincingly a three-dimensional object or view on a two-dimensional surface - that is, to master the technique of rendering. In this clear, step-by-step analysis of rendering, Robert Gill demonstrates how to introduce the illusion of realism into pictorial representations , from a simple rendering of a cube to acknowledged masterpieces of artistic expression.
Stunning Rendring in 3dmax viewport
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Stunning Rendering in 3dmax viewport | FLV | 28 min. | 91 MB

a 28 Minute tutorial on 3dmax to show you how to create good looking rendering using the viewport. to use it as a realtime rendering method

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