1990 Bootsy's Rubber Band - Jungle Bass
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Bootsy's Rubber Band - Jungle Bass (1990)
29:49 | [email protected] | 60mb

comeback/return maxi-album for outstanding p-funk bassist Bootsy Collins
Notes: The Hottest 30 Minutes On Record!
"Really enjoyable excursion into "Cyberfunk", with great production by Bill Laswell. Stays true to Rubber Band roots while breaking new ground. Bootsy gets into some seriously funky soloing, with lots of great slap effects. The Horny Horns are also in full effect. Still, a definite step up in sound and style. Done at the same time as Maceo's 'For All The King's Men', it has much the same cast. A precursor to further experimentation from Bootsy with Bill Laswell." [email protected]
1991 The Legendary Meters feat. JB Horns - Live at the Moonwalker Vol.1&2
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The Legendary Meters feat. JB Horns: Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley & Pee Wee Ellis
Live at the Moonwalker, Aarburg Swiss Vol.1&2 (1991)

02:23:02 | [email protected] | 212mb | re-issued 2002

"This is the first and the second half of a fascinating concert by the Meters, accompanied by the legendary JB Horns, recorded in Aarburg, Switzerland, in 1991. Art Neville didn't make the trip, and is replaced for this show by David Torkanowsky on piano, but the presence of Maceo Parker, Fred Wesley, and Pee Wee Ellis as the JB Horns is what makes this a special treat. Every track literally drips funk, which shouldn't be surprising, since the Meters and the Horns (both with and without James Brown) are among the original architects of the form. This is an unlicensed recording, unfortunately, that hasn't been approved by the musicians involved." [email protected]
2000 Funkadelic - The Original Cosmic Funk Crew
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Funkadelic - The Original Cosmic Funk Crew (2000)
73:09 | [email protected] | 107mb | compilation

"This CD represents the beginning of Cosmic Funky Rock N Roll. George Clinton borrowed the funk (and several musicians) from the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. He used these musicians a bit different from JB, however. JB was quite strict on & off stage. GC was just the opposite. Quite loose. You can tell on "Oh, I" and other tunes on this CD such as "One Nation Under A Groove", that these boys were "high" on something. They don't deny that they were often drinking or smoking while recording these classic tunes. Like Jimi Hendrix, however, the drugs probably enhanced the sounds and made the overall productions quite spacey &, indeed, quite funky. On "Funk Get's Stronger", Sly Stone adds his trippy vocals and style to help GC & the boys come up with another stone classic. The quitarisms of Mike Hampton and the bass of Bootsy Collins puts the "Funk Stamp" on this CD as well. You would want to pick up this CD up ASAP. Funk On, bobba..." [email protected]
1992 Maceo Parker - Life on Planet Groove
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Maceo Parker - Life on Planet Groove (1992)
76:12 | [email protected] | 122mb | in print

"Recorded Live March 5-7 1992, Cologne, Germany.
This is one of the great live funk albums ever. A red-hot show with a lively crowd, it features unbelievable playing and timing between the horns, and an incredibly solid band behind them. Mixing songs from his James Brown days, his early solo career, his new solo career and his stay in Parliament, he ranges from fast and furious to soulful and mellow. I would eagerly recommend it to any fan of Maceo, James Brown, or funky music in general. As it says on the album's cover and Maceo says at the beginning of the show, it's '2% jazz and 98% funky stuff." [email protected]
1983 ZAPP - Zapp III
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ZAPP - Zapp III (1983)
38:35 | [email protected] | 89mb | out of print

"Album's first side features two mammoth jams -- "Heartbreaker, Pt. 1 & 2" and "I Can Make You Dance" -- that weren't as successful commercially as "More Bounce to the Once" or "Dance Floor" yet were nearly as effective in terms of dancefloor utility. With both clocking near ten minutes in length, these songs never sound monotonous or dull in their entirety, as Troutman kept the grooves grooving and the hooks catchy, while forever focusing on the funk. In the end, though, these two wonderful songs end up carrying much of this album's weight, mostly because of their epic stature and their obvious dancefloor emphasis. This album has aged well and remains one of the best early-'80s funk albums. It is out of print, but shouldn't be that hard to find. It's also available on CD as a Japanese import. [email protected]
1988 Cinema - Wrong House
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Cinema - Wrong House (1988)
42:55 | [email protected] | 99mb | out of print
Funk Hip-Hop

'Craig Holliman founded Cinema in 1985. He recruited Kimberly Wright, and guitarist Mark London also from Alpha. "Mark lived in Detroit and moved to Flint to join the group. He was heavily influenced by Prince, but a passionate and brilliantly creative guitarist. "Mark introduced Craig to Christopher Buckingham (the group's live show drummer) who already knew some of the songs at his audition.
Cinema's Wrong House album received BET's highest rating ever at the time of release. Belma Johnson who reviewed the album, on BET's Video Soul, gave it a 9+++++ rating. He was quoted later as saying "the album was really a 10, but we never gave anyone a 10 and I didn't want to blow up there heads on a debut album." ' © Craig Holliman RIP
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1986 Sly Fox - Let's Go All The Way
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Sly Fox - Let's Go All The Way (1986)
35:00 | [email protected] | 57mb | out of print
P.Funk Pop

"Sly Fox was a project spearheaded by Gary 'Mudbone' Cooper. It spawned a hit single ("Let's Go All The Way") that also had a popular video. The only other P.Funk connection was David Spradley, who played keyboards and co-wrote several of the tunes. The album is aimed at a pop market and isn't really a funk album or even a dance album. It's tinged with latin influences and is well-sung, but its essential pop nature makes it fairly substantial. There was also apparently a tour, with Frankie "Kash" Waddy as drummer and bandleader, and future New Rubber Band guitarist Flip Cornett." [email protected]
1984 Kiddo - Action
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Kiddo - Action (1984)
36:42 | [email protected] | 51mb | out of print

"This is once again Donnie Sterling's group. It's heavily keyboard dominated. It tries to recall Funkadelic at times (like "Knee Deep" in "She's Got The Body"), like many 'funk' bands at the time. The good thing about the album are Sterling's vocals, which seem a bit like Rick James. The album's oddity is a cover of The Who's "Can't Explain", blandly sung and played. The lyrics are strictly cookie-cutter love/sex type blatherings. The most interesting song is "Telephone Fantasy", which sounds a bit like Zapp and borrows conceptually from Bootsy. A nice guitar riff and good singing make this one decent." [email protected]
1985 Human Body - Cosmic Round Up
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Human Body - Cosmic Round Up (1985)
42:48 | [email protected] | 67mb | remastered 2008

"Another album from the Roger Troutman crew, this one is much more upbeat and funky than the last one. The first three songs are upbeat dance tunes, the first of which, "Cosmic Round Up", is truly hilarious. Ray Davis does a variation of the 'bow wow wow, yippee-o, yippee-a' routine. The lyrics are strangely moralistic on the other songs, with "Let Me Get You Wet" denouncing sex in favor of love as a solution to the world's problems; and "Desire" being about wanting success, recommending that one believe in god and reject drugs. Guitar solos return on this album, as well as a banjo solo." [email protected]
1990 Limbomaniacs - Stinky Grooves
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Limbomaniacs - Stinky Grooves (1990)
34:01 | [email protected] | 52mb | out of print
P.Funk Rap

"With the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ascension in the 1980s, it became downright fashionable in “alternative rock” circles to combine rock and funk. One of the better funk-rock releases of the early ’90s was the Limbomaniacs’ Stinky Grooves — an inspired fusion of P-Funk, Washington D.C.-style go-go, rap and hard rock/heavy metal. Drawing on influences ranging from Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix to Parliament/Funkadelic to Trouble Funk to Public Enemy and Run-D.M.C., the sweaty, intense band is much more individualistic and recognizable than many of its peers. Though the Limbomaniacs sometimes employ sampling, they do so sparingly and are far more reliant on “real instruments” than technology. Bootsy Collins and Maceo Parker appears as distinguished guests on Stinky Grooves, a CD that should have enjoyed much recognition, but sadly, was all but ignored." [email protected]
1981 Roger - The Many Facets of Roger
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Roger - The Many Facets of Roger (1981)
52:55 | [email protected] | 83mb | out of print
P.Funk Blues

"This was originally slated to be on George Clinton's Uncle Jam record label, but due to assorted legal hassles, Roger pulled out, apparently causing a lot of people to get angry at him. It was especially bad because the album was very successful, success that Clinton and Co. desperately needed. Apparently, George Clinton produced some of the tracks on here." [email protected]
"Roger Troutman was a disciple of George Clinton and James Brown, and one thing he learned was never to put all your eggs in one basket. Both of those men had a number of groups on a number of different labels, so that no one company would own all of their music. Also, it gave them a chance to branch out a bit, playing different kinds of music for each label, or at least variations. Thus, Roger got a solo deal for himself in addition to his Zapp contract and his work on different labels with the Human Body." [email protected]
2008 Funkadelic - Toys (enhanced)
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Funkadelic - Toys (enhanced) (2008)
59:25 | [email protected] | 135mb

"Toys features about 60 minutes of previously unreleased Funkadelic tracks from the early '70s, about evenly divided between proper songs and jams. The availability of such a large chunk of recordings in excellent sound quality from their prime might seem like a huge blessing for their devoted fans, but while in general it is of considerable interest for Funkadelic fanatics, more casual funk listeners should be wary of this on several accounts..."
[email protected] after getting out of bed with his left foot first.
. . . . Richie, please excuse, that I disagree:
. . . . Toys is a great compilation of high quality leftovers.
. . . . I'm glad about having it 'n' hope you feel better soon"
. . . . [email protected]
1982 ZAPP - Zapp II
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ZAPP - Zapp II (1982)
40:59 | [email protected] | 95mb | in print

"Building upon the unprecedented success of ZAPP's self-titled debut and group leader Roger Troutman's solo debut, The Many Facets of Roger, along with those two album's hit singles -- "More Bounce to the Ounce" and "I Heard It Through the Grapevine," respectively -- Troutman returned in 1982 with Zapp II, a strong album again propelled by a mammoth single, "Dance Floor." Outside of the infectious single, which topped the R&B singles chart, Troutman stuck to his patented formula of vocoder-laden funk on each of the album's other songs." [email protected]
1980 ZAPP - Zapp
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ZAPP - Zapp (1980)
40:40 | [email protected] | 94mb | in print

"Released in 1980 just as George Clinton's P-funk empire had reached the brink of its existence, Bootsy protégé Roger Troutman proved himself a worthy successor with Zapp's self-titled debut album. Propelled by the dancefloor smash "More Bounce to the Ounce," the album quickly became a considerable hit. Later Zapp albums would have their moments, but this debut is absolutely solid from beginning to end, in addition to being the foundation from which Troutman would base all later work, and with "More Bounce to the Ounce" and "Be Alright," it houses two of the best moments in '80s funk." [email protected]
1992 Dennis Chambers - Getting Even
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Dennis Chambers - Getting Even (1992)
50:19 | [email protected] | 75mb | out of print
P.Funk Fusion

"Originally released in 1992, this hard-to-find Fusion recording of former Parliament and Funkadelic drummer Bill Chambers is worth searching for. This session features the brilliant drumming of Chambers, who was just coming into his own at this stage of his career. The selections are fairly typical to the music Chambers was playing with John Scofield, who he uses here on a few tracks, along with another former employer, guitarist Mike Stern." [email protected]