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Rush - 2112
MFSL | FLAC - CUE - LOG | 240 MB | RS | 1976

Only Rush could have pulled this off, and only in the '70s. 2112--the title suite of the band's 1976 breakthrough album--is a comically pretentious, futuristic rock opera written by a nerdy drummer and sung by a whiny-voiced geek. It also happens to be a great piece of rock & roll that lifts the listener through a variety of moods and textures from genteel acoustic ("Oracle") to thrilling metal ("The Temples of Syrinx"). Perhaps realizing that they had taken conceptualism about as far as it could go, even these guys backed off on the epic hero stuff for later releases. 2112 still stands as one of the great signposts of the prog-rock era.
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UFO - Covenant Limited Edition 2000
APE - CUE - LOG | 581 MB RS| 2 CD | ART | Original Recording | From Our House to Yours

This release by hard rock favorites UFO is actually a two-disc set. The first disc consists of new material while disc two is a live album. The new studio material finds many of the old UFO sounds and trademarks, but is perhaps a bit rawer, both in terms of production and performance. In many ways, the new tracks feel a lot like they might have been leftovers from the previous CD, the brilliant Walk on Water. This one should certainly please longtime fans of the band, but probably is not a good introduction to the group. The lineup this time out is veteran drummer Aynsley Dunbar, guitar hero Michael Schenker, and vocalist Phil Mogg.
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UFO - Force It 1976
FLAC-CUE-ART | 263 MB 3% recovery RS | Original Recording

Michael Schenker and Phil Mogg really started to find their groove as a songwriting team with their second album together (and fourth UFO release overall), "Force It". In fact, the last remaining folk and space rock tendencies that had stolen much of Phenomenon's thunder are summarily abandoned here, as the group launches itself wholeheartedly toward the hard rock direction that would make them stars.
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UFO - Lights Out Remastered 1977-1999
WAV-CUE-ART | 276 MB RS | Source - My House

Without a doubt, Lights Out is one of the best rock albums to emerge from the fabulous '70s. Every song here is a "10+". No other band managed the beautiful use of background strings on rock songs like these legends did back in 1977. This is an absolute MUST HAVE.
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UFO - Phenomenon 1974
EAC Image | flac-cue-log | 249 MB RS | 3% Recovery | Original Recording

Excellent rock effort, featuring the vocals of Phil Mogg who may well be one of the best straight rock singers to come out of Britain since the initial musical invasion a decade ago and a solid backup that is basic but full of quality. UFO has put together what amounts to 10 potential singles, with all but one self-penned. Little if any overdubbing here, as the band sticks to a live style sound. First English band to come along in some time that seems to be able to handle rock without succumbing to the most outrageous commercialism. Best cuts: "Too Young To Know," "Doctor Doctor," "Time On My Hands," "Oh My."
- Billboard, 1974.
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UFO - Strangers In The Night Live 1979
FLAC+CUE+Art | 435 MB RS | Original Recording

I remember the fanfare in the rock press that greeted this album's release. For once, the hacks of the time recognised that the record on review was something very special. Live, UFO were (still are) peerless. Even though it was recorded as long ago as 1978, the sound, energy, and sizzle of UFO on stage shines through. It hasn't aged at all. Every track is a winner and it could have been recorded yesterday such is the quality. The album catches UFO at their very best with Michael Schenker simply on fire. Catch the two furious breaks on "Lights Out", the sumptious solo on "Love To Love", the spine tingling way he just creates over the top of Paul Raymond's boogie rhythm on "This Kids" and the long and quite magical solo on "Rock Bottom." Only Thin Lizzy's "Live and Dangerous" comes close to matching this. It is rock's finest hour. Every metal fan should own it.
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UFO - UFO (UFO 1) 1971-1999
flac+cue+art | 251 MB RS | Remastered

For diehard UFO fans, this is the begining of the band, and the start of a hard rock story that endures to this day. This album is a product of the times in which it was created, the echoes of the sixties were fading, and the violence and upheaval of the seventies were on the horizon, and UFO was there to create some sounds that were different than the peace and love era, and a preview of things to come. With the first incarnation of this band, they delivered some solid tunes, "Timothy" is a great tribute to the orginal guru of the acid days, "Boogie" is a solid rockin tune as well, all the songs are cool, and this is a must have album for the collector, and a good intro to the band before they became the icons of the area shows of the seventies during the Michael era. Give it a listen, and turn on, tune in, and drop out back to a time when the winds of change were a coming.
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UFO - UFO2 Flying One Hour Space Rock Remastered 1971-1999
FLAC+CUE+ART | 385 MB RS | 3% Recovery

By far the best of the original lineup... "space-rock" at it's best; what they were testing on UFO 1, was simply purified in this release. Combining both relatively shorter pieces with long and diverse opus'- probably the most important of all UFO albums.
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38 Special - Strength in Numbers 1986
FLAC (Seperate Files)+cue (wav) Art | 256 MB RS | Original Recording

Released in 1986, Special Forces contains .38 Special's best song in "Caught Up in You," a hook-filled, smoothly sung radio rock gem that gets its energy from the grace and power of its chorus.
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38 Special - Anthology 2 CD 2001
FLAC (Seperate Files)+Art | 1.04 GB RS | Remastered

This compilation has everything and then some of their material. Every band should be as consistant when packaging an Anthology. These two discs cover all the different line-ups from original, before LJ joined on bass to the current line-up with Danny Chauncey and Don Barnes on guitar.
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38 Special - Special Forces (1982)
FLAC (seperate Files)+Art | 286 MB RS | Source - The Outback

Released in 1982, Special Forces contains .38 Special's best song in "Caught Up in You," a hook-filled, smoothly sung radio rock gem that gets its energy from the grace and power of its chorus.
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Steppenwolf - Steppenwolf 7 Original Recording 1970
FLAC+cue+log | Cover Art | 233 MB RS | 3% Recovery| Source - My House

"Steppenwolf 7" is pretty trippy for hard rock but remember this is at the height of the drug counter culture.
Steppenwolf recorded seven discs for Dunhill Records in the short span between 1968 and 1971, six of them studio albums, and one allegedly "live", though there was early Sparrow material recorded in May of 1967 not released by the label until 1972. Throw in a greatest-hits package along with Columbia's reissue of yet more Sparrow recordings, and how they came up with Steppenwolf 7 for the title of this, their fifth studio recording for Dunhill, is a question for hardcore fans of the band to debate (don't even bring the movie soundtracks into this equation).
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Derek & The Dominos - The Layla Sessions 20th Anniversary Edition 1990
FLAC (seperate files) Art | 1.21 GB 3 CD | Source - My House

I don't think, in the history of recorded music, that the moon and tides have ever been so right for a great album. Clapton was broken hearted, at the top of his game, his band was fantastic with two all-worlders on board (Allman and Gordon), two top sidemen (Radle and Whitlock), and he was ready to work. If you like blues-based rock and roll, with virtuoso guitars on prominent display, this is the holy grail.
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Neil Young - Live Rust 1979
APE + CUE + MP3 @320 HQ | APE 471 MB - MP3 150 MB 3% Recovery RS | Source - An Oxydized Bucket

Mere months passed between the release of Neil Young's mid-career milestone Rust Never Sleeps and this 1979 tour recording, which documents a late '78 San Francisco performance.
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Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Rust Never Sleeps Remastered 1979-2005
APE + CUE + MP3 @320 HQ + Art | APE 245 MB - MP3 75.2 MB 3 % Recovery RS | Source - My House

As far as pure songcraft goes, it's hard to beat this 1979 offering from Young and Crazy Horse. By the end of the '90s, Young, Talbot, Molina and Sampredo had refined their crushing sonic assault to the extent that they could bludgeon the listener with Wagnerian riffs and rhythms (the entropy hymn "Hey Hey, My My") or provide just enough grit to keep Young's far-out lyrics from ascending into the stratosphere ("Ride My Llama.") Songwise, RUST is a schizophrenic album. Young moves from the brilliant surrealist imagery of "Pocahontas," with its evocation of "Marlon Brando, Pocahontas and me," to the sharp narrative perspective of the equally transcendent "Powderfinger" and the good-humored social commentary of "Welfare Mothers."