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VA - Cafe Solo 2 (Compiled With Love By Jose Padilla) (2007)
MP3 AVG 186 kbps | 15 Tracks | ~102.27 MB | 2007 | Covers
Genre : Easy-Listening & Chill out | Label: Resist Music

2007 CD reflecting the perennial demand for down-tempo music as highlighted by the runaway success of festivals such as Bestival and The Big Chill. Once again, Jose has selected a plethora of little known but oh-so special eclectic gems to appeal to the multitude of boutique bar DJ's, ipod playlists and crate diggers in search of their summer soundtrack. It is also makes the perfect album for summer listening at home or abroad.
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VA - Cafe Solo (Compiled With Love By Jose Padilla) (2006)
MP3 AVG 204 kbps | 27 Tracks | ~220 MB | 2006 | No Scans
Genre : Easy-Listening & Chill out | Label: Resist Music

Considering the enormity of the chill-out market it’s hard to imagine that if you looked all the way back to the beginning you would be able to pin the whole thing on one man and one club, but that is the case. Jose Padilla, the man who gave Café Del Mar it’s name, was and still is the master of groovy, sexy and refined chill out music – that is far superior to anyone else’s efforts. He has an instinctive understanding of his genre, and tracks by Linn, Brazilian Girls, Tripswitch, Bebel Gilberto, Quad and Daniel Wang are classic grooves that you should seriously consider uploading to your ipod before taking that trip to the sea.
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VA - Strictly Tiefschwarz (2007)
MP3 VBR 185 kbps | 32 Tracks | ~263,6 MB | 2007 | Covers
Genre : House | Label: Strictly Rhythm UK

As Tiefschwarz, Ali and Basti Schwarz have been defying genres and pushing back musical boundaries for over a decade. Equally suited to DJing as they are to producing and to performing live, Tiefschwarz have a well-deserved reputation as one of the most talented and diverse outfits on the scene. Their mix takes in an awesome array of musical styles; old-skool breaks, tech-house scores, minimal beats, soulful grooves and soaring vocals, accomplished through intricate mixes and faultless track selection. Make no mistake; this is Strictly Tiefschwarz. CD1 is Mixed, CD2 and CD3 are Unmixed.
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VA - Strictly MAW (Unmixed DJ Format) (2007)
MP3 VBR 190 kbps | 26 Tracks | ~195,9 MB | 2007 | No Scans
Genre : House | Label: Strictly Rhythm UK

DJ Mixed Release Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzales and Lil’ Louie Vega made their production debut on the New York label way back when, so there can be no-one more fitting to compile the first new album release on the imprint. In case you didn’t know, Strictly Rhythm were one of the most important house labels of the 1990s. Established by entrepreneur Mark Finkelstein and serious club babe Gladys Pizzarro, the label would launch the careers of, among others, Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo and, as we’ve seen, Masters At Work. Pretty significant, then! ‘Strictly MAW’ is an album no true househead will want to miss.
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VA - Collection: The Best Songs Of Ibiza's Sunset (2010)
MP3 AVGf 190 kbps | 45 Tracks | ~308.17 MB | 2010 | No Scans
Genre : Lo-Fi | Label: Walking To The Sunset
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Armin Van Buuren - Mirage (2010)
MP3 AVG 199 kbps | 16 Tracks | ~113 MB | 2010 | No Scans
Genre : Trance | Label: Armada Music

It's the album the entire dance scene has been waiting for. After months of hard work and creativity, the number one DJ in the world delivers his fourth artist album. Armin van Buuren is proud to present to you: 'Mirage'. Armin: "Mirage has been the biggest project I've ever worked on. There's so many hours in this. Work started two years ago when I actually built a completely new studio for this project. Many new techniques were used and most of all I had so much fun creating this with the many people that are involved. It was a journey, an epic one!" '76', 'Shivers' and 'Imagine' are still etched in memory of millions of dance music lovers.
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VA - Pele & Corbin Presents Deephouse (2010)
MP3 VBR 191 kbps | 2xCD, Mixed + Cue | ~217 MB | 2010 | Covers
Genre : House & Deep House | Label: Zyx Music

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VA - It's Salsa (2010)
MP3 AVG 195 kbps | 31Tracks | ~200,2 MB | 2010 | No Scans
Genre : Easy Listening | Label: My Music Records

This time in the hands of listeners this album will go to the fiery, energetic salsa! It's delicious salsa includes compositions by such artists In-Grid, Augusta, Esprito, Batuk, Donati, Alex De Gomera, or DNA, which seize all the crazy dance. Hot Latin - American rhythms is an option for those who, above all, love music and have fun.
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VA - Strictly Rhythm Est. 1989 (20 Years Of Classics) (2010)
MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 20 Tracks | ~341,2 MB | 2010 | Front
Genre : House | Label: Strictly Rhythm Records

The original versions of tracks that are the very building bricks of house music, lovingly created by Louie Vega, Masters At Work, Armand Van Helden, Erick Morillo, Roland Clark, Roger Sanchez, Josh Wink, Ultra Naté, DJ Pierre, Roy Davis Jnr, Barbara Tucker, Danny Tenaglia, Chris Brann, Aly-Us, SuSu Bobien and Logic. Grab your piece of history.
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VA - Slap That Bass! The Story Of Finnish Rockabilly & 50s Style Rock'n Roll (4CD) (2010)
MP3 VBR 192-231 kbps | 105 Tracks | ~374,9 MB | 2010 | No Scans
Genre : Rock & Roll | Label: Johanna Records

Slap That Bass! is a 4cd box set that is full of the finest finnish rockabilly and 50′s style rock’n'roll. It was compiled by Mikko Aaltonen and released by Johanna Kustannus on 17th of february. I know this might not totally fall into that “finnish pop” category, but it’s an important release nevertheless. Actually it’s worthy of those onechord’s imaginary culture awards and even though I’m not a huge rockabilly fan, Slap That Bass!
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VA - The Lounge & Chill Experience (2010)
MP3 AVG 171 kbps | 23 Tracks | ~190.44MB | 2010 | Covers
Genre : Lounge & Easy-Listening | Label: Ayia Napa Records

Wenn man sich nicht entscheiden kann, ob man lieber loungen oder chillen will – dann ist „The Lounge & Chill Experience“ genau das Richtige!!! Feinste Loungemusik von den Saafi Brothers macht den Anfang, mit sanften, doch eindrücklichen Melodien und Beats, die sich langsam von der Hintergrundmelodie in den Vordergrund spielt – bis man alle im Raum zum Schweigen auffordern möchte! Mit CD 2, der „Chill Experience“, kann der Abend dann entspannt ausklingen. Lounge & Chill Experience – zwei Spielarten der entspannten Musik zum günstigen Preis – wer kann da zögern?
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VA - Strictly Erick Morillo (2009)
MP3 AVG 163 kbps | 3xCD, Mixed + Cue | ~342 Mb | 2009 | Covers
Genre : House & Progressive House | Label: Strictly Rhythm Records

Erick Morillo's never been one to pay much heed to subtlety. His earliest productions, such as '93's "I Like to Move It" (produced with Ralphie Munez under the Reel II Reel moniker) and '94's "Dancing," established him as a party-time hustler, more interested in getting girls on the dance floor than in pleasing the chin strokers. His longtime label, Subliminal, pioneered the whole buzzy-bassline-with-tribal-beats sound that still packs 'em in at the superclubs. And his DJ sets, whether they're at his home base of Pacha NYC or on the Mediterranean's White Island—where he's been dubbed "The King of Ibiza"—are full-throttle, 130 BPM house-music muggings. And then there are those flirtations with the likes of P. Diddy and Tommy Lee.…
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VA - Simply Disco (2008)
MP3 VBR 198 kbps | 60 Tracks | ~408.03MB | 2008 | Covers
Genre : Disco & Dance | Label: Union Square Ltd.

The Simply series of exclusive box sets combine big names and contemporary packaging to produce a winning series. Put down your handbag, hitch up your skirt, and go Disco dancing - and ladies, you can do it too! Here are 60 killer Disco and Dance-Soul tunes from the '70s, plus some modern floorfillers featuring Tavares, Odyssey, Barry White, Kool & the Gang, James Brown, Chic, Gloria Gaynor and many more. What are you waiting for? There's a party going' on! Simply.
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VA - Bar, Club, Remixed suSU Series (2005-2007)
MP3 CBR 192-320 kbps | 10 Albums | ~2.46 GB | Covers
Genre: Soulful House, Deep Jazz & Downtempo | Label: Susu records

Deep Jazz Laced Soulful House, Distinctive Branded Packaging, a Delectable Selection of Currently Hot Dancefloor Fillers and Cool Recent Favourites - plus a Peppering of Unreleased Jewels…..yes, It's the Latest Volume of the Bar Susu Series. The First Three Instalments in the Series Raised the Bar When it Came to Compilations Showcasing the Best of the Jazzy House and Soul Filled Dance Music.
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VA - Greatest Ever Chillout: The Definitive Collection (3CD) (2008)
MP3 AVG 163 kbps | 47 Tracks | ~256 MB | 2008 | Covers
Genre : Chill Out & Lofi | Label: Greatest Ever Records

Greatest Ever Acoustic is a stunning collection of great songs by the very best contemporary and classic artists. From Bob Dylan, Donovan and Rod Stewart to Aimee Mann, Beth Orton and Elbow, Greatest Ever Acoustic is as eclectic as it is enjoyable. Also includes Suzanne Vega, Finley Quaye, Fiona Apple, Ralph McTell, Nouvelle Vague, Jeff Buckley, Joan Armatrading, Jose Feliciano, Rod Stewart.