Lazy Town Champions-FASiSO
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Lazy Town Champions | 151 MB

It's Sports Day in Lazy Town and you're invited to take part Join Sportacus, Stephanie and the rest of your Lazy Town friends and find out what makes a great athlete. Rise up to the challenge, compete, take your skills to the next level and youll become a true Lazy Town Champion.
Ricochet Infinity-SKIDROW
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Ricochet Infinity | 665 MB

Ricochet around the Galaxy in this dynamically brilliant breakout action game! Trek across 216 awesome levels, with thousands more online, earning new ranks in the Galactic Tournament, by yourself or with a friend. Play the re-energized Ring Game, winning new balls and ships with unique specialties to give you the edge! Control your ball with the wildly innovative Recall feature...once you’ve tried it, you can’t go back! Travel to the stars and beyond in your glorious quest to become the Ringmaster Grand Champion!
TwProject Open Lab Teamwork v4.4 Build 14820 (LINUX)
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TwProject Open Lab Teamwork v4.4 Build 14820 (LINUX) | 100 Mb

Teamwork is a proven, reliable and friendly web based software solution for managing work and communication in any field. Groupware and project management features are used in an integrated environment, from which you can coordinate and manage hundreds of projects at once. Teamwork is easy to use, so that an extended team can contribute; it is also capable of handling complex projects. Teamwork software is unique as projects get easily handled in a collaborative web environment.
Multilizer 2009 Enterprise v7.2.8.1115
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Multilizer 2009 Enterprise v7.2.8.1115 | 31.9 Mb

Multilizer Enterprise is designed for enterprises that want to get maximum savings in localization. Multilizer is optimized for multi-format projects and automation of repetitive tasks.
Multilizer Enterprise supports the localization of software, document and web content formats. All localizable information is in a single Multilizer project, simplifying the localization project administration.
Multilizer Enterprise includes a command-line tool that allows users to automate nearly every aspect of localization process. The tool can automate the creation of new localization projects, scanning, building, importing/exporting translations, sharing translation work, and displaing projects statistics, etc.
FinalBurner PRO v2.18.0.220
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FinalBurner PRO v2.18.0.220 | 15.40 Mb

Powerful CD/DVD/BluRay Mastering and Burning Kit! This is the last burner you will ever need! With FinalBurner PRO, you can create and burn audio, video, and data CDs and DVDs. Burn Blu-Ray or HD-DVD media with revolutionary High Definition media support.
Author your own DVD-Video or re-master an existing one, or save yourself a blank DVD-R and design a Video CD if your source video is coming from a compact digital camera and is not on par with DVD resolution.
Compusoft Winner v9.0a2 MultiLanguage
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Compusoft Winner v9.0a2 MultiLanguage | 552 MB

Winner is a wonderful sales tool for kitchen and bathroom dealers. Thanks to the exceptional user-friendliness and the powerful automatic response of the Winner program you can now design advanced kitchens or bathrooms in minutes.
Best Internet Links
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Driver Finder and Updater Software AIO
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Driver Finder and Updater Software AIO | 42.14 Mb
Portable Photoshop CS4 With AddOns
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Portable Photoshop CS4 With AddOns | 808 MB

This is Portable Photoshop CS4. I have gone around and collected many addons and well over 500 custom brushes for it.In Vista/ Windows 7, just run the "PhotoshopPortable.exe" as administrator. In XP, just run it normal.Photoshop should open up and run for you without problem, as it is already extracted and installed right there in the files for you. Enjoy the 500+ brushes and the other many addons.
Latest Burning/Ripping/Compression Tools (AiO)
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Latest Burning/Ripping/Compression Tools (AiO) | 603 Mb
DtSearch Desktop/Engine v7.64.7868
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DtSearch Desktop/Engine v7.64.7868 | 95.13 Mb

dtSearch Desktop provides instant searching of desktop-accessible files. dtSearch can instantly search terabytes of text because it builds a search index that stores the location of words in documents. Indexing is easy - simply select folders or entire drives to index and dtSearch does the rest. Once dtSearch has built an index, it can automatically update it using the Windows Task Scheduler to reflect additions, deletions and modifications to your document collection. Updating an index is even faster, since dtSearch will check each file, and only reindex files that have been added or changed. The dtSearch indexer automatically recognizes and supports all popular file formats, and never alters original files. The dtSearch product line can instantly search terabytes of text across a desktop, network, Internet or Intranet site. dtSearch products also serve as tools for publishing, with instant text searching, large document collections to Web sites or CD/DVDs.
Spiderman Friend Or Foe-RELOADED
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Spiderman Friend Or Foe-RELOADED | 2.02 GB

Inspired by the Spider-Man film trilogy and the classic Spider-Man comics,Spider-Man: Friend or Foe challenges players to defeat and then join forces with notorious movie nemeses including Doc Ock, Green Goblin, Venom and Sandman, and embark on an epic quest to overcome a worldwide evil threat. Throughout the games original story and thrilling battles, fans control Spider-Man and one of numerous Super Hero or Super Villain sidekicks and master unique fighting moves and styles while switching between characters to execute team combos and defeat foes. For the first time ever in a Spider-Man game, Spider-Man: Friend or Foe features a unique co-op mode in which a friend can join the game at any time and take control of Spider-Mans sidekick as they battle through the game side-by-side and replay favorite levels.
Robert Greene - The 50th Law (ReUploaded)
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Robert Greene - The 50th Law
English | ISBN-10: 006177460X | MP3 160 kbps | 523 Mb
HarperStudio (September 8, 2021)
The Simpsons Road Rage PAL MULTi3 (Wii)
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The Simpsons Road Rage PAL MULTi3 (Wii) | 1.10 GB

The Simpsons Road Rage is a 2001 video game based on the animated television series The Simpsons, and it is part of a series of games based on the show. The Simpsons Road Rage stars Bart, Homer, Lisa, and Marge, as well as Mr. Burns and over 25 other characters from the show. The game has often been criticized for having too many similarities to Sega's Crazy Taxi.
Fantastic Farm v1.03
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Fantastic Farm v1.03 | 75 Mb

Ever wondered what it's like to run a magical farm? Maggie, fresh out of the School of Magic, has just taken over her parents' farm, and is now being threatened by a sinister business man. To save the farm, you have to help her grow plants, care for the animals, and operate magical machines to produce sweaters, pies, ice creams and much more!
CompanionLink Professional v3.0.3089 Multilingual
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CompanionLink Professional v3.0.3089 Multilingual | 12.1 Mb

CompanionLink Express has all the basic features you need for two-way synchronization. CompanionLink Pro includes additional options such as the ability to sync wirelessly with your handheld, sync multiple databases, and other advanced settings.

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