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Kasey Chambers - Little Bird (Deluxe Edition) 2CD (2010)
mp3 VBR~172kbps | 101 MB | Hotfile & FileServe

2010 release from the award-winning Australian singer/songwriter. Kasey Chambers had announced to her manager, record company and fans that there wouldn’t be a new album for at least another year. And then the songs came rushing out. Such spontaneous creativity demanded immediate action; her manager and brother Nash Chambers, agreed, and thus the Little Bird album was swiftly born. Within a month, recordings had been completed in Nash’s Foggy Mountain Studio. Then came a procession of respected guest vocalists for different tracks: Missy Higgins, Camille Te Nahu, Kevin Bennett, Brooke Harvey, Andy Toombs, James Gillard, and seminal American country singer Patty Griffin. Little Bird launches an exciting new phase of Kasey’s career, one that shows her confident, calm and full of shimmering optimism.
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Black Country Communion - Black Country (2010)
mp3 CBR 320 kbps | 176 MB | release date 20 September 2021 | Hotfile, Uploading, FileServe

Black Country Communion is a devastating head-on collision between American and British rock influences a true supergroup that delivers a titanic rock experience greater than the sum of its supremely talented parts. The brainchild of producer Kevin Shirley (Black Crowes, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin), the band combines the rock lineage and forces of legendary frontman and bass guitarist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Trapeze), master blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa, powerhouse drummer Jason Bonham (Led Zeppelin, Foreigner) and keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Billy Idol, Alice Cooper). Named after the industrial area in Britain where both Hughes and Bonham were born and raised, Black Country Communion began rehearsing and recording tracks written by both Hughes and Bonamassa at Shangri-La Studios in early 2010.
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VA - A Case for Case: A Tribute to the Songs of Peter Case (2006)
mp3 CBR 224 kbps | 322 MB | Total time: 3:27:06 | Hotfile & FileServe

Rare is the songwriter whose work could sustain a 3-disc examination and never falter. Since the late '70s, Peter Case has plied a richly storied, sharply drawn musical path, first with crackling pop-punk Plimsouls and then as a rootsy singer-songwriter. Hungry For Music, a great non-profit dedicated to bringing positive musical & creative experiences to underprivileged kids, spent years putting together this fabulous collection of thoughtful takes on Case's work, the proceeds of which will benefit their worthy organization. Bread-and-butter stalwarts like Dave Alvin, Victoria Williams, Joe Ely, Todd Snider and John Prine mingle with newcomers like Jackie Greene, Brad Rice and Jeffrey Foucault. And the kicker is every cut is dead satisfying. Case is a backroads philosopher who examines daily life with a worldly-wise POV that's matured & shifted over time. Case write about what's just beyond our reach and the things at hand that sustain us. Over 48 tracks, one hears the flexibility and indefatigable quality of his pen. This is quintessentially American music, redolent with the blues, folk and rock, combining the best parts of each in order to tell stories that stay with us like our own history.
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Frontier Ruckus - Deadmalls & Nightfalls [2010]
mp3 CBR 320 kbps | 114 MB | Hotfile & FileServe
Alternative/ Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Alternative Country-Rock

...Deadmalls & Nightfalls is a powerful portrait of the sad state of post-millennial America, and the thoughtful simplicity of Frontier Ruckus' approach speaks as eloquently as any angry shout about life in post-industrial America. <AMG>
Without question, Frontier Ruckus have succeeded in capturing the very essence of an entire state and translated it into a universal experience, similar to, but still apart from, the work of Sufjan Stevens. This kind of unabashedly sincere and disarmingly honest ode is refreshing, to be sure, but more than that it’s a charming look into one man’s existential vision of the world through an idiosyncratic local lens. <PopMatters>
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Diplomats Of Solid Sound - What Goes Around Comes Around (2010)
mp3 CBR 320 kbps | 101 MB | Release Date: 11 October, 2010
Funk, Deep Funk Revival, Soul

The Diplomats of Solid Sound are back with their 5th full-length, and if the last album was their senior effort, with "What Goes Around Comes Around" the band has officially graduated! Once again mixed and edited by Freestyle's boy wonder Adam Gibbons aka Lack Of Afro and featuring The Diplomettes on vocals, the cuts included here are a strong showcase of the growing maturity and sophistication of the group. From the sing-along chorus of opening track "B-O-O-G-A-L-O-O", to the smooth soul number that gives the album its title, the uptempo "Back Off", or the instrumental groover "Bailout", "What Goes Around Comes Around" draws on a variety of styles but always keeping things soulful and funky!
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Killing Joke – Absolute Dissent (2010)
mp3 CBR 320 kbps | 145 MB | Fileserve & Hotfile | Release date September 27th 2010.

With a reputation forged in fire, brimstone and magic, Killing Joke have long been one of rock’s most iconic & influential outfits. Now, 30 years since first bonding in blood, the original line-up of Jaz Coleman (vocals), Geordie (guitar), Youth (bass) and Paul Ferguson (drums) are about to complete work on their 13th studio album, the first fruits of a new worldwide deal with the Spinefarm Records label, and word from inside the camp is that ‘Absolute Dissent’ is shaping up to be something very special indeed… Produced by the band, mixed by engineer Clive Goddard, and now set for release on September 27th 2010, this latest set of recordings – put together in London, Spain & Prague – has seen the aforementioned musicians sharing studio space for the first time in 28 years, having already road-tested their relationship with sold-out shows around the world, kicking off in Tokyo last Autumn.
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The Chris O'Leary Band - Mr. Used To Be (2010)
mp3 CBR 320 kbps | 106 MB | Hotfile, Fileserve, Filesonic

Chris O'Leary spent six years as lead singer, harp player and front man for rock and roll hall of famer Levon Helm's band, The Barnburners, burning it up across the US and Canada. He also spent six years in the Marines, to whom he dedicates the song "Dress Blues."
The Chris O'Leary Band's new CD, Mr. Used To Be, is the fruit of many years on the road, many nights absorbing the great blues, R&B, and and rock'n'roll that graced so many stages across the country. While Chris's music is rooted in the blues, you can hear shades of New Orleans, Rockabilly, and more in this CD.
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Marah - Life Is A Problem (2010)
mp3 VBR~192 kbps | 58 MB | Hotfile, FileServe
American Trad Rock, Roots Rock, Alternative Country-Rock, Alternative/ Indie Rock, Americana

"Life Is A Problem", the new album by Marah is an organic, introspective collection of raw and beautiful rock songs that finds the band in an entirely new realm from the garage rock of their past. The album was written and produced as the duo of Dave Bielanko and longtime band member/ collaborator Christine Smith, marking the first time Bielanko did not record with his brother and lifelong musical cohort, Serge. The album will be released through Marah’s new label Valley Farm Songs. The album finds the band exploring new sounds and unique, unorthodox arrangements. As Dave describes it, "Valley Farm Song" is "equal parts Grandpa Jones, Led Zeppelin and Biggie Smalls", and one can hear influences of traditional American music as well as Celtic punk. [Adequacy.net]
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Cindy Bullens - Howling Trains & Barking Dogs (2010)
mp3 CBR 320 kbps | 102 MB | HF, FileServe

This rock singer/songwriter sang three lead vocals on the movie soundtrack for Grease and sang backup with Elton John before cutting a series of albums of her own. After 1979's Steal the Night, Bullens did not return with new material for a decade, releasing a self-titled effort on MCA in 1989; another ten-year gap preceded the release of Somewhere Between Heaven & Earth, an album inspired by the tragic cancer-related death of the singer's 11-year-old daughter, Jessie. Bullens returned more quickly the next time around with 2001's Neverland. In 2005, Bullens released the tougher-sounding Dream #29. A year later, a live concert album appeared. In 2010, Bullens released her eighth-studio effort Howling Trains and Barking Dogs. <AMG>
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Tricky - Mixed Race (2010)
mp3 VBR~180kbps | 38MB | 29:23 min. | Release date October 5, 2010.

Recorded in Paris, where Tricky has been residing for the past two years, Mixed Race is his most passionate album to date. Musically his production work takes influences from UK, Jamaican, US, North African and French music. He sets out on his music mantra with the album’s lead off track, “Every Day,” and then proceeds through a lyrical journey with temptation, reflection, mischief and misbehavior.
The album was produced by Tricky and features as always an array of talented singers and collaborators. Mixed Race introduces Irish-Italian Frankey Riley, as well as guest appearances from Jamaican singer Terry Lynn, Primal Scream front man Bobby Gillespie, lutist/vocalist Hakim Hamadouche, London-based vocalist Blackman and Tricky’s brother Marlon Thaws, who is the thirteenth of his fourteen siblings.
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Peter Case - Wig! (2010)
mp3 VBR~256 kbps | 79 MB | UL, HF, FServe, FSonic
Punk Blues, Blues-Rock, Alternative/ Indie Rock

After his tenure in the proto-power pop band the Nerves and following the dissolution of his early-'80s Los Angeles rock & roll band the Plimsouls, Peter Case launched a career as an influential American singer/songwriter specializing in fingerpicked acoustic guitar and redemptive story-songs about society's outcasts and drifters, delivered in a uniquely soulful folk-rock style. Case's secret weapon is his powerhouse voice; combined with his imaginative and visionary songwriting and his ability to blow real harmonica licks, he's well respected among his peers and a perennial favorite among serious listeners. By the turn of the century, longevity was working in his favor as he continued to set the bar for contemporary singer/songwriter music. <AMG>
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Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan – Hawk (2010)
FLAC, no CUE, no LOG, audiochecker log, unknown rip | 315 MB | HF, FServe, FSonic

The enduring love-in of once-strange musical bedfellows Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan offers up its third album with the release of Hawk, a set of eleven new originals and two Townes van Zandt covers. Hawk finds the pair joined by singer-songwriter Willy Mason, who sings on two songs, and ex-Smashing Pumpkin James Iha on guitar. Lanegan sings on eight of the album’s thirteen songs.
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VA - Mojo Presents Let It Be Revisited (2010)
mp3 CBR 320 kbps | 112 MB | HF, UL, FServe, FSonic

The Beatles’ final album from 1970 re-interpreted exclusively for MOJO by Beth Orton, Phosphorescent, Judy Collins, Wilko Johnson, Pete Molinari, The Amorphous Androgynous, The Besnard Lakes, John Grant, The Jim Jones Revue and more.
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The Jim Jones Revue - Burning Your House Down (2010)
mp3 CBR 320 kbps | 69 MB | Hotfile & FileServe

Jim Jones has been offering testimonial to the sweat and threat of brutal rock'n'roll since the late 80s. Back then, as singer of Thee Hypnotics, he drew from the MC5 and the Stooges. These days, he's tracing his family tree back further, to Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis, without sacrificing any of the whiff of brimstone: Burning Your House Down sounds like a gangfight set to 12-bar blues. Like Japan's Guitar Wolf, the Jim Jones Revue imagine that rock'n'roll didn't really need to evolve after 1956; it just needed to get much, much louder, and wildly more distorted. The breathless opener Dishonest John lurches thrillingly away from the riff that spirals tightly at its centre; Killin' Spree is as ridiculous as its title – music for a yet-to-be-made Tarantino movie. It's all played with a completely straight face, as it needs to be: the slightest wink turns this kind of thing into pastiche, but the Jim Jones Revue never bat an eyelid.
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Grinderman – Grinderman 2 (2010)
Alternate/Indiemp3 | VBR~202 kbps | 61MB | Release date September 13, 2021 | HF, FServe, FSonic

The first thing that hits you about Grinderman 2 is that you ve never heard anything like it. The debut album did its job. It defined the band. It marked a clear contrast with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Nick, Warren, Martyn & Jim forged a distinctly different way of working together. They cast off musical baggage, shrugged off accepted wisdom, and tested pre conceptions about who they were as musicians. In the process, they took to the Bad Seeds hallowed legacy with a baseball bat. Their new album, Grinderman 2 combines the structured invention of their live performance and the unrestrained free for all of their studio improvisation. But these guys also know something about the art of writing songs. Grinderman 2 bears the hallmark of its rapturously received predecessor, yet is more open ended in its structure, more far reaching in its scope, and gloriously lost in its own transports of noise and rhythm.