Joe Henderson - The Milestone Years (8 CD's box set)
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Joe Henderson - The Milestone Years (8 CD's box set)
1994 | MP3 [email protected] Kbps | Scan - cover - inform | Time - 581:39 | ~1,23 Gb
Hard bop-post bop

Tenor saxophonist Joe Henderson's most famous recordings are his early Blue Notes and his more recent Verves, but in between he recorded exclusively for Milestone and, although Henderson was in consistently fine form in the diverse settings, he was somewhat neglected during his middle years. This massive eight-CD set contains all of the music from Henderson's dozen Milestone LPs, plus a duet with altoist Lee Konitz and his guest appearances with singer Flora Purim and cornetist Nat Adderley. The music ranges from Blue Note-style hard bop and modal explorations to fusion and '70s funk, with important contributions made by trumpeters Mike Lawrence, Woody Shaw, and Luis Gasca, trombonist Grachan Moncur III, and keyboardists Kenny Barron, Don Friedman, Joe Zawinul, Herbie Hancock, George Cables, Alice Coltrane, Mark Levine, and George Duke, among others. Not all of the music is classic (some of the later sets are unabashedly commercial), but none of the 82 selections are dull and the very distinctive Henderson always gives his best. It's highly recommended.
Vargas Blues Band - Last Night CD/DVDrip (2002)
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Label: DRO EAST WEST 2002
Mp3, 320 Kbps | 55:27 | 78+49 MB | XVID | 512x384, 25 fps, 185 Kb/s | MP3 121 Kb/s, CH, 12bit | 1:04:24 | 716 MB

Vargas is a powerhouse guitarist who also is among the more tasteful players that I have heard. While many of his other recordings show elements of jazz, funk, Latin, and even flamenco, "Last Night" is purely a Chicago blues masterpiece. While Varas' guitar is front and center throughout the recording, so are the incredible vocals of Bobby Alexander, who sounds like he was born to sing Chicago style blues. His voice, like Vargas' guitar, is powerful yet smooth. They are more than capably supported by the first rate bass guitar of Fran Montero, David Lads Sanchez on keyboards, and Jota Marsan on drums. Though Vargas and Alexander are the core, this is very much a team effort and everyone in the band contributes on this great set.
This CD is spectacular from start to finish and one of the finest live recordings in my collection. The live sound quality is extraordinary and really makes you feel like you are front row center for the show. From the opening notes of the Vargas original "Scratch Me Back", through a great cover of "I Play The Blues For You", on past the band's rendition of Jimmy McGriff's "All About The Girl", and concluding with Vargas' thunderous "Black Cat Boogie", this is a CD that any blues/rock or Chicago blues fan is going to want to own. The CD also comes with an excellent 13 song DVD of the band in concert, which makes this indeed a lot of splendid entertainment for the money.
Omar & The Howlers - Bamboozled (Live in Germany 2005)
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Omar & The Howlers - Bamboozled (Live in Germany 2005)
XVID | 640x368, 29 fps, 139 Kb/s | MP3 120 Kb/s, CH, 12bit | 1:25:43 | 717 MB
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Popa Chubby - Stealing the Devil's Guitar (2006)
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Popa Chubby - Stealing the Devil's Guitar (2006)
Lable:DixeFrog rec. | Relise:5/9/2006 | Mp3 320 Kbps | 73.2+64.6 Mb

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