Andaraje Discography (1982-1992)
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Andaraje Discography
Ethnic, Spanish Folk | Years Active: 1982-1992
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El grupo Andaraje nace en el año 1972, con la voluntad de estudiar y recrear la cultura andaluza y en especial la jiennense de donde son originarios. Su labor comienza siempre con el trabajo de campo. Veinte años de actividades, jalonados de actuaciones en todo el territorio nacional, bien antológicas o monográficas, manteniendo el respeto a las líneas melódicas y estructurales, con una posterior elaboración musical sobria y bien construida, avalan su seriedad y calidad artistica.
Smash Discography (1969-1978)
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Smash Discography
Rock Progressive, Flamenco | Years Active: 1969-1978
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Spanish prog rock with flamenco sitar. Formed by the sitar / guitar player Gualberto in 1967 the band Smash recorded at the beginning of the seventies two classic rarities of psych / prog rock for Philips label ("Glorieta de los Lotos" in 1970 and "We Come To Smash This Time" in 1971). The early death of the vocalist Julio Matito will mark the end of the band's adventure. In itself, Smash's music has similarities with the Moody blues and Vanilla. Fudge's psychedelic mood. The flamenco touch is evident, applying on traditional "palos" (tarantos.) thanks to Manuel Molina guitar style. In parallel the leader Gualberto has recorded a few progressive albums with Ricardo Mino, mixing Hindu music to conventional Spanish flamenco guitar works. His only greatest hit wine with the song "El garrotin," a song made about the flamenco of the same name with letters in castilian and english, where the fusion of Jimi Hendrix's rock with flamenco song makes it a virtually unmatched that it would like to get to say that these days do fusion with flamenco.
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Pata Negra Discography (With Members Solo Albums - VAR Kbps CBR) (1977-2005)
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Pata Negra Discography (With Solo Albums (Raimundo Amador+Arrajatabla+Veneno)
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Flamenco, Rock Blues | Years Active: 1977, 1981-2005

Gypsy group composed of Raimundo and Rafael Amador, founded after the group Veneno was dissolved. Their flamenco, rock, and blues music gave rise to an unstoppable outlet which influenced many young musicians. Their aesthetic is close to that of Veneno. Musically they were a group that was widely acclaimed for their live performances, and this opened doors to flamenco sounds and rhythms abroad. The virtuosity of their guitar-playing and their relaxed attitude were well-received outside the world of flamenco. During the decade of the nineties they made fewer public appearances until Rafael Amador was left as leader of the group, and for a time he tried to keep up the band’s activity. After the group disbanded Raimundo began a prolific solo career. Rafael did not record again until he appeared solo on the album Viejo Patio (las 3000 Viviendas).
Yohichi Murata - Solid Brass II
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Yohichi Murata - Solid Brass II
Jazz, Fusion | 1 CD | EAC: FLAC Tracks, No CUE, Log | 355 MB | Scans + Booklet 42 MB | TT 45:07 or
Mp3 320 Kbps | 88 MB | Released: 21 Apr. 1993 | Label: JASRAC, Japan | Rapidshare

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