VueScan 8.6.02 Pro Edition Multilanguage
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VueScan 8.6.02 Pro Edition Multilanguage | 6.65 Mb

VueScan Professional Edition,the world's most popular scanner software, is used extensively by photographers, home users, scanning services and corporations. VueScan is a scanning program that works with most high-quality flatbed and film scanners to produce scans that have excellent color fidelity and color balance. It is very easy to use, and also has advanced features for restoring faded colors, batch scanning and other features used by professional photographers. VueScan changes nothing on your system, installs nothing in your operating system and all other scanner software will continue to function.
URSoft Your Uninstaller Pro v7.0.2010.13
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URSoft Your Uninstaller Pro v7.0.2010.13 | 11.22 Mb

Your Uninstaller! uninstaller software is the industry's leading uninstaller software. It's the world's 1st smart Drag&Uninstallâ„¢ uninstaller software under the Windows platform, works on all Windows versions including Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/ME/98/95/2003. It's as easy as using the recycle bin. Imagine! Just a drag-drop and the program you don't want will disappear from your computer - as well as everything the unwanted program brings! Your Uninstaller! is a user-friendly way of removing unneeded applications on your computer. It can even remove some annoying spywares! Your Uninstaller! software is a specially designed uninstaller program for both beginning and advanced users. Your Uninstaller! 2008 is extremely very fast and easy to use. It has a unique ability to uninstall items by simply dragging programs' icons into the Your Uninstaller! icon. You may also find the application you want to uninstall through a unique search function.
Almeza MultiSet Professional 7.2 Build 475 Multilanguage Portable
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Almeza MultiSet Professional 7.2 Build 475 Multilanguage Portable | 6.43 Mb

Leader in Unattended Installation of Windows and Software. MultiSet has been created to free you from routine work such as program installations. All you have to do is to install the application only once on your PC and MultiSet will record all your actions. By using Multiset, you will not have to write a single line of code or script! MultiSet will install all the applications you need automatically, either on your original computer or on a new one. Almeza MultiSet is ideal if you need to rebuild your systems quickly!
Xlinksoft Video Converter Platinum 2022.1.05
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Xlinksoft Video Converter Platinum 2022.1.05 | 17,31 Mb

Xlinksoft Video Converter Platinum is a powerful video and audio conversion software which can convert between all popular video & audio formats and pictures,such as MP4,3GP,3GPP(3G2),AVI, MOV, MKV, ASF, MPG, MPEG, RM, SWF, VOB, WMA, MPA, MP2, MP3, WAV, WMV, OGG, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, etc. Convert video with HD video conversion supported. You can customize the output size, video and audio quality,and parameters for output media files. Plenty of codec choices are available.
AMS Photo Frames 6.0
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AMS Photo Frames 6.0 | 8.27 Mb

AMS Photo Frames is the special graphic editor intended for imposing of various frameworks and borders in a photo. Except the given function, Photo Frames possesses also a wide set of means for processing and correction of images that gives open space for your creativity. Results of work can be looked through in fullscreen mode, to keep in various formats and printing
Invisible Browsing 7.4
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Invisible Browsing 7.4 | 5,85 Mb

Invisible Browsing - a program with which you can hide, modify and mask your IP address. This program allows you to wander anonymously on the Internet, preventing the entry of your IP address or other information without your permission, allows you to change your IP at any time, so you can send your own Internet traffic to overseas servers.
Collage Maker 3.55
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Collage Maker 3.55 | 20,7 Mb

Photo collages can be a great way to tell a story, keep memories and simply have fun. Collage Maker promises to be a program that gives users every possible collage-making tool imaginable. Unfortunately, one of the tools to make the process quicker and easier to use isn't available during the trial. And despite this program's overall ease of use, novice users might be overwhelmed by the number of available options.
Trojan Killer
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Trojan Killer | 27,1 Mb

Trojan Killer is designed specifically to disable/remove Malware without the user having to manually edit system files or the Registry. The program also removes the additional system modifications some Malware carries out which are ignored by some standard antivirus scanners.
Trojan Killer scans ALL the files loaded at boot time for Adware, Spyware, Remote Access Trojans, Internet Worms and other malware.
Trojan Killer works in the field of system security to ensure safety for computer systems. We propose products to help you get rid of annoying adware, malware and other rough tools. It is very important to restore control on your computer as soon as possible and do not allow anyone to use your data.
Joboshare DVD Copy v2.7.4.0108
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Joboshare DVD Copy v2.7.4.0108 | 2,80 Mb

Joboshare DVD Copy is fast DVD clone software to backup your D9 and D5 DVD movie collection to blank DVD discs (D9 to D9 and D5 to D5) with ease. It supports DVD 1:1 copy with a DVD burner, you can easily get your DVD copies which remain 100% same to the original DVD movie Discs. Moreover, it can compress DVD-9 (dual-layer DVD) to one DVD-5 disc.
Joboshare DVD Copy also allows you to remove DVD menus, select subtitles and audio tracks, or copy main movie separately to create customized DVD. What's more, the DVD copier can copy DVD with any region code. Joboshare DVD Copy can not only copy DVD movie to ISO file or DVD folder, but also burn ISO file and DVD folder back to DVD.
Xilisoft AVI to DVD Converter
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Xilisoft AVI to DVD Converter | 15 Mb

As easy to use MPEG, AVI to DVD burning software, Xilisoft AVI to DVD converter supports burning AVI, MPEG, DivX, DAT, VOB format files to DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-5 and DVD-9. Except for DVD disc, you can also convert MPEG, DivX, DAT, VOB, AVI files to DVD folder and ISO image files as you wish. With the AVI to DVD converter, you can get rid of the part you dislike in source AVI, MPEG file, recombine the left parts and burn them to DVD. Using the prepared DVD menu templates, you can create personalized DVD from AVI, MPEG files. For more features available, download the free trial version to convert AVI to DVD right now!
Picget Magic Photo Editor v5.5
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Picget Magic Photo Editor v5.5 | 4,41 Mb

Magic Photo Editor is an easy-to-use photo editing software. Now suppose you have a digital photo and a beautiful landscape picture, and you want to add you digital photo onto the landscape picture. You want to softly blend them together, and the blended picture should be natural and attractive. You are looking for a photo editing software which can do it easily and quickly. You can easily blend your digital photo onto another image to create special effect with Magic Photo Editor. You can also easily add many pretty frames, flowers and cartoon pictures onto your photo. It makes your photo more interesting and attractive. You can easily change the size and position of the photos, flowers, cartoon pictures or text just by clicking and dragging them.
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Youtube Music Downloader v3.1
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Youtube Music Downloader v3.1 | 3.49 MB

Download YouTube Music videos and convert them to MP3,AVI,WMV,MOV,MP4,3GP formats. Download Millions of music from YouTube, Try YouTube Music Downloader Now!
Power Notes v3.45
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Power Notes v3.45 | 6.33 MB

Power Notes is a software that allows you to create desktop stickers. Power Notes is a multi-featured scheduler, reminder, and organizer for Windows allowing you to create electronic stickers and display them when the time is due. The program is very easy to use and has low system requirements. The scheduler stays in the tray and does not interfere with your activities. If necessary, it can be displayed as a small toolbar on the desktop. All the parameters you may need to change are customizable: a sticker can be of any size, it can have any color scheme (which can be useful, for example, to tell betweenstickers on different topics) and you can use various skins for stickers. We also implemented sound schemes to accompany the display of stickers. Together with the wizard for creating stickers, it is possible to edit them either quickly or in the advanced mode. The program allows you to specify the date any time of a reminder in every detail with the help of "Alarm Wizard" (it is possible to set the start and stop time of displaying, set it at certain time intervals, on certain dates, etc.). Along with actually displaying stickers, the scheduler can launch programs and files, open pages in your web browser. The program also supports a multilingual interface.
AMS Software Framing Studio 2.95
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AMS Software Framing Studio 2.95 | 2.7 Mb

Framing Studio is a photo embellishment tool that allows you to add stunning photo frames and various border effects to digital images. Program's intuitive user interface allows you to use its features quickly and efficiently. Framing Studio supports cropping, resizing and rotating photos. You may also use special effects. The distribution kit includes more than 70 frames. Framing Studio contains flexible printing options.
PanoramaStudio v2.0.5 Pro
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PanoramaStudio v2.0.5 Pro | 5,62 Mb

PanoramaStudio enables you to assemble wide angle panoramas as well as 360 degree panoramas from a row of images. In addition PanoramaStudio Pro provides the ability to stitch multiple rows of images to create panoramas up to full spherical 360×180 degrees. Sequences of overlapping images shot with a common digital or analog camera is all you need to achieve outstanding results. The input images will be assembled seamlessly into a great panorama. Hence, panoramic photography isnt an expensive privilege to professionals with high-end equipment anymore! PanoramaStudio focuses on best possible comfort with the automatic generation of high-quality pano- ramas. And still, full control of all steps throughout the entire stitching process will be maintained by ofering exhaustive post-processing tools.

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