Home Sweet Home 2: Kitchens and Baths v1.004
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Home Sweet Home 2: Kitchens and Baths v1.004 | 37 MB

In Home Sweet Home 2: Kitchens and Baths you can unleash your hidden talents as an Interior Designer by choosing the furniture, patterns and colors to create a masterpiece that will take your client's breath away! With simple controls, a fun graphical style, and an easy to use interface, Home Sweet Home 2 allows you to nurture your creative side. Remember, a house is not a home until it is a Home Sweet Home!
Forgotten Lands: First Colony
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Forgotten Lands: First Colony | 46 MB

The good people of Greensville have chosen you as their leader in the fun new game Forgotten Lands: The First Settlers. For nearly a century, the place you have called home has provided for all of your civilization`s needs. As all of your resources are nearing depletion, it`s time for you to step forward and lead the people to a new home. Establish buildings, train workers and grow your new home to a prosperous place where your civilization can flourish.
Passport To Paradise
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Passport To Paradise | 62 MB

In Passport to Paradise, you'll meet Kate Summers - a busy real estate executive from New York. Kate is on vacation from the daily grind, and the beach resort she is visiting turns out to be a total mess! Your job is to help Kate turn a failing resort into a tropical paradise. Along the way you will build accommodations and sightseeing attractions, manage the resort's cash flow, and upgrade natural attractions such as hot springs and a volcano. Harness your real estate skills to help her turn the island of Pulau Kelapa and 4 other tropical islands into world-class beach resorts in Passport to Paradise!
Iggle Pop!
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Iggle Pop! | 6 MB

Save the Iggles from their bubble cages in this adorably exciting arcade game from the creators of Feeding Frenzy! The treacherous Zoogs have trapped the Iggles in bubbles and it's up to you to save the day. Free the Iggles and guide them to the transporters so they can be sent safely on their way. But, watch out! There are Zoogs around every corner trying to re-capture the Iggles and thwart your plans. Easy to learn and play and full of adorable characters, Iggle Pop is fast-paced fun for the entire family!
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Miss Management Portable [Repost]
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Miss Management Portable | 23 MB

Manage a team of zany coworkers as you step into the shoes of Denise, a first-time office manager. Play through 30 episodes of comedic hijinx, with different goals to achieve each time! You'll encounter 11 different employees, each with their own personality quirks, skills, likes and dislikes. Watch relationships, rivalries and romance unfold across more than 40 animated sitcom-style scenes! It's time to get the job done without total burnout...office politics were never as hilarious as this!
Mystery Quest: Secret Island
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Mystery Quest: Secret Island | 60 MB

A cross between Tripeaks and Mystery Case Files. Mystery Solitaire hands are combined with
Secret Island clue finding puzzles. You're a castaway on Secret Island with no way out. Match cards, in over 60 unique Mystery Solitaire layouts, to explore 12 intriguing Secret Island locations in search of clues to find your way off Secret Island. To unlock the clues of Mystery Solitaire Secret Island and continue to the next location, you must
first 'seek and find' the hidden objects lost underwater and on land in the Island puzzles. To aid you on your adventure, use the mysterious power-up cards which will be discovered along the way. You're cast away on Secret Island with no way off. Match cards in over 60 unique levels to explore 12 intriguing island locations in search of clues to find your way home. To unlock the clues you must first 'seek and find' the hidden objects lost underwater and on land. Mysterious power-up cards help you on your journey.
Mystery Solitaire: Secret Island
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Mystery Solitaire: Secret Island | 17 MB

You're cast away on Secret Island with no way off. Match cards in more than 60 unique levels, explore 12 intriguing island locations, and go off in search of clues to find the way off the island. To unlock the clues and continue to the next location you must first find the hidden objects that have been lost underwater and on land. Find your way home today!
Natalie Brooks: Mystery at Hillcrest High [Repost]
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Natalie Brooks: Mystery at Hillcrest High | 102 MB

Help Natalie Brooks stop the Black Cat Gang from committing the crime of the century! To piece together the criminal's plans, you'll have to find cleverly hidden objects, beat challenging mini-games and solve mind-bending puzzles at over 20 eye-popping locations. You'll encounter surprises around every turn as you defuse a bomb, search a lighthouse for clues, break into a bandit's lair and more! Hand drawn cutscenes and interactive dialogue will keep you on the edge of your seat as you join Natalie on her most daring adventure to date!
Treasure Island: The Golden Bug v1.129
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Treasure Island: The Golden Bug v1.129 | 50 MB

1827 – William Legrand, son of a fallen family, came to Sullivan Island, South Carolina, to flee the misery.
Wandering on the island, he discovers a rare bug, made of gold. He uses a piece of paper to take it. At night, he draws the bug on this same piece of paper, as he is explaining the adventure to his friend Edgar, standing in front of the fireplace. As William takes back the paper, he realises that symbols appeared on it. It must be an invisible ink, revealed by the heat. From that moment, William thinks it is a Pirate’s document: Captain Kidd’s coded instructions to his hidden treasure… Help William find it!
Cajun Cop: The French Quarter Caper
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Cajun Cop: The French Quarter Caper | 57 MB

Join Cajun Cop Jacques Lamont as he pursues a gang of jewel thieves through the streets of the Big Easy. Scour the city for clues, from the haunts of the rich to gritty back alleys. As the evidence piles up, the puzzles and mini-games only become more baffling.
Vampire Hunters Portable
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Vampire Hunters Portable | 379 MB

The city lies down to sleep while somewhere in the middle of an old dockyard a man’s life fades away. The most skilled vampire hunter is dead. The night is damp and chilly as the investigation begins. The main character in this tale is an adventurer who has been living in the company of the undead for years. The story starts to unfold as a mysterious murder, apparently without a motive, takes place on one of the dockyard’s piers. None of the Nosferatu clans claims responsibility for the attack and what are even worse, strange things start to happen. Vampire Hunters features exploration and adventure gameplay with an active-battle system designed in similitude of the ATBS of Final Fantasy. Level-ups, skills, and special attributes all make an appearance in this RPG. The game also sports rare items, lots of dark and noir infested environments, an NPC dialogue system, snazzy visuals and non-linear progression.
Sherlock Holmes: Secret Of The Silver Earring
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Sherlock Holmes: Secret Of The Silver Earring | 1.2 GB

Sherlock Holmes comes to life in a brand new adventure: an investigation created in pure Holmesian style where your talent for deduction will be put to the test. On October 1897, Sherlock Holmes and his trusted friend, Dr. Watson, are invited to a party hosted by Sir Melvyn Bromsby, a construction tycoon, in honor of the return of his daughter, Lavinia, from London. During his opening remarks, a gunshot kills Bromsby on the spot and creates pandemonium. Sherlock Holmes decides to act immediately, and the game is afoot! There are a number of suspects amongst the invitees and friends of the deceased. It's the beginning of a long series of murders that must be solved as soon as possible.
Madballs in Babo Invasion [Repost]
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Madballs in Babo Invasion | 436.45 MB

The spiritual successor to the massively popular freeware top-down shooter BaboViolent2, Madballs in Babo:Invasion is an arena based 3D shooter offering players a satisfying and immersive experience in both single-player and multiplayer, including ‘Invasion Mode’ where players are able to design their own combat maps almost instantaneously by placing a combination of map tiles to create a never-before-seen map before gameplay starts. Truly, no two games are ever the same.
Hearts of Iron III DLC Pack
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Hearts of Iron III DLC Pack | 25.32 MB

Hearts of Iron III is a grand strategy wargame by Paradox Interactive that is the sequel to the previous Hearts of Iron games. Hearts of Iron 3 will allow the player to take control of almost any nation that existed or even plausibly could have existed during the period of 1936–1948, guiding it through World War II. A variety of decisions regarding the armed forces, production, research, diplomacy and politics is the focus of the game.
Escape The Museum [Repost]
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Escape The Museum | 103 MB

It’s a warm sunny say in the city and Susan Anderson has brought her daughter Caitlin to work for the day at the National Museum of History. What began as an exciting day for Caitlin and Susan ends in devastating suspense when, just after closing an earthquake rocks the city. You must help Susan navigate and work her way through the maze of the museum in a series of puzzles and frantic searching.

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