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Native Instruments Reaktor 5 STANDALONE VST VSTi RTAS 5.5.1 | 42 MB

REAKTOR 5 fuses all audio applications into a single, extremely versatile and powerful tool. Musicians, producers and sound designers are all catered to by the very broad range of instruments and sounds already included. Due to the open engine architecture, the potential for building your own highly individual instruments is endless. Whether you are using the instruments from the library or creating your own, the only limit is your imagination.
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Smith Micro Poser 8.0 GERMAN | 3.67 GB

Verwandeln Sie den virtuellen Set von Poser mit Gigabytes an Inhalt in die passende 3D-Szene: Fertig gerenderte Figuren, Texturen, Gegenstaende und andere Elemente fuer 3D-Szenen. Entwickeln Sie aus Ihren Fotos neue Gesichter und Figuren. Statten Sie die Figuren mit Haaren und Kleidung aus. Nach dem Animieren koennen Sie diese dann in fotorealistische Bilder und Videos fuer Web-, Druck- und Filmprojekte rendern. Exportieren Sie die 3D-Figuren fuer andere 3D-Anwendungen. Lassen Sie Ihrer Kreativitaet mit Poser 8 freien Lauf!.
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BigTick audio software Rhino STANDALONE VSTi 2.09 | 54 MB

BigTick, you've excelled yourselves this time! This synth has so much character you couldn't have called it anything but Rhino. The complexity scared me to death at first, but within a couple of hours I had programmed up my first patch. Much respect to the Tick!.
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Minimal System Instruments Relentless VSTi 1.05 | 12 MB

Relentless is a classic 3 oscillator analogue synth which sounds as good as it looks.
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Image-Line VST VSTi FL FLi STANDALONE Pack 06-09-2021 (ASSiGN) | 96 MB

This pack include: Drumaxx FLi VSTi 1.2.1 R2, Hardcore STANDALONE FL VST 1.1.2, Morphine STANDALONE FLi VSTi 1.5.4, PoiZone STANDALONE FLi VSTi 2.3.5, Sakura STANDALONE FLi VSTi 1.0.5, Sawer STANDALONE FLi VSTi 1.1.4, Toxic Biohazard STANDALONE FLi VSTi 1.1.4.
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POCALOID2 Library VY1 | 179 MB

VY1 is made by VOCALOID developers. Vocaloid is a song, an instrument, and a human being - The technology of YAMAHA. Clear pronouncing, strong and mild long tone, and smooth word connection will motivate your creative works powerfully.
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Native Instruments Battery 3 STANDALONE VSTi RTAS 3.1.1 x86 | 45 MB

BATTERY 3 is the professional standard for drums and percussion. The latest version of the acclaimed drum sampler fuses an extensive library with functionality and simplicity. A powerful new engine and a host of sound shaping options deliver tight, punchy drums while the user-friendly interface guarantees instant access and complete control. Whether electronic or acoustic, BATTERY 3 will have your drums rolling in no time.
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DyVision Works DyScratch VSTi 1.0 PROPER | 4.12 MB

PROPER NOTE: Previous peace-out relase has nag caption on the plugin name and GUI. This proper release removed all of annoying demo restrition.
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DyVision Works Reverb Remover VST 1.0 | 7.79 MB

DyVision Reverb Remover from DyVision Works is a VST effect for use in modern DAW programs. It can remove reverb from an audio signal, and also has de-essing and background noise reduction capabilities. It is designed to be used as an insert effect on stereo audio signals.
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Minimal System Instruments Moduler Mastering Rack VST 1.00 | 5.11 MB

Modular Mastering Rack is a complete mastering package for your DAW. Contained in the package is a master track processing plugin which consists of an EQ, a Compressor, and a Limiter. (This processor should be placed on your master channel). Also included in the package are all three processors from the modular rack but as seperate plugins. (These seperate plugins can be used throughout your mix on drum channels or instrument channels). In total you will recieve four plugins (3 individual processors and 1 master channel modular rack). This is a complete mastering package for your DAW.
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Minimal System Instruments Relentless VSTi 1.00 | 12 MB

Relentless is a classic 3 oscillator analogue synth which sounds as good as it looks.
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Plektron Guitar Amp VST 1.11 | 48.6 MB

Guitar amp offers wide set of amplifiers and effects. Using it is simple and intuitive due to its drag and drop system, you have just to drag a module in the rack to create your customize effect's chain. If it is the right sound, you can save your own set! Plug your guitar to the audio board and start Guitar Amp in stand alone mode, or just record in your favourite VST host with the plug-in version.
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Kuassa Amplifikation One VST 1.1.0 | 15.3 MB

Kuassa, Inc. is proud to announce the immediate availability of Kuassa Amplifikation One V 1.0.0. Kuassa Amplifikation One is a guitar software amp suite which finally help you to build great tracks immediately without any obstructive workflow or confusing parameters. Kuassa Amplifikation One is a guitar amplifier in the form of software. This “guitar amp on your PC” captures the dynamics and characteristics of hardware distortion modules, head amplifiers, and cabinets, captured by various types of microphones in multiple configurations. Kuassa Amplifikation One is not an emulation or modeled after specific amplifier, we try to capture the best aspect of schematic designs, tubes, electronics and computer programming to achieve the supreme tone for your guitar through your personal computer while maintaining the user interface as easy as possible. Stop messing around with your gears, get productive!. Users are able to control every aspects of the software just like real amplifiers including (but not limited to) gain structure, tone, mic position, and distance.
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Attitudei Guitars Vol. 2 Chords and Strums Multiformat | 469 MB

Guitars Volume 2 contains major, minor and other chords, in different positions, with both sustained and short versions. Also included are sustained and staccato single notes that you can use in combination with the standard chords to make variations, or just use as a solo instrument. Chords are strummed in both directions for the ultimate in guitar realism. Chords include major, minor, dominant7, diminished and suspended4. Playing styles include short chords, held chords, strummed chords, and single note (both short and held). Chords are offered with down strokes and up strokes. Formats included: GiGA/KONTAKT/WAV.
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Attitudei Guitars Vol. 1 Fender Strat Multiformat | 300 MB

Fender Strat features both held and staccato notes, funk pops, mutes, harmonics/taps, hooks, fx and more. The Strat library is sampled over the entire freboard in the most popular switch positions. It is recorded clean and unprocessed so you can use the guitar modeling system of your choice for the ultimate in versatility and control. Also included are rich, stereo processed versions, so you can get busy as soon as you load in the disc. Formats included: GiGA/KONTAKT/WAV.