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E-MU Protean Drums X EMULATOR X PROTEUS X | 74.2 MB

E-MU sound engineers meticulously sampled acoustic drum kits in professional studios to build a diverse collection of over 500 presets that range from bread-and-butter kits to specialized R&B, stadium rock, jazz and much more. Electronic drum samples and additional percussion instruments were added to round out the soundset, offering you every last drum sample of E-MU's popular PX-7 Command Station to cover every sonic eventuality. The Protean Drums X samples have all been optimized for E-MU's powerful filters, effects and synthesis architecture, giving you comprehensive hands-on control over all aspects of your sounds and performance from the moment you load your sounds. Add Protean Drums X to your E-MU Desktop instrument and dial in the perfect drum sound every time.
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Lynda.com Project 2010 Essential Training | 300 MB
Video: avc1 MPEG4 (H264) .MOV | Resolution: 960x540 | Audio: mp4a AAC 44100Hz

In Project 2010 Essential Training, project management expert Bonnie Biafore shows how individuals and teams can use Microsoft Project to manage any level of project. The course demonstrates setting up projects, adding tasks, assigning resources, fixing scheduling issues, dealing with resource conflicts, and tracking project progress. It also covers the new Project interface, featuring the new Ribbon and Backstage view, and explains how to use new features like user-controlled scheduling, the Timeline, and Team Planner. Exercise files accompany the course.
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Lynda.com Flash Professional CS5 Animation Projects | 235 MB
Video: avc1 MPEG4 (H264) .MOV | Resolution: 960x540 | Audio: mp4a AAC 44100Hz

In Flash Professional CS5: Animation Projects, Paul Trani shows how to create dynamic and visually rich animations in Flash Professional CS5. This course demonstrates how to create and import assets, and then take those assets and bring them to life with dynamic motion. It also shows how to create more unique and natural movement by adding special effects, 3D, masks, and even bones to animate characters. Exercise files accompany the course.
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Westgate Studios Celtic Harp KONTAKT DVDR SCD | 1.34 GB

The Celtic Harp Modular Series provides you with 12 patches with single note and glissando samples from a Celtic Harp. Westgate Studios introduces a new series of richly detailed samples and expertly programmed patches. The Modular Series sets a new bar of excellence in symphonic instruments. While most symphonic libraries try to give you a little bit of everything, this series is different. Because each Modular Series product focuses on a single instrument, you get incredible flexibility and detail that is simply unavailable elsewhere. The Modular Series takes advantage of custom scripts for Kontakt and Gigastudio's imidi control to use specially recorded interval samples giving stunning realism.
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Roxio Creator 2011 Pro Multilingual ISO | 1.80 GB

Roxio Creator 2011 is the ultimate software suite for DVD burning, video capture, video editing, photo slideshows and more!. Languages included: DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, JP, NL, PT.
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BBE Sound Stomp Ware VST RTAS 1.1 x86 | 13 MB

Stomp Ware is a suite of eight plugins modeled from our very own line of boutique analog stomp boxes. The suite consists of our Free Fuzz (æ70 fuzz), Green Screamer (vintage overdrive), Mind Bender (vibrato/chorus), Opto Stomp (optical compressor), Sonic Stomp (Sonic Maximizer), Soul Vibe (æ60 rotary speaker simulator), Tremor (vintage tremolo) and Two Timer (analog delay) to warm up every facet of digital audio production.
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BBE Sound Sonic Sweet VST RTAS 1.2 x86 | 6.95 MB

BBE Sound, creators of the Sonic Maximizer and a leading manufacturer of professional and musical audio electronics, introduce the Sonic Sweet. The Sonic Sweet consists of three professional and easy to use Dynamics, Enhancement and Audio Enhancement plug-ins necessary for every facet of digital audio production. Whether youÆre tracking, editing, mixing or mastering, the BBE Sonic Sweet will give your projects a professional touch. Sonic Sweet supports sample rates up to 192kHz.
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Nomad Factory Integral Studio Pack VST RTAS 09 2010 x86 | 80 MB

The following Bundle from Nomad Factory contains everything you might ever need to get the best out of your audio sequencer host application in a professional studio environment. From the warm analog sound of the new Blue Tubes Bundle V3 to the professional processing capabilities of the Analog Signature Pack, the complete Liquid Bundle 2 stunning effect Pack bundle completed by the beautiful BlueVerb DRV-2080, the essential Studio Suite for even more great audio processing, the new Analog Mastering Tools and the Retrology Series, finally the hot Rock Amp Legends designed by Rock Star Jimmy Crespo...
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PC Game | Developer: Just Flight | Language: English | 3.21 GB
Genre: Simulation

This add-on pack for MS's FS2002 and FS2004 simulators will let you fly a number of Lockheed C-130 variants. This Just Flight package in a single stroke takes an already superb Hercules simulation and pushes it off the scale of our reviewing grades. If we had an 'Ultra Classic' award we could bestow for the finest turboprop aircraft, we could perhaps do full justice to this add-on. As it is, our PC Pilot Classic award will have to suffice for such an incredible achievement as Just Flight's C-130 Hercules.
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Native Instruments Komplete 7 VSTi RTAS AU DVDR
DISK01: 7.05 GB | DISK02: 5.80 GB | DISK03: 6.12 GB | DISK04: 7.16 GB | DISK05: 8.01 GB | DISK06: 7.09 GB
DISK07: 7.76 GB | DISK08: 7.58 GB | DISK09: 6.41 GB | DISK10: 5.96 GB | DISK11: 2.28 GB | DISK12: 5.93 GB

KOMPLETE 7 is the latest version of the ultimate software collection from Native Instruments. Now bigger and better and featuring 24 KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects, this 90 GB package is bursting with more than 10,000 production-ready sounds for all styles and genres. KOMPLETE 7 features renowned flagship products like KONTAKT, GUITAR RIG and the redesigned REAKTOR 5.5 plus all-new instruments and effects from Native Instruments and brands like Abbey Road and Scarbee. Containing 24 groundbreaking and multi-award-winning samplers, synths, guitar/bass amps, instruments and creative effects, this collection represents Native Instruments' essential software tools for musicians, producers and sound designers alike.
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Native Instruments Komplete 7 Elements VSTi RTAS AU DVDR
DISK1: 4.06 GB | DISK2: 5.74 GB

Packing a comprehensive selection of production-ready sounds and effects, this is the perfect introduction to the world of KOMPLETE. This collection delivers studio quality tools at unbeatable value, and is infinitely expandable with the ever-growing range of KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects. KOMPLETE 7 ELEMENTS comprises of over 12 GB of 2,000 premium, studio quality sounds. With a vast array of KONTAKT instruments, including ABBEY ROAD drums and VSL orchestral instruments, as well as stunning REAKTOR ensembles, GUITAR RIG amps and effects and the best sounds of the legendary synths MASSIVE and ABSYNTH, this collection is a fully equipped and ready-to-roll production suite.
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CBT Nuggets MCTS Configuring Exchange Server 2010 Exam Pack 70-662 DVD | 396 MB
Video: avc1 H.264/MPEG-4 AVC .MOV | Resolution: 640x480 | Audio: mp4a MPEG-4 AAC LC 44100Hz 62 kb/s stereo

This series is the definitive training package for Exchange 2010 and the 70-662 examination. You'll learn the exact steps you need to successfully implement or upgrade your Exchange infrastructure. Plus, you'll dig deep into the new features of Exchange 2010 that you.ll want to implement immediately, such as Database Availability Groups, Federated Sharing, and Messaging Records Management. AND, you'll leave with the knowledge you need to be successful with Microsoft's certification exam.

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CBT Nuggets MCTS Windows 7 Configuration Exam Pack 70-680 DVD | 1.23 GB
Video: avc1 H.264/MPEG-4 AVC .MOV | Resolution: 640x480 | Audio: mp4a MPEG-4 AAC LC 44100Hz 62 kb/s stereo

Wouldn't it be great to administer every aspect of Windows 7, including: installation, daily administration, optimizing configuration, and troubleshooting reliability and performance issues?. After watching this great training series from James Conrad, that's exactly what you'll do. And you'll be thoroughly prepared for Microsoft's 70-680 exam. Soon you'll be your organization's go-to person for selecting its OS, installing that OS using mass deployment methods, performing advanced troubleshooting and administration.
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Win32bit & Win 64bit | Win 32: 3.07 GB | Win 64: 3.17 GB

Customer requirements may change and time pressures may continue to mount, but your product design needs remain the same. Regardless of your project's scope, you need a powerful, easy-to-use, affordable solution. Pro/ENGINEER is the standard in 3D product design, featuring industry-leading productivity tools that promote best practices in design while ensuring compliance with your industry and company standards. Integrated, parametric, 3D CAD/CAM/CAE solutions allow you to design faster than ever, while maximizing innovation and quality to ultimately create exceptional products.
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Vipzone Pads SF2 SXT Reason Refill | 671 MB

TRANCE PADS (MULTISAMPLES). We present 30 full size Trance Pad Multisamples with perfect dream-sounding....extremely useful for all trance producers!. Each of the Multisamples has from 10 to 30 mb weight and top quality! Formats are SF2 and REASON REFILL. High Quality Trance Pad Samples.